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Main Hoon Aparajita 7th October 2022 Aparajita walks in and asks Akshay why was interior designer here. (Aparajita gets a call from neighbour saying Akshay has called a rich and famous interior designer).

Akshay tells Aparajita, that Navratri is coming and remember I use to do whitewash and repairs and so I called interior designer for this. Aparajita says you don’t have money for business and you want to do all thism Akshay says so this interior money won’t save my business and have you looked at this house,

there is so much repair needed, I use to keep this house so nice like past and want to give my mothet happiness and what do you think of yourself keep asking me question and doubting me. Aparajita says I have sigend the papers. Akshay says what. Aparajita shows him papers and says Amma has name on these papers,

I have just added your name its for Amma’s safety and you can take no decision without Amma’s permission. Akshay starts clapping and says amazing, I will talk to media and publish news that a daughter in law saved her mother in law. Aparajita says I took care of her when you weren’t around and didn’t even care about herm Akshay says how can you behave this way.

Aparajita says I have done whay I wanted to and its for Amma and if you are taking loan will you stay in India. Akshay says yes may be because business setup will take time. Aparajita asks and your family. Akshay says you don’t need to worry about that.

Panditji stops Aparajita and greets her, he asks why didn’t you come to temple who will make idol now. Aparajita says sorry I was stuck don’t worry I won’t break this ritual and make this idol.

Panditji says I heard Akshay is back and so lets do Pooja by both of you. Amma walks to Panditji and says your brother is here I heard and so he will get dakshina right. Panditji says why is it I do Pooja here. Amma says then Aparajita is doing pooja for 15 years alone and so even now she will do it alone.

Aparajita tells Amma she signed papers. Amma asks how did you change. Aparajita says I didn’t want his favour so I signed and its his house too but I have added your name and without your permission he can’t do anything.

Mohini says to Akshay, Aparajita has played so well but whay about out kids now, where will Nia stay and that house is ours and our kids and even your mother but your mother doesn’t accept me at all and now its enough I can’t stay in this hotel and Navaratri is coming so let’s do my Grahpravesh.

Akshay says no way, have you lost it.Akshay says Mohini I have a plan, go to our house and throw Aparajita out of the house, why don’t you understand the pressure, don’t even think about that house till we have whole custody of that house and leaves.Mohini says do whatever you want, I will go to that house today.

Aparajita making idol. She hears people gossiping about Akshay. Aasha Chhavi Disha walk to Aparajita. Chhavi says thanks to Papa we could manage money. Chaavi gets a call from someone, he doesn’t speak and Chhavi gets scared.Chhavi has hiccups.

Akshay asks manager is there a cultural event in the hotel. Manager says yes. Akshay pays him and asks him to invite Mohini as chief guest so she remains busy and doesn’t create problems.Aparajita asks Chhavi is everything okay, she says yes and offers to help. Aasha says she wants to help too. Aasha asks Aparajita why do we celebrate Navratri. Aparajita tells her story of Mahishasur and how Maa Durga fought his evilness.

Mohini packs her luggage and says I will bring darkness in Aparajita’s life.Aasha says to Aparajita women power just like you have and fight against all our problems. Aparajita says you three are my powers.
Manager invites Mohini as chief guest, she accepts it.

Aasha says to Disha come lets dance. Sisters and Aparajita dance together. Akshay sees them together and happy and walks to Aparajita, he calls her but because of music she can’t hear. Akshay gets angry and stops music and asks where is Amma, Aparajita says she must be around and doesn’t need my permission to go anywhere. Akshay says talk properly with me. Aparajita says you too stay in limits. Akshay starts creating scene and leaves.Everyone starts gossiping about it.

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Telecast Date:7th October 2022
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