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Meet 11th October 2022 Meet Ahlawat in pandal looking for Meet. Meet tied behind Ravan. Meet Ahlawat shouts her name says I’m sorry I let you go alone, I should have thought about thief, he must be looking for baby, he shouts for her to come back, he remembers his time with Meet. Meet wakes up he see him and thinks I’m near you but how can I tell you. Meet Ahlawat walks away.

Neelu walk inside the house. Barfi waiting for her, see Neelu in saare. Neelu says I’m sorry I got late coming from jagrata. Barfi says these clothes are not yours. Neelu says this saare is of Mrs Gupta I had to change as I spill tea on it. Barfi ask her to walk inside. Neelu see a man with havan, she ask her what is this and who is he.

Barfi says he is Karmi Baba we will do a small pooja on Dusshera for you, nobody will disturb as as everyone is out and she ask her to change clothes. Neelu says I’ll pray for Meet Ahlawat so that he becomes my soon and she walks away. Barfi says to Baba can anyone look at her says that she was dancing with alcoholic.

Baba says I have seen everything she have two sole in her, the other one is corrupt who comes out when she is weak but don’t I’ll trap other sole in lamp with my power. Neelu walks in. Baba ask her to keep lamp with her. Barfi ask her to do as he ask. Baba ask Barfi to sit with Neelu and hold her tightly. Barfi hold her tightly and Baba perform his ritual.

Organiser say to Raj it was decided that Meet Ahlawat will do the Ravan Dahan. Meet Ahlawat ealks in says what are you talking, my wife Meet and a baby is missing and you think my family will celebrate the festival.

Kamal says that’s true we have no idea about your pain but think one time today is good day for Godess and he convince him to do Ravan Dahan, this could help to remove bad eye from Meet. Raj says we have decided, we all will be there for Ravan Dahan, whole family. Kamal smirk after hearing this and thinks they will be stunned after knowing they kill there daughter in law.

Everyone walk inside the house after seeing Ravan Dahan and see Barfi and Neelu on floor. Everyone start waking them up. Barfi wakes up in shock says Baba was fraud and realis her jewellery is stolen. Sunaina ask did you kept any pooja. Neelu says Baba was doing pooja for my happiness.

Masum says so now you will use these techniques to get close to Meet Ahlawat. Barfi protect her and says we called Baba to do pooja for the happiness of Neelu. Sunaina says after looking at everything it doesn’t seem the pooja was for happiness. Barfi say’s how would I know. Sunaina ask them what about your jewellery.

Tej ask about the stuff which is stolen from the house. Barfi I take that responsibility, I’ll catch him and bring everything back, I won’t leave him. Masum thinks this is first time she is not hyper something is going on between mother and daughter but what.

Everyone in pandal. Ahlawats sitting as guests. Meet Ahlawat thinking about Meet. Meet struggling to get out. Meet Ahlawat thinks I feel like she is near me, this ritual should get over so that I can look for Meet. Organiser introduce Ahlawats to everyone and says Meet Ahlawat will do the Ravan Dahan.

Everyone gets excited. Meet spit cloth out of her mouth and shouts his name. Organiser ask Meet Ahlawat to come forward. Meet Ahlawat pick up bow. Meet shouting Meet Ahlawats name again and again. Meet Ahlawat load the arrow with fire.

Kamal says to Pooja it will be fun when everyone will get yo know Meet Ahlawat killed his wife infront of everyone. Meet pray to God I’m not scared of death but when he will get to know he killed me he won’t be able to handle the situation please stop him. Meet Ahlawat pull the arrow and thinks why am I feeling like something bad is going to happen.

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