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Kundali Bhagya 30th August 2022 Prithvi requests Shambu to not beat him anymore, he assures of returning his money and asks if Shambu needs the proof, he requests him to stand aside then goes to take the vow of Sherlin mentioning she is his wife and he would not make a false vow,

Shambu questions if he thinks they would believe him, Sherlin requests them to leave him since prithvi would never make a false vow on her name, prithvi also assures of returning the money when Shambu explains he has till tomorrow to return the money otherwise he would take his life, he is glad in taking both of them.

Sherlin hits Prithvi so he exclaims that she is also beating him, she questions how will he get the money to give them so Prithvi mentions by taking from Arjun, Sherlin asks if he forgot that Arjun threw him out of his office,

prithvi mentions he acts a lot while wearing the suite so would be really rich so he is going to take money from him, Sherlin showing the rope asks him to first free her, he demands that she apologize but she doesnot forcing him to open it.

Rakhi comes with a smile on her face, Karina mentions that she gets really joyed whenever she is inviting Arjun, he is having dinner with Dadi and Anjali, Arjun receiving the call, greets her as mom which stuns Dadi,

Arjun then turning to her explains she is Rishab’s mom, Rakhi asks him what is tomorrow which he doesnot understand, he questions if tomorrow is her birthday but she mentions tomorrow is Ganesh Chaturthi and she wants that he should also celebrate it with them, Arjun first agrees to come but Anjali then signals him so he refuses to come to the

function, Dadi then questions if someone refuses to come for the pooja and she did not expect this from him, Karina taking the phone also requests him to come while Mahesh explains this function is the biggest in Maharashtra and they celebrate it with utmost zest, Rakhi taking the phone questions why is he not coming,

she threatens that if he still refuses then their relation would end hearing which he replies he cannot lose her anymore, Rakhi sits down explaining this is really weird as whenever Karan would refuse her then she would talk loudly so he will accept her decision just as Arjun did today,

she explains they both have a lot of similarities, Rishab agrees with her but hearing this Preeta gets worried. Anjali signals Arjun so he explains he is going for Ganesh Chaturthi and not to meet Preeta.

Prithvi lying down on the sofa is screaming with pain, Sherlin comes with the herbal treatment and tries to apply it, prithvi replies that it is not the color but he is hurt, she replies she knows it is real as Shambu was beating him in front of her, she mentions how she knows he revealed how he was going to arrange the money from Arjun but even then she cannot believe it,

Prithvi replies that he assured her, he explains he has made a video with his own hands of Arjun talking with Raja and his goons, he is going to blackmail him into giving the money so if he refuses then he will threaten to show the video to that person who has offered him the partnership, meaning Rishab Luthra. Sherlin smiles at his plan but says she would also go with him as she knows how to handle people like Arjun, prithvi agrees mentioning that he ruined his life so now even he is going to create a lot of problems in his life.

Arjun is walking thinking about when he met Preeta at the market and explained that he just came to ask for help since his car broke down and he had no idea this is her house. Arjun unknowingly hits the door, he is stunned since it is the room of Anjali so knocks, she questions why is he being so formal as they know each other,

he requests her to not be so nice that he seems the villain. Arjun mentions he wants to talk with her but she replies she already knows what he wants to say but he should not say it right now, Arjun questions why is she so certain she knows him so should tell it, Anjali explains because he is her heart,

she corrects herself explaining they both have stayed together for so long so she knows what is in his heart, he asks if she would come with him to the function but she refuses explaining she ahs no interest in seeing his proposal, he asks her to not show so much attitude but she still refuses, he mentions she can take care of him in such a situation, Anjali agrees so he leaves.

Rishab enters the room when Preeta is preparing the bed, he explains that something is different which Preeta doesnot understand, he tries to explain how she has never set his bed before but Preeta replies that it is not the case as she has done it a lot of times but he would have not noticed it.

Rishab asks her to sit down explaining he thought of never asking her to do it since their relation is not a husband and wife but Preeta replies their relation is of a friend so she believes they should not thank or praise each other.

Rishab replies he would find a better word to say her, Preeta explains the fight between Rakhi maa and Mahesh papa was really cute, Rishab mentions they both are made for each other since they fight and then also show love to each other, Preeta gets a little hesitant but then exclaims she also wishes that the life should be like this all the time.

Sameer while sleeping starts talking in his sleep and calls someone his Jaan, Shristhi wakes up and hearing him is stunned, she hits him on the stomach with a pillow, he wakes up with pain questioning what is tis, she starts blaming him for having an affair and doesnot even believe him at all, she says he should not lie since she is with him in the same room,

she doesnot believe him at all and then he explains he has proof so shows that the number in his phone saved with Jan belongs to her, she at once starts smiling but Sameer pushes her away when she hugs him explaining she always suspects him of having an affair when it is not the case.

Prithvi stops the car, Sherlin is amazed seeing the locality when Prithvi assures they would very soon live in the same place, his friend asks if his car is fine. Prithvi replies he can go and check the car and they decide to leave but the friend insists on staying in the car, Prithvi explains he did not need a driver but a friend so he must come with them, the friend is still hesitant but Prithvi forces him to come.

Sherlin is ringing the bell of the Survyanshi house but no one is answering, they start getting restless and Prithvi mentions he is going to ask Arjun to get his ears fixed, Dadi is stunned when the friend says her name is not Arjun so they are asking about him, she slaps him on the face which stuns both Prithvi and Sherlin.

Dadi apologizes for what happened explaining she has the right to do it but why is he not standing straight and moving, which resulted in the slap and why is he asking if she is Arjun as he must know how to speak politely, even if he doesnot ask then she reveals he has gone to the house of Rishab for Ganesh Chaturthi, Prithvi gets frustrated.

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