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Main Hoon Aparajita 14th October 2022 Akshay asks Aparajita to give the kalash to him, he tries to snatch it from her but she doesn’t want to leave it. Disha, and Asha hold it with her. Chhavi looks on. She goes and holds it with Aparajita. Akshay glares at them but they pull the kalash from him. Mohini says enough,

I don’t want the family to fight, I just wanted respect. Disha asks her to stop her drama. She is about to hit her with a pot but Akshay pushes her back and slaps her hard. Aparajita rushes to Disha and glares at him. She says how dare you to touch her? I am her mother, you have filled her with anger.

Akshay says she was misbehaving with Mohini. Disha says you can’t silence me, I know you both came here to throw us out of the house. Aparajita is stunned. Disha says Chhavi heard everything. Aparajita says that’s why you wanted me to sign the papers? Akshay says I have a right on this house,

I am their father and did gift them another house but you are stubborn. This is my house and I want to live here with my wife so get lost. Dadi is hurt hearing all that. Aparajita says you think you have a right on this house? I took care of it for 15 years, this is my life and you want me to leave this house? I will not leave, this is my and my daughters’ house. Dadi suddenly faints so all rush to her. Akshay looks on.

Aparajita and the kids are worried for Dadi. She wakes up and says I am okay. Akshay looks on. Dadi glares at Mohini and says I don’t want to see her face. Mohini says call me if you need anything, she leaves from there. Dadi says don’t let Akshay pay for the doctor. Akshay says I didn’t. He says I don’t want to fight, I want to live here with Mohini as it’s her right too. Aparajita asks the kids to leave, she asks Akshay to go. He says you have no right. Dadi says this house is mine and Aparajita won’t go anywhere.

Mohini is playing with her daughters and says I have a right on this house. No other doll has a place here.

Akshay tells Dadi that I have bought another house for my kids, they can shift there. Dadi says you are so shameless. Aparajita says I won’t leave at any cost. She tells Dadi that I am strong so don’t worry about me. Dadi coughs, Akshay tries to give her water but she shoos him away. He leaves. Dadi tells Aparajita that you can’t leave me. Aparajita says you are my family, I can’t go anywhere.

Aparajita comes to Akshay and says you keep questioning about my right but why that woman is staying here? Akshay says she is my wife. Aparajita says we never got divorced so I am still your wife.

Akshay says you have no marriage certificate but she has it. Aparajita says you have 3 kids with me, you want to take your name from them? You are thinking you can do anything here but I will remain silent but you hurt my daughters again then I won’t spare you. If you want to hurt me then try to harm like from the front. Don’t play coward games.

Mohini sits with Akshay and says Aparajita will have to leave the house 48 hours. She plays with her dolls and says I will make a drama out of her, I will break her ego tomorrow.

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Telecast Date:14th October 2022
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