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Main Hoon Aparajita 12th October 2022 Chhavi is outside Akshay’s room. She thinks to talk to him about Mohini. she tries to talk to him but he is getting ready and says I don’t have time.

Mohini brings pancakes for Disha. she says I don’t want to eat it. Akshay comes there and says she made it with love so try it. Disha says I don’t want to. Akshay asks Chhavi to try it. Mohini says it’s okay, I don’t care that my hard work got wasted but I am hurt that I have no right here. Aparajita comes there and asks everyone to sit down, she says we shouldn’t insult food. They all sit down to have breakfast.

Aparajita gives Mohini’s pancakes to everyone. She tastes it and says its tasty but you are a guest so we don’t want you to cook here. You don’t know how things work here and you have messed everything up which I don’t like. You don’t have to worry about me handling the shop and home together. Thank you for making breakfast today but don’t do it again. They all eat her pancakes in anger. Mohini is angry and leaves from there.

Mohini comes to her room, Akshay comes there and tries to calm her. Mohini says you should talk to Dadi. Akshay says I was handling things but you came here. Amma won’t sign the papers easily. Mohini says then we can find another way. Akshay says what do you mean? She is my mother. Mohini says let’s keep trying to impress your mother. Akshay leaves from there,

Disha tells Aparajita that you replied well. Chhavi says Mohini should leave from here. Disha says you have no issues with the father so I thought you didn’t have any problem with Mohini. Chhavi says I don’t find her nice.

Mohini comes to Aparajita’s room and says you threw me out of the kitchen but soon you will leave this house. She sits on her bed and says I won’t go anywhere now.

Aparajita is working in the shop. Chhavi asks her to tell Mohini to leave. Aparajita says she will go soon, I don’t know what she wants but I can see through her. She prays to Lord. Chhavi thinks how to tell her that Mohini is here to throw us all out of the house.

Aparajita deals with the clients. The shop owner comes there and says your rent got late this month. Aparajita says I will pay it soon. The shop owner says we heard your husband came back with your second wife. Aparajita says she will leave soon. The owner says that’s what you think.

Mohini brings Dadi and Dada’s photo to Dadi. She says Akshay always looks at this photo in the morning. I want to earn your love. I should earn your love. I used gold frame for the photo. Dadi asks her to take it and leave. Mohini is sad. Dadi says you are wearing a saree? Mohini says my friends are coming to meet me today. Dadi says what should I do then? Mohini says I am just telling you. Dadi asks her to leave.

Mohini says I should throw Aparajita out of the house first before dealing with Dadi.

Disha and Chhavi are in the van. Chhavi says I have to tell you something. She tries to talk but she gets scared and asks her to stop the car. Chhavi hears some music and is scared. A car is following them. Disha goes to check but the car passesby them. Disha asks what happened? Chhavi says I heard this music before also. Disha says let’s go home.

Mohini welcomes her friends to the palace and says I will completely renovate this house. All these tacky stuff will go out. Aparajita comes there and says what did you say about my house? Mohini looks on.

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Telecast Date:12th October 2022
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