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Main Hoon Aparajita 26th October 2022 Disha cries and tells Aparajita that guy tried to kiss Chhavi forcefully. Mohini says wow, all your daughters lie, you can ask the guests, these girls are so cheap and has no character, they want to take advantage of others. Aparajita is angry hearing her insult her girls. Mohini says this is your upbringing?

I shouldn’t have invited them to the party, they are so characterless. Aparajita slaps her hard. Akshay comes there and holds Mohini. He shouts that you have crossed all limits. Mohini stops him and says we have to maintain our standard. She asks the guests to leave. Aparajita goes to Chhavi and consoles her,

she asks Disha and others to leave. I will handle them. Akshay asks Dadi what happened to her? Dadi ignores him and leaves. Mohini and Aparajita glare at each other. Mohini says Disha attacked an innocent person. Aparajita says he was trying to force himself on Chhavi. Akshay asks what happened? Aparajita says you should ask Mohini, she was questioning my upbringing. Akshay asks Aparajita what happened to Chhavi?

Aparajita says someone tried to molest Chhavi. A boy forcefully tried to kiss her. Akshay says forcefully? He looks at Mohini and asks what is she talking about? Mohini says Chhavi is lying. She might have liked the boy,

I have a daughter and it never happened with her. Aparajita says I pity your daughter that you are her mother, do you throw her around drunk people? Akshay says she is my daughter, don’t say that. Aparajita says Chhavi is not your daughter? Mohini says they were playing a game and Chhavi was showing interest in the boy but she doesn’t know her limits. Aparajita says they know their limits,

they knew they didn’t have a father so they always knew their limits. Mohini says you can’t protect your daughters like this. Aparajita grabs her and says if you try to hurt my duaghters then I won’t spare you. Akshay pushes Aparajita away and says Mohini might be right. Aparajita says she is lying. Mohini shows her the video of Chhavi enjoying in the party. Akshay says she looked happy.

Mohini says even Asha drank alcohol. Aparajita says you must have forced her. Akshay says enough, you keep bragging about your upbringing, kids do mistakes, maybe Mohini was right and you are wrong. Aparajita says my daughters never lie, you have questioned my motherly love so I won’t be silent now. I will call the police now and won’t spare the person who tried to molest my daughter. Mohini looks on.

She tries to call the police but the phone is not working. Mohini says you think a girl and a boy can’t be friends? why did Chhavi play the game if she didn’t want to? Aparajita says that doesn’t mean he could molest her. Mohini says your daughters were wrong. Disha comes there and shouts that boy was wrong.

Mohini says she is so violent. Aparajita asks her to leave. She tells Mohini that what are you teaching your daughter? That girls are always wrong and boys can do anything with them? This is your upbringing? Akshay asks her to not bring Niya inbetween this. Aparajita shouts why are you bringing my kids inbetween then? She tries calling the police but the inspector arrives there.

Aparajita says I didn’t call you yet? The inspector says a complaint was filed against Disha, she tried to kill a person so we will arrest her now. Mohini says I am the eye witness, I had some friends too and they all saw Disha hitting him. Aparajita shouts at Akshay if he gave the money to the police?

you can’t fight like a man. Mohini says my friend called the police but we can request them to take the case back but I can’t take Disha’s guarantee as she might be jailed for a murder. Aparajita asks her to shut up. Akshay shouts that she has anger issues, we have to control Disha now only. The inspector says he is right, kids should be taught a lesson. Aparajita says Disha was protecting her sister.

The inspector says Disha has hit a guy so I will arrest her now, this is attempt to murder now which is serious. I will give you time till the morning. Akshay says this girl is my responsibility, you can arrest her in the morning. The inspector leaves. Akshay grabs Disha and says I will teach her a lesson now. Aparajita tries to stop them but Akshay drags Disha from there.

Dadi hugs Chhavi and consoles her.

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Telecast Date:26th October 2022
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