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Main Hoon Aparajita 13th October 2022 Mohini tells her friends that she will change house. Aparajita comes there and says what did you say about my house? Mohini says an interior designer is coming to do some changes. She tells her friends that she is Akshay’s first wife. Her friends make fun of her by calling her laundry didi.

Aparajita says it’s my pride. Mohini says I can’t go to the kitchen so can you make tea for them? Aparajita says sure, they are uncalled-for guests but I will serve them. She leaves. Mohini’s friends are angry that they got insulted but Mohini says this is my house. Aparajita sees the priest and some neighbors coming in the house.

Dadi says we have to clean the house. The priest blesses Aparajita and says we will do the pooja in the mandir. Mohini is angry seeing all that. Akshay comes home too. Mohini asks Aparajita to give the kalash to her, I will put it in the mandir. Akshay says we are here so we will do the pooja together. Dadi says she has no right to do the pooja. Mohini says I am your daughter-in-law so I have a right.

She tries to take the kalash from Aparajita but Dadi says to leave it, I don’t accept it. She says only Aparajita will do the pooja, she kept your father’s heritage alive so have some shame. Akshay says Mohini is my wife.

Dadi says Aparajita is my daughter-in-law. Mohini says please don’t take this right from me. Mohini tries to take the kalash and it is about to fall down but Aparajita grabs it in her saree. Dadi says enough of this drama. Aparajita makes the kalash again. Akshay asks Dadi to calm down.

Disha is angry and tells Chhavi about her friends. Chhavi is worried about Mohini’s words and starts crying. She tells Disha that Mohini wants to throw us out of the house.

Aparajita asks all the guests to leave. Akshay says they are Mohini’s friends. Aparajita says we have to do house pooja so I request them to leave. They all leave. Aparajita tries to put the kalash in the mandir but Mohini comes in front of her and says why can’t you give it to me? Aparajita says this is my identity, this is Amma’s prayers and she gave this right to me. I won’t let you take it from me.

Mohini says this is my right too. Aparajita says right is given, not snatched. I always did this pooja as a Singh daughter in law and I will keep doing it. Akshay says who are you? You are not a singh daughter in law. You keep insulting Mohini, what is all this? Dadi says don’t talk to my daughter in law like that.

Akshay says I never accepted Aparajita as my wife, Mohini is my wife. He tells Aparajita that you asked me 15 years ago what Mohini had that you didn’t? I can answer that, you can’t even be compared to Mohini. You are nothing for me, not my wife or this house’s daughter in law. Aparajita looks away and wipes her tears.

Disha and Chhavi come home. Aparajita asks them to go to the room but Akshay stops them and says they should listen. Akshay says I am their father but Aparajita is not my wife. He asks her to give the kalash to Mohini. Aparajita looks on.


Main Hoon Aparajita 14th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap : Nisha tries to hit Akshay. Akshay slaps her. Nisha says I know why are you here, she says to her mom he is here to throw us out of house. Akshay says yes because I let you live here for 15 years. Aprajita says, we won’t leave this house. Amma falls down, everyone gets worried.

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Telecast Date:13th October 2022
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