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Meet 12th August 2022 Meet driving ambulance. Raj’s condition getting critical. Ambulance stops. Phool Singh get down to check and tell it’s a flat tyre. Meet get down and change tyre. Meet says because of flat tyre we are late by 7 minutes god please nothing should go wrong.

Deep’s condition get’s critical and he died. Meet Ahlawat in shock. Doctor says we tried our best but we were unable to save patient. Meet Ahlawat collapses.

Doctor says to Ahlawat’s now it’s a critical time and death situation. Nurse calls doctor says patient’s health is getting worse. Meet reaches hospital. Nurse tell everyone ambulance is here. Babita ask them to hurry. Tej says Manjari drove the ambulance. Meet Ahlawat cross everyone and leave the hospital without seeing anyone.

Meet tell Raj truth about her being Manjari, yes I’m your daughter. Everyone outside hear her. Meet says I’ll wait for you come out healthy. Doctor take Raj for operation. Meet pray god to protect Raj.

Meet Ahlawat outside Deep’s house, he knocks the door and go inside. Meet Ahlawat looking for Barfi thinks how will I tell Barfi that Deep is dead. Barfi ask Meet Ahlawat what happen why are you numb tell me, did you had fight with Deep and came here to compromise. Meet Ahlawat hugs her.

Babita hugs Meet says I’m your culprit, I asked you to leave my son, I was so blind that I ruined my son’s life, please forgive me. Meet says I didn’t go because you asked, do you think I can leave Meet and stay without you. Ragini says to Meet we never thought why did you left.

Meet says I’m sorry it’s a long story but to come out I have to bring Manjari out, I request you to tolerate Manjari for sometime then I’ll tell you everything. Babita ask what is the reason behind being Manjari. Meet says to find my lost child, she tell her story and how Manushi blackmailed her and Masum is also involved.

Tej ask you mean to say Masum knew everything and after knowing everything she didn’t tell anyone. Babita says I’m ashamed to call Masum my daughter, how could she do this what was the reason. Meet says my biggest enemy is my sister she took my child and I won’t forgive her for this, whenever I see her my blood boil and now I’ll end tgis game, Manushi promised me to give me my child today 4:00pm.

Tej ask did Meet Ahlawat know about this. Meet says to Tej he didn’t know I’ll tell him everything when I succeed in my mission. Nurse walks to them and says congratulations operation was successful and patient is out of danger and in some tiem doctor will come and meet you. Everyone gets happy.

Babita very happy with Meet she saved my Raj and is bringing our junior Ahlawat too and she thanks her.

Meet Ahlawat get’s Barfi Devi to hospital. Barfi ask why did you bring me to hospital. Meet Ahlawat takes her to Deep’s room. Meet Ahlawat remove cover from Deep’s face. Barfi in shock after seeing her son dead. Meet Ahlawat hugs Barfi says Amma, Deep left us. Barfi Devo collapses. Meet Ahlawat tell her car hit him on airport road.

Meet Ahlawat says I’ll take care of you and all the Deeps responsibility. Nurse ask Barfi Devi to sign paper’s for death certificate. Barfi devi says I want my son not death certificate.

Meet says to Babita I can’t wait to hug my child, give me blessings so that I can bring my child back. Babita says my blessings are with you always no body can stop you from getting your child, come fast we will be waiting for you and junior. Meet leaves.

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Telecast Date:12th August 2022
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