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Main Hoon Aparajita 31st October 2022 Aparajita is buying items from the market. Bappi comes there with her friends and says we heard that Mohini threw you out of the house, are you not that house’s daughter in law anymore? Aparajita smiles and says only God knows the truth. It starts getting windy and a chunri flies away from Akshay’s house. Mohini is sitting in her car and the chunri flies in Aparajita’s direction,

it falls over her. Aparajita thinks I needed this and God sent it to me. She tells Bappi that you know all the gossips but you didn’t hear me calling out to you yesterday night, you didn’t even bother to ask us if we need any help. I pray nobody should face what we faced but I hope if someone gets in that situation then at least they have good people around them. She starts to leave but Akshay comes there and glares at her.

He says what are you doing here? Where are my daughters? Aparajita says you are worried about your daughters who you threw out of the house in the middle of the night? They are not your daughters, they are my daughters as tI took care of them on the roads last night. My daughters are my strength and we will stay here,

we will stay in the laundry house. Akshay shouts that you want to take revenge, you want to show that I am a cruel person who threw you and my daughters out of the house. Aparajita says I don’t have to do it, you can show your colors yourself. Akshay says you are crossing a limit. Aparajita says I stayed in my limit for years but you threw me out of the house and this is new Aparajita.

I only care about my daughters. She starts to leave but Akshay says don’t forget that I am still your.. Aparajita says our relationship ennded 15 years ago so stop shouting. Akshay says you are showing your new colors, I thought you would never come back but you are staying in the laundry house so everyone will see that Akshay’s daughters are living in a small house.

Tell them that I offered a house for my daughters and my wife but you denied it. Aparajita says I don’t anything in charity, she tells everyone that Akshay offered a house in the village but he wants me to become a farmer? All laugh. Akshay shouts that your ego is bigger than our daughters’ safety. They need to be protected from strangers. Aparajita says I need to protect my daughters from their own blood. She leaves from there.

Scene 2
Disha and Chhavi come to the community water pump. All are gossiping that they were thrown out of the house from their father. Disha tells them that we left our house of 15 years last night, you all can clap for the drama. I know you must have missed some drama but don’t worry I will give you all the information. You can write down your questions to me. All are embarrassed.

Disha tells Chhavi to not be ashamed. Chhavi laughs and says Asha told me what you did with Mohini’s shoes. Disha gets a call and says I have to get our van. She leaves from there. A kid gives a letter to Chhavi and leaves. Chhavi sees Veer’s letter that he missed her and called her but she didn’t pick up. I will feel peace when I see your face. Chhavi smiles and looks around. Veer comes there and starts helping others. He helps Chhavi in filling the buckets. Chhavi smiles at him. He starts leaving with Chhavi but another woman asks for help so Chhavi leaves from there.

Mohini is in her car and it breakdowns. Her driver is checking the car and says we might have to call a mechanic. Mohini scolds him and says I will have to walk now as there is no cab around. Mohini starts walking on the roads and feels hot. She gets a call from Akshay but cuts it in anger.

Aparajita is cooking in the house, she asks Asha to go and check where others are. Chhavi arrives there with the water buckets. She smiles recalling about Veer. Aparajita says what are you smiling about? Chhavi says it’s nothing. Aparajita says I have invited everyone to the pooja like every year. Asha asks Aparajita if they will come here? Aparajita says they come for this pooja every year, only the house is changed.

Mohini calls her brother and says Akshay keeps crying about his daughters. They are still bothering me even after leaving. She gets her driver’s call that the car is fixed. She asks him to bring it back. She calls her brother again and asks where are they living now? He says they didn’t go to Akshay’s house. My man saw Aparajita’s van near the society so they might have been living around the area?

Mohini says I am sure she must have left from this area, I am challenging you that Aparajita will never come back to this area otherwise I will blacken my face and roam around the society. He says I love your confidence. He ends the call. Mohini comes out of her house. Disha is driving near by in the van. She sees Mohini on the road and starts driving towards her. She races by and the mud falls over Mohini. She is shocked to see its Disha. Disha and Guggo laugh at her. Disha says we are neighbors so we will have meetings like these. She drives away. Mohini is angry.

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