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Kundali Bhagya 6th October 2021 Kritika asks Prithvi what is going on since he is showering so much love over her as he first gave her the medicine and then also came to sit with her, she is really curious, Prithvi says she is already really mischievous then what can he do, Prithvi explains he was planning a secret but she is insisting so he is forced to reveal it,

Prithvi explains how the day after tomorrow is her birthday so he was thinking of planning a gift which can match her aurora and then she will be really glad, Kritika asks him to keep on thinking while she is going to sleep, Sherlin is really restless so decides to text Prithvi asking him to come and meet her in the morning at the backside of the house, Prithvi replies he would reach their at ten am sharp.

In the morning Sameer in the room, he thinks how he would surely reveal what is in his heart, he is really excited when Rishab enters the room, Sameer reveals that he has thought about what Rishab said yesterday, Rishab questions what does he mean, Sameer replies he will surely reveal everything which is in his heart, Rishab after questioning if he would remain confident smiles,

but Sameer says he will surely tell everything, hearing this Rishab turns to leave but Sameer stops him requesting him to stay, but Rishab replies he doesnot have anything to do here and if he stays this will only make Sameer nervous, he would not be able to speak from his heart, Sameer explains he is not here then he will not be confident, Rishab replies if he stays then Shristhi would get nervous thinking he is here but Sameer insists on Rishab to hide as then both the tasks would be fulfilled,

Rishab turns to leave when Sameer explains he is doing this since he is not his real brother, Rishab gets mad saying that he would slap Sameer even if ever says anything like this ever again, Rishab sits down when Sameer brings the laptop to video call Shristhi.

Sarla comes out from the kitchen, she is shocked to see that Shristhi is doing the household chores, Sarla asks what has happened today, she asks Shristhi to give her husband rupees as she will bring the vegetables, Shristhi asks Sarla to return two hundred rupees, Sarla leaves when she gets a call from Sameer,

he asks if she saw how he brought everyone to help her, Shristhi explains that he must not lie since she knows he was coming alone when Rishab jee and Karan stopped him, then even Preeta got to know about it so he should not take all the credit, Rishab comes to the front mentioning how Sameer called Shristhi to reveal how he loves her, he insists asking Sameer to say it once again, Sarla comes from behind,

Rishab and Sameer both start to fumble seeing her, Shristhi is also worried about what will happen now, Sameer then explains Rishab called to say he loves Sarla, then the call ends, Sarla exclaims it is weird that Rishab is saying this since usually Karan is the mischievous one, she asks Shristhi to once again call them but she replies there is no network,

Rishab and Sameer take a sigh of relief, Rishab asks Sameer why did he take his name saying that he called to say I LOVE YOU to Sarla when it was not the case, he exclaims how he for the first time felt scared of Sarla, Sameer laughing exclaims he feels scared every day, Rishab leaves ordering Sameer to gather up the courage which he did the entire night and reveal his feelings to Shristhi.

Prithvi is waiting when Sherlin comes, he asks why is she crying, she replies they both have made a promise in front of Bhagwan that they will end it all so does this means it is their end, Prithvi explains they took the vow of Bhagwan who is Amar and cannot die, so there is nothing to worry about just like when he constantly takes the vow on his mothers life but she is still alive, Sherlin asks if this means they are still a couple,

Prithvi assures they both are meant for each other, Sherlin then exclaims that Rishab was talking really nice with her and was more polite then him, Prithvi starts getting frustrated but Sherlin replies that Rishab desires to start a family with her however she only loves her, Prithvi also explains that even he just loves her, Preeta sees them both together, she exclaims how she should have known they are not trustworthy so she will bring both Rishab and Kritika who can ask them both.

Karina on the call assures she is coming, Rakhi also comes saying Mahesh and Bani Dadi went leaving her, Karina asks what the problem is as she can come with her, Sameer also says she can come with him, Preeta comes calling Rishab, but Sameer explains that he went with Kritika to buy her the birthday gift. Rakhi advises Preeta to come with Karan after finishing the work to the Jagran, but she leaves without saying anything.

Sherlin and Prithvi both exclaim how they both love each other; they are hugging when Preeta makes their video and vows to end the relationship of Sherlin and Prithvi.

Rishab is wondering what Kritika did with him as he is forced to stand outside on the road, she comes asking him to come with her as she really likes the Piranda but Rishab tries to explain he has no idea about them, she decides to call Preeta asking him to keep the money ready, Preeta advises her to buy it then asks her to inform Rishab jee to come back straight as she needs to talk with him,

Sherlin comes to Preeta asking what does she want to talk about with Rishab jee, Prithvi also comes, when Preeta orders him to remain quiet she leaves explaining they both must pack their bags since it is the last day in this house, Sherlin explains how Preeta is going to reveal the truth about them to Rishab, Prithvi doesnot believe it saying that their truth should not come out, Sherlin exclaims she knows what they can do and it is to pack their bags and leave before Rishab throws them out.

Preeta is anxiously waiting for Rishab jee thinking if Prithvi and Sherlin think they can make a fool of the Luthra family, she only gave them both a chance because she did not want the relations to end but if Sherlin and Prithvi do not care about the relations it is better for them to end, Rishab comes to Preeta asking what is going on as Kritika told her she called him in a hurry and has something important to reveal, Rishab assures he trusts her, Preeta replies that it might hurt him a lot so she wants to say that Prithvi and Sherlin are having an extra martial affair.

Rishab in anger calls Sherlin, she comes out when Rishab questions if she is having an affair with Prithvi, he coming explains that it is not the truth, Rishab warns him to remain quiet as he is talking with his wife but would also come to him, Rishab once again questions Sherlin when she denies asking why is he saying so bad things about her because she never had any affair with Prithvi,

Preeta questions why is she lying when they both were caught and she herself saw them both together, Prithvi tries to refuse saying it is a lie and she is just blaming him when he is not saying anything because of the respect, Preeta questions what sort of a person is he, she reveals how she has made a captured a photo of them, Preeta turning to Rishab jee informs how she made a video of them hearing which both Prithvi and Sherlin are shocked.


Kundali Bhagya 7th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Preeta explains the game ends when the truth comes in front of everyone and the cruel gets punished, she explains that today would be the one when the game ends, she vows that she would be the one to end the entire game.

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Telecast Date:6th October 2021
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