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Meet 11th August 2022 Meet Ahlawat at hospital worried about Deep. Doctor says to himyour patient is critical because of heavy blood but still we will try to save him and doctor leave. Deep is operation room. Meet Ahlawat looks at him from outside he remembers his happy time with Deep. Meet Ahlawat get’s call from Isha.

Isha ask Meet Ahlawat did I hit someone from my car, I was trying to get my phone from my purse to call Deep but immediately someone came infront of my car and I can still hear the sound of hitting someone. Meet Ahlawat says the person you hit from your car was Deep. Isha in shock drops her phone.

Meet Ahlawat trying to calm her down. Isha cuts her wrist with paper cutter. A lady says it’s an suicide. Meet Ahlawat realises he was just imaging. Isha ask him tell me who did I hit. Meet Ahlawat says your car hit a boy and don’t worry he is fine, doctor told me he will be gine in sometime, his name is Manish, you can go hime don’t worry.

Isha says thankgod tell me I’ll come to hospital. Meet Ahlawat says I’ll talk to you later doctors are calling me, he disconnects call and switch off. Meet Ahlawat thinks don’t worry I won’t let you face any danger my sister I’ll protect you from everything. Meet Ahlawat looks at Deep says because of you I have to lie now get up she is asking questions.

Tej says to Babita, Meet Ahlawat phone is switched off. Ragini ask Babita to drink water. Ragini says to Tej we have to tell him about Raj’s condition. Babita pray to God. Ram says to Babita don’t worry I’ll try something. Babita says don’t you hear what doctor said every second is counted please help my Raj.

Tej says I’ll go Ambala and try to arrange something. Doctor ask Babita to sign on consent form for heart transplant. Ram ask did you get heart. Doctor says yes Manjari convinced doctor to perform operation but because of strike Ambala hospital is unable to arrenge ambulance that’s why we have send ambulance and team of doctors there, even Manjari also went with them, they might have reached and we need to hurry because we have only 1hour 20min.

to begin to save him and by that time heart should be here so please sign the papers. Babita says today Manjari again reminded me of Meet we won’t be able to pay her back, she pray to god for Manjaris happiness.

Manjari looking for driver phool singh. Phool Singh walk to Manjari says we have a problem the people who are protesting in Haryana have threaten me to go on strike or else they will trouble my family I’m sorry I cannot drive ambulance and go against the union. Doctor says what rubbish are you talking.

Manjari says do whatever you want just give me key’s I’ll drive ambulance, she sit on driver seat. Few people ask Meet to get down and take key’s says we are from union and can’t you see we are protesting nobody can take ambulance, this against our union.

Babita says what they reached Ambala. Doctor says but because of strike they are unable to bring ambulance back. Ram ask Tej to leave. Tej says if I leave now then also I won’t be able to come back from Ambala we have only 1hr 10min, Manjari is already there let’s coordinate with her.

Meet tell them how critical the situation

is at hospital. Man says you won’t get the keys.
Ram and Tej on call trying to handle the situation. Meet snatches key’s from man says I’m also oh haryana and I’ll see who will stop me, she sit in ambulance put on the timer says we have 55min to reach and they leave.

Doctor tell everyone they left Ambala hospital but we have only 55min if they didn’t come in time then situation will go out of our hands.

Phool Singh says to Meet if we travel with this speed then we sill reach Chandigarh hospital by 3. Meet looks at time and says just keep strength.

Doctor ask sister to give injection to Raj for dropping heart rate. Doctor says if he gets stroke like this again and again then we may loose him before heart.

Meet Ahlawat with Deep. Deep looks at him. Meet Ahlawat says I cannot leave you, you are planning to leave me alone since childhood we did everything together. Deep says you are my childhood friend, please take good care of my mom except me they have no one. Meet Ahlawat says don’t worry we will take care.

Meet Ahlawat says wear mask. Deep says no I only have this much time, listen to me I don’t have time, promise me you won’t tell Isha that she is the reason of my accident. Meet Ahlawat ask Deep to wear mask. Deep’s condition get worst. Meet Ahlawat call doctor. Doctor say go out his condition is getting worst.

Tej, Ram, Ragini and Babita prying to God. Meet driving ambulance. Tej ask nurse about Raj’s condition. Nurse says we are trying but his condition is getting worst and ambulance is on the way so let’s hope for the best. Babita ask God to protect Raj.
Meet driving ambulance, she stops the car. Phool Singh says I’ll check,he get down and says we got a flat tyre. Meet thinks now how I’ll reach on time.

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