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Meet 10th October 2022 Kamal says to Pooja today itself we have to do pooja. Meet Ahlawat knocks on door and enter there room with police. Kamal and Pooja get’s scared. Meet Ahlawat says we have to check your room. Pooja says okay and police start searching there room.

Meet Ahlawat says to Pooja I need to drink water and walk towards the pot. They remember keeping baby in pot. Meet Ahlawat remove top of pot, Kamal says stop thet water is old. Pooja give him bottle to drink. Inspector ask constable to check cupboard. Kamal says it’s Dharamshala cupboard it’s empty.

Inspector ask constable to search, he open it and says it’s empty. Meet Ahlawat thanks them for corporation and everyone leave. Kamal ask Pooja to close door. Pooja ask where is Meet. Kamal says I know they will check so I hid that sack in Ahlawats room.

Raj enter the room. Meet in sack below his bed. Raj getting uneasy. Babita don’t stress, take some rest everyone is looking for Meet, they will find her. Babita calls Meet Ahlawat and ask him about Meet. Meet Ahlawat says everyone is looking for them. Raj shouts at him says what are you doing to find baby and Meet.

Babita says to Raj he is trying to find her. Raj scolds him and says listen to me carefully if anything happen to baby and Meet I won’t see your face ever and he walks out. Babita go to check on him. Meet Ahlawat in room says where are you Meet.

Barfi in bar, she see Neelu dancing between men. Barfi in shock seeing her thinks she played with my emotions. Barfi walks to Neelu.

Kamal and Pooja outside Ahlawats room. Pooja says baby is sleeping because of pill. Kamal says I have hidden that sack in this room, we need to get that sack out, I’ll go and cut electricity of there room you go in and drag that sack out. Pooja ask but where we will take her. Kamal says don’t worry I have an idea everyone here will kill her, when I was keeping her in this I saw from window people were preparing for Ravan Dahan in ground so I’ll tie her behind Ravan and she will be dead.

Barfi says to Neelu let’s go and says I beg you, why are you doing this, you trying to ruin your home. Laila says you want me to go with you and sad clothes and leave them behind, she put saare on her and push her away.

Kamal turn electricity off. Raj and Babita walk out of room to check. Pooja and Kamal bring Meet out of there.

Laila drinking alcohol and ask security to throw Barfi out of club.

People doing preparation for Ravan, they leave to drink tea.
Few people discussing about Meet and Baby. Meet Ahlawat hear them talking.

Pooja and Kamal tie her behind Ravan. Kamal says in sometime she will also burn with this statue. Pooja says to Kamal be quick her husband is coming this side. Meet Ahlawat see Ravan behind him he walks toward the statue. Meet Ahlawat get’s call from inspector, he says if you get know anything about them tell me first. Meet Ahlawat get’s emotional and shouts where are you Meet.

Kamal put something in her mouth and hide her behind cloth. Meet Ahlawat walks towards godess idol and pray, he start looking for her in ambience. He walks behind Ravan and sit on stage, start shouting her name.

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Telecast Date:10th October 2022
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