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Kundali Bhagya 8th October 2022 Sherlin and Prithvi rush into the study, she starts finding the laptop but is not able to locate it, Prithvi questions what she was doing when she was his wife, Sherlin explains he always complains about her work when he says this is not the time to argue,

she replies she wants to inform that she is always fine. Sherlin and prithvi both look the footage when he explains it is just a drama since they will not find anything, Sherlin once again plays it and they hear the conversation of Rishab with the lawyer who said that he murdered his brother,

Rishab replied he doesnot want to explain anything to them when Sherlin hears the reporter say that Rishab got jealous when karan entered the business as he is more famous, they even blame Rishab for being in love with Preeta.

Prithvi closing the laptop asks if she found out anything when Sherlin replies that Preeta is behind all this drama, as Arjun came back to take some personal revenge from the Luthra’s, there is some big motive because Arjun wants to say that Rishab is not a good brother so he got his own brother killed because he was in love with Preeta,

Sherlin explains he wants to ruin the reputation of Rishab. Prithvi assures she is right because he Arjun used to get angry whenever he took the name of Preeta by saying he wants to take revenge from her but then he also beat him when he said he hates Preeta ji. Sherlin mentions it is just Preeta which he agrees.

Arjun after hugging Sameer mentions he should go and be with the guests as then he would feel nice, Arjun sitting thinks today he hugged his brother Sameer and realized how much he misses Karan,

he wishes to have the ability to inform him about his identity. Preeta coming to Arjun mentions how she feels he is planning of doing something but then wants to know when he would do anything, Arjun standing replies that she thinks she knows a lot about him but it is not the truth so she must not even try to think about him.,

Preeta replies this is what she wants from him as he must stay away from her family. Preeta informs that she never says anything to Rishab when he does a business deal but this time she feels that it is not the right thing to do since he is really awkward. Arjun questions if she is mad that Rakhi aunti scolded her in front of him. Preeta inform she doesnot have good feelings about him because he took away her daughter in their first meeting and then the second time he also made fun of Karan’s life.

Arjun replies even he has a lot to say about her but it will not bother him, however have a lot of effect on him. Arjun explains that she must not try and think about it as this is not suitable for herself. Shristhi coming asks what they are doing here since they even have to reveal the logo of this collaboration.

Preeta agrees but while walking she touches the hand of Arjun, Preeta starts thinking about the moments which she spent with him and how it felt a little weird. Arjun thinks the time has come to reveal the true face of the past.

Shristhi taking to the stage appreciates them all for coming to the party and then also liking her décor, she explains that it is time to reveal all the details of this collaboration so there should be a big round of applause for both the Luthra’s and Soorvyanshi. Shristhi is about to start it when Arjun stops them,

he going to the stage explains that he has learned from this family how the daughters have a lot of importance in their lives and this is also shared by the daughter in laws so he wants Preeta to reveal the logo. Rishab agrees with him mentioning it is the best decision, Arjun thinks Rishab used her to end his life and now he would use her to destroy the life of Rishab. Preeta with a lot of tension takes the remote and so she unveils the log of their collaboration.

The entire crowd starts clapping but then are worried when the logo doesnot move, Prithvi asks for their attention before coming to the center of the stage, everyone is stunned to see him. Prithvi thanks them all, he explains they are not happy to see him here but he would get only two reactions, either of being surprised or being shocked. Arjun walks up to him asking why he came but Prithvi instructs him to shut up informing he is going to end the game which Arjun started, and he has come here to reveal the true face of Arjun to everyone.

Prithvi mentions they donot know this Arjun, as the person with whom they are performing the collaboration is wearing a disguise, Rishab orders him to get out pointing towards the door, Prithvi replies he knew the reaction but when he would know the truth about Arjun. Rishab however also asks him to leave but Prithvi reveals Rishab was about to die because of this Arjun, the entire Luthra family is shocked. Rakhi asks him to shut up as she would not listen even a single word against Arjun,

Prithvi requests them for a chance and they can decide it all after his proof, because Arjun doesnot reveal his true face. Prithvi mentions Arjun is the one who hired the goons to harm Rishab, they all donot understand. Prithvi mentions he is the enemy of this Luthra family, Arjun replies Prithvi is lying but he explains they must wait for just a second.

Prithvi plays the video of Arjun talking with Raja and his men at the police station, they all hear when Arjun questioned why they went to the Luthra Mansion, Raja replied because they wanted to earn double the amount as Arjun refused to pay them, Anjali explains this video is fake and mopped.

Prithvi mentions she is saying even he is mopped but then he calls both Raja and Vishnu, they accept that Arjun gave them both money to harm Rishab, the entire Luthra family is stunned, and Rakhi cannot believe it all, even Preeta is stunned.

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