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Kundali Bhagya 31st October 2022 Prithvi starts laughing with all the terrorists and they start greeting everyone, the constable asks the inspector to come inside, he is stunned to see them with Rishab. Prithvi inquires how are they but when they are still quiet, Prithvi demands they should say something however when there is no response Prithvi realizes it is just video and they would have to call in order to talk with them,

prithvi taking the phone questions how did they like this situation informing they would really like what he is about to show them, prithvi hugs the lady constable who gets furious while everyone outside is really tensed. Prithvi questions what the inspector thought of them, they are not stupid and the police sent a lady as an under cover agent. Arjun signals Preeta to give the blade to the teacher.

Prithvi exclaims he thought they all are stupid but if that was the case they would not be here, inspector asks who gave them the news about the constable when the inspector asks for their demands. Prithvi exclaims the inspector sent her inside as an undercover agent, Rishab explains he doesnot know what problem does he have with the system but the children are not at fault and he should not do anything to them otherwise this father would also not stay quiet, kavya assures Rishab must not be worried since Arjun is with her and would surely protect her,

Prithvi threatening kavya with the gun explains he should not say any dialogue otherwise they would have to pay the price, Prithvi in frustration exclaims they donot have any effect so he informs they have to teach them all a lesson, the terrorist try to take the constable in another room

, Arjun seeing the opportunity manages to snatch from one of the terrorist along with the constable so they both manage to threaten them, the terrorist keep demanding the gun however Arjun manages to leave with the students, the terrorist follow them with their guns leaving Prithvi who is worried.

Arjun and the constable manage to ask the children to run when the terrorist follow them however Arjun and Constable stop them, Preeta along with the students run away however she is not able to see Kavya so gets worried, the teacher assures she would be with the students.

Arjun is standing with the constable when the terrorist laughing says Arjun thought he will be able to kill them but the truth is that it is not a film, Kavya comes to Arjun which worries him however she insists on taking Arjun with him, the terrorist inform that the gun doesnot have any bullets which stuns Arjun who runs away with Kavya and the constable while the terrorist rush to catch them, Prithvi is left in the back.

The students manage to enter the classroom however Preeta is not able to see kavya so explains the teacher said that everyone is here, she informs a lot of the students went with Arjun and might be in another classroom. Arjun asks all of the students to hide under the desks, Kavya questions Arjun where is he going when he informs everyone has guns, Kavya replies she knows what she needs to do however Arjun doesnot believe her, one of the students explains that he must not so comfortable as she is not a nice girl, Kavya and the students get into a fight when Arjun explains he is just saying this to make her feel comfortable. Arjun questions how many siblings the boy has when he reveals he is the only child, Arjun informs Kavya how he knows she is clever, but she must help him since he wants her to protect everyone in the classroom.

Preeta is searching for Kavya when Shabir stops her, she questions where her daughter is, Shabir informs she ran away with Arjun. Preeta crying asks what they has done to them all as she just needs her daughter after which she would leave, Shabir replies she must not cry and it would not work on them, Preeta starts crying, the terrorist mentions they should let them do what they came here for otherwise it would be really problematic for them, Preeta tries to turn calling Kavya, Shabir stops holding her hand. Prithvi coming from behind warns how no one is going to touch her, Shabir explains he is going to lock her in a room, but Prithvi doesnot want anyone to touch her, Shabir getting worried asks why he cares so much for Kavya and her mother, arjun is also curious while Preeta is tensed.

Rishab tries to break the door when the inspector requests him to calm down, and give them some more time, Rishab replies if he doesnot think they have wasted a lot of their time, the entire Luthra family starts yelling when the inspector warns them so stay quiet. Rishab leaves in anger saying he would do whatever he can, Sherlin stops explaining Rishab would not go inside since there is a lot of danger,

Rishab asks what language does she understand as he informed he doesnot have any concern for her so she must stay away, Sherlin asks why are they all standing here so quietly when Rishab is misbehaving with her, Rishab replies she is not his wife anymore and he doesnot care what ever she does since she got the respect but she doesnot deserve it anymore as they found out her truth, he leaves in anger. Sherlin thinks he is right as she is his ex-wife and now wants the same right and respect back, she would surely come back to the Luthra Mansion as his wife.

Shabir explains he can kill her if he is not able to touch her, Prithvi threatens to empty all of his bullets when Shabir asks what relation she has with him, Prithvi explains he cannot answer all of their questions but he doesnot know what happens to him hen he sees her as she has black hair o he remembers his girlfriend after seeing him. Shabir asks them to take care of Preeta while demanding Prithvi should come with him.

Preeta is being escorted by the terrorist when Arjun stops them and assures Kavya is fine, he asks Preeta to get away from him when they donot listen and take them both away.

Shabir taking Prithvi to the corner questions what all this was as he went against them, Shabir tries to threaten Prithvi explaining he must not think they are going to let him go, prithvi explains he has a soft corner for Preeta in his heart and he must understand they should not do anything wrong, Shabir instructs Shera to go and let Preeta leave the school however Prithvi explains he knows her so is sure she would not go away without kavya, Shabir explains he knows how to handle it all and is going to send her out of this school. Prithvi requests Shera to be polite with her.

Arjun is forced to sit on the chair as they start tying him with the rope, the terrorist threatens that if he accidentally fires a bullet then the reason Arjun came into the school would be finished, Arjun thinks he has to save both Preeta and Kavya.

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