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Kundali Bhagya 8th August 2022 Preeta is walking while weeping, she hits Prithvi but leaves apologizing so he exclaims this is a miracle as he thought he would be the only one to make them bleed blood but she is already crying, prithvi praises the Bhagwan for doing al that he wishes even then he sometimes gets suspicious on whose side is he actually since he plays a lot of games.

Prithvi tries to leave but then once again hits Shristhi, he turns to look at her before greeting but she starts scolding him questioning what does he think of himself, he must just act like a guest otherwise she is going to slap him with her strong hands so he is going to understand what it means to misbehave with someone.

Prithvi say that she has not changed even a little bit and he is just feeling sorry for the person she got married with as his life will have been ruined, she would have surely killed him by constantly talking and he might surely die so he prays for him.

Prithvi thinks of finding the reason Preeta was crying, he himself wanted to do it but someone already took his place as Rishab would never do anything of the sort so who else would have caused it, he vows to find the person who made Preeta cry.

Preeta enters the room sitting on the bed she is crying recalling about the feeling she got at the dance floor with Arjun, she is not able to comprehend it so constantly cries, Preeta sees Shristhi entering the room and so wipes of the tears.

Shristhi closing the door comes to her, Preeta mentions she was thirsty but Shristhi asks her to look at her since there is no need to hide her emotions as she knows when Preeta feels tensed. Shristhi explains she was dancing with arjun but then Preeta suddenly came upstairs so did Arjun do something which caused her to behave like this.

Preeta replies he did not do anything but whenever Arjun is near her she always feels angry, and then thinks as if karan is around her and would come to say that she is a fourth fail doctor or would say the other thing. Arjun sees her weeping when he hears Preeta exclaiming she really misses him.

Arjun exclaims she only feels guilty of the fact that she killed karan. Anjali coming asks what is he doing outside the room of Preeta, Anjali forces him to come otherwise she would yell that he is eavesdropping.

Preeta requests Shristhi to leave but she refuses however Shristhi asks if she remembers what Jiju said that karan wished to see her smiling. Shristhi says she would go for just a few minutes when Preeta requests her to let her cry for five minutes after which she promises to never cry like this.

Shristhi leaves the room so Preeta starts crying, she after a while wipes of her tears recalling how she felt as if she was dancing with karan, she immediately wonders what is going on since she was remembering karan then how did Arjun come to her memories.

Anjali pulls Arjun to the room, he asks what is going on when she questions what was he doing outside the room, Arjun replies he was feeling really nice to look at her, she replies that he felt as if he still cares for Preeta and is not able to control himself. Arjun with a smile sits down exclaiming he was right to think about her but he only hates her now,

he was standing because she was crying in the room and that made him feel as if it will end the injuries that he is suffering. Anjali exclaims that she feels Preeta will do something else as she killed him for someone else. Anjali informs that she only cares about his feeling, as the person who was dancing with Preeta was not Arjun but karan who really loves her and had feeling which he could not hold back, she feels he is lying to her. Arjun leaves the room.

Preeta is standing when Shristhi coming explains she can understand Preeta is not able to forget him and even they cannot do it, she knows Preeta was his love and it is right that she still remembers him but this doesnot mean she should misbehave with anyone. Shristhi explains she has seen how she treats Arjun and it is not right.

Bi jee coming from behind asks Shristhi to go as Sameer is calling her, Shristhi says he should himself come to talk with her when Bi jee asks why does she always keep fighting with him.

Bi jee asks why is she not able to understand that she wants to talk with Preeta alone, Shristhi insists that she should tell her what she wanted to talk about and also about the topic only after that is she going to leave so Bi jee tells her that she broke up with her boyfriend, Shristhi in shock kneels down asking if she had an extra martial affair with someone. Dadi replies she just informed Shristhi about the topic so she must now leave as she needs to talk with Preeta,

Bi jee calls Preeta to come and sit beside her, Preeta also asks Bi jee if she has a boyfriend when Bi jee smiles asking why did she believe it to be true so questions why is she so sad. Bi jee informs she raised her father and also supported her mother so if the news that she heard is true.

Preeta mentions she really remembers karan a lot and always thinks about him. Bi jee explains how can anyone forget their loved one as karan was her first love, she should think about him when she is alone. Bi jee explains that when someone dies, they cannot come back, Preeta thinks about karan but then starts searching for him everywhere, so Rishab would feel worried.

He knows that she loves karan even then he gave her his own name as she always comes running out from the party so the guests keep questioning him. Preeta should at least give him the satisfaction of being a wife since today is the fifth anniversary. She is going to give Preeta a good advice that she must always remembers someone when they are alone. Preeta standing hugs bi jee before going to the party.

Preeta slaps Rishab from the back before asking for his hand to the dance, they both start the performance which angers Arjun a lot and then he is not able to see them together but the entire Luthra family is really happy seeing them both, when the dance ends, they all go to greet him.

Raja asks Vishnu what is he saying as how can they both be brothers. Vishnu thinks that this happened when Arjun slapped him but how can this be possible as after calming down, he exclaimed Rishab is like his brother. Raja is really glad knowing this news, Vishnu suggests they can blackmail Arjun by threatening to tell Rishab the truth about him.

They all are smiling when Prithvi coming from behind orders them to raise their hands so they all got scared, he forces them all to raise asking the truth about their identity otherwise he would tell the news. Raja informs they came to ruin the party,

Prithvi at once smiles explaining they are like brothers as he also came to ruin it so they both should ruin this party, Prithvi asks them to make him the boss, Raja however is not ready to accept it but Prithvi threatens to reveal their secret if they do not accept his terms, Raja agrees to make him the boss so Prithvi.

Bani asks Surekha why is she not able to find the address as they are really famous, she after noticing that Surekha is standing there when Bi jee rushes to greet her, a girl also enters exclaiming that her Dadi always keeps on saying that she is a part of her heart, Surekha mentions how her memory has become a little weak so Sona reveals that she remembers everything from before 1989, which is why she always accompanies her Dadi.

Surekha agrees with it, Bani Dadi introduces her to the entire Luthra family when Sona reveals she has brought a gift for them both which they would like, Rishab asks her to open it when they are stunned seeing the Varmala.

Surekha mentions since she was not able to come on their wedding, she wishes to see them both perform this ritual once again. Shristhi agrees assuring this is what will happen, she requests the entire Luthra family to come as both Preeta and Rishab are going to perform the ritual of the Varmala, Arjun is really furious seeing this scene before his eyes.

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