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Main Hoon Aparajita 24th October 2022 Guggo brings the electrician with him to the hospital but the hospital staff doesn’t let him work. Aparajita says my daughter is stuck in the lift and you people have done nothing till now. The doctor comes there and says we are sorry. We will bring her out.

A party is going on at Aparajita’s house. Mohini tells Asha and Chhavi that my waiters didn’t arrive so you can help me in serving the guests right? Vicky arrives there so Mohini tells him that Chhavi is your responsibility now, you know what you have to do right? I will take care of Asha.

Aparajita is praying for Disha as she is locked in the lift. The electrician works on it and the lift opens. Aparajita hugs her and cries.

Mohini is making Chhavi and Asha serve the guests. Mohini brings Vicky there and asks him to bring juice for them. Asha and Chhavi sit in the party. Vicky spikes Asha’s juice. He offers it to Chhavi but she says doesn’t want it. Asha takes the juice and drinks it. Mohini smirks. Mohini’s brother calls him and says Aparajita found Disha so all up to you now.

Disha is in the hospital room with Dadi. Aparajita brings the wheelchair and says lets take Dadi back home. Aparajita gets a call from Munna who tells her that her van is not driving. Aparajita says it was working when Disha sold it to you? Dadi is shocked and says you sold the van? Aparajita thinks I shouldn’t have talked in front of her. Dadi says why did you sell it? Aparajita says it was giving problems.

Asha is feeling dizzy in the party. Chhavi gives her water. Vicky starts a game in the party and calls Chhavi-Asha for the game. Asha says I don’t want to play, she feels dizzy. Vicky holds Chhavi’s hand and takes her to play the game.

Aparajita comes to Munna and says I cant’ take the van, you have to return my money. Aparajita says I can’t give you 40K right now. He says you can arrange it in 2-3 days. Aparajita starts her van and it works. She says this van was not starting as she wants me as the owner only. She cries and says I know you are miffed with me, you are like my kid. I know you love me a lot but I had to pay Dadi’s hospital bills. Lets go home and I will think about how to pay this money.

Chavvi is playing truth and dare game with Vicky’s friends. She feels odd there. Mohini gets a call that Disha has left the hospital with Dadi. Mohini says it’s time for the blast. Vicky tells Chhavi that she has to kiss him as a dare. Chhavi is shocked. Vicky comes near her so she gets worried and starts crying.

Vicky is about to kiss her but someone breaks a bottle on his head. All are shocked. Chhavi sees that it was Disha. Disha rushes to her and hugs her. Chhavi cries. Mohini asks the guests to take vicky to the hospital. Aparajita arrives home with Dadi. Mohini tells the guests that this Disha is an animal.

She tells Aparajita that you should control your daughter. Disha shouts that I was saving my sister. Chhavi runs and hugs Aparajita. Dadi asks Mohini why did you arrange a party when I was in the hospital? Mohini says you should know what was going on here. She says Chhavi was flirting with Vicky, she was flat seeing that he is handsome and then this violent Disha broke a bottle on his head, look at your 3rd daughter, she is drunk.

Aparajita rushes to Asha and sprinkles water on her face. She asks what happened? Asha says they gave me a juice. Disha cries and says Mohini is lying, that guy was trying to kiss Chhavi forcefully, Aparajita is shocked.


Main Hoon Aparajita 25th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Mohini disrespects Aprajita in front of everyone and says, your behaviour will make us feel insulted in society and your daughters are characterless. Aprajita slaps her and says if it come to my daughters, I can do anything.

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Telecast Date:24th October 2022
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