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Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 2nd September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti 2nd September 2021 Sam is silently serving food to Shubhra’s family. Shubhra asks her to go and eat. Shubhra sees ingredients missing from food and asks Sam to not waste food. Shubhra tries to eat her food but it’s so bad. Chandrani coughs and says there is so much spices in it. Shubhra recalls how Sam used to ask her to clean the table after throwing juice there. Shubhra throws food on the table and asks Sam to clean it. Chandrani asks her to use a wet towel. Sam starts cleaning the table. Shubhra smirks.

Later on, Shubhra comes to the lounge and sees Sam eating food while crying. Shubhra thinks this is a punishment for what she has done to others. It’s good for her. Sam coughs while eating bad food. Shubhra brings food for her and says I made it, you can eat it as this is my house. Just go to sleep after cleaning the kitchen. Shubhra leaves. Sam eats fastly.

In the morning, the doorbell rings. Shubhra opens the door to find Harsh there. She asks him to come inside. She goes to bring water for him. Sam comes there and asks if he knows about Kuldeep? Harsh says how would I know? You have kidnapped him. Shubhra comes there and asks Sam to clean the house. Harsh taunts Sam. Chandrani sends Sam away and asks Harsh how is Kuldeep? He says he is fine. Rishi asks if they can make a video for Kuldeep? He says sure, they leave. Harsh gives Kuldeep’s letter to Shubhra which says ‘I love you Shubhra’. Harsh says Kuldeep doesn’t want to hurt you anymore. Shubhra smiles but then looks at Harsh.

He asks why is she hiding her smile? Your eyes can show what’s in your heart and they are saying that you still love Kuldeep. Shubhra says actually.. Harsh says I am your friend so you don’t need to explain anything to me. Shubhra says Kuldeep hurt me, cheated on me so I am scared if I am doing a mistake? Harsh says Kuldeep realizes his mistakes so he won’t repeat same mistakes. Just forgive him and move on. Rishi brings his video there. Shubhra smiles at Kuldeep’s letter. Rishi asks Harsh to bring Kuldeep’s video next time. Harsh says sure. He plays with the kids and starts leaving. Chandrani stops him and goes from there. Harsh tells Shubhra to not lose on her happiness.

Shubhra says what about the pain that was given to me? Harsh says Kuldeep did mistakes as a human so you should give him another chance. Chandrani brings sweets for Kuldeep. Harsh takes it and leaves. Sam is screaming and asking to open the door. Roli opens the door. Sam screams that I feel suffocated in this small house and I heard Roli locking me in the room. Rishi says you locked me in a room too. Sam says so you are taking revenge? This is what your mom teaches you? Chandrani says you are talking about morals? Sam says this goodie Shubhra is teaching all this to her kids?

She asks Rishi if he is getting tuition from his mother to do all this with me? Shubhra says you should thank God that I am not acting like a Sam otherwise I would be slapping you around. Sam glares at her and says you have raised filthy and illiterate kids. Shubhra smiles and says the kids should learn how to put others in line, if they face another Sam so they would know how to teach her a lesson. They are just answering you back. If you love them then they will love you but if you irritate them then you will be irritated too. Sam says you can’t raise the kids? She starts to leave but falls down. Everyone laughs at Sam.

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Telecast Date:2nd September 2021
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