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Main Hoon Aparajita 17th October 2022 Aparajita comes to her room and finds Akshay and Mohini in her bed and wearing no clothes. They get clothed as she looks away. Akshay says I was missing my room so thought to rest here, this room was mine from childhood so I was missing it. Mohini likes this room too.

Aparajita is disgusted seeing them. Akshay says we locked the door but it must be broken, we will get repaired as there is no privacy here. Mohini says she should have knocked before entering. Aparajita says you stoop low every single time, you are so shameless. Akshay says she is my wife.

Aparajita says this is my room. Akshay says I might be back after 15 years but this was my room and Mohini is my wife. Mohini says you will have to leave this room. Akshay says we have packed your bags so you can leave the room and soon you will leave the house. Aparajita is in tears, she starts grabbing her luggage.

Chhavi tells Disha that Asha did the right thing by calling a lawyer. Disha says finally you have senses. Chhavi chases her around. Disha says now you know Akshay came back to get the house, not for you.

Aparajita tells Akshay that I take care of this house and will always do. She takes her luggage and leaves from there.

Aparajita is crying, Dadi sees luggage in her hands and asks what happened? Aparajita hugs her and cries.

Chhavi is working in the laundry when Veer arrives there. Chhavi mistakenly burns her hand with an iron so he holds her hand and puts in the water. they both stare at each other. Tera ho kar rahun plays. Goggu comes there and asks who are you? Veer gives an invoice and asks for his laundry. Goggu gives it to him. Veer says sorry to Chhavi and leaves form there.

Dadi tells Aparajita that I will go and confront Akshay. Disha and Chhavi come there too. Aparajita says it’s okay, they can’t do much. Disha says I will not spare them. Aparajita says no, they want us to react but we won’t. I will go to Dadi’s room for now. Dadi and Disha leave. Chhavi sees Aparajita crying and consoles her. Aparajita finds her hand burned and gets worried. She applies an ointment on her hand. Chhavi says you hide your pain from us and keep taking care of us. Aparajita cries and leaves from there.

Chhavi comes to Akshay and Mohini. She says I want to talk to you alone. Mohini leaves from there. Akshay says you have come here to tell me that you hate me right? He blindfolds himself and is about to fall from the stairs but Chhavi stops him. Akshay says I trust you but can you trust me blindly?

I feel sad that even you don’t trust me. Nobody understands me in this house. Chhavi hugs him and says I love you a lot. Akshay says really? I am doing all this for your and my daughters. I want to reunite my family, I want to see you all happy. I have even found a new house for you all. I feel defeated. Chhavi says I am sorry, I shouldn’t have doubted you. Akshay says I know you would understand me. Chhavi says I will talk to Aparajita, she leaves from there. Akshay smirks.

Disha sits with Dadi, Dadi says I want to throw that Mohini out of the house. Disha says I have an idea. She tells her the plan.

Chhavi comes to Aparajita and Asha. Asha says Mohini is bad. Aparajita says don’t say all that. Chhavi says papa is not wrong, we can leave this house so we don’t have to live with Mohini anymore. We can shift to a new house which papa built for us. Disha comes there and says I am sure papa must have said all this to you. You are so gullible.

Chhavi says papa has bought a nice house for us and Mohini won’t be there. Aparajita says this is our house, we have lived here for 22 years, this is our house with our memories so we won’t leave it at any cost. Chhavi looks on. Akshay calls Aparajita.

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