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Kundali Bhagya 28th October 2022 Sherlin tries to stop Rishab calling him from behind, he turning requests her to not argue with him as he doesnot want to misbehave with her but she cannot see that their family is really worried,

Sherlin once again calls him explaining there is danger inside when he replies she can let him die but he doesnot want her to be worried about him, he tries to leave but Sherlin falls on the floor which causes Rishab to end his anger and help Sherlin stand up, she explains she is really worried for him as he always cares for everyone but no one thinks about him, she explains her mother threw her out of her house when Rishab ended his relation with her, she is really tensed about what has happened in the past and is also ashamed but she is glad she was married to him,

Rishab replies that he doesnot need her apology as it doesnot matter, Rishab explains he feels sorry that her mother doesnot love with her, Rishab explains when his own mother doesnot talk with him then he feels the pressure but he cannot help her in any way since they no longer have any relation, he requests her to not follow him as he cannot do anything for her so leaves. Sherlin wiping off her tears exclaims he is really cute and polite so she just made a story and try to be tensed, he started to be a gentleman which is why she likes him so she would want to get him either by hook or crook.

The terrorists force everyone to go and sit on the ground, Prithvi coming thinks now they have realized their true place. Prithvi starts searching the entire room when he calls Sameer(terrorist) to the corner asking for his phone, prithvi explains their face ahs been exposed but it would not matter if their phone number is also exposed but he cannot do it, he is just asking for their work. Prithvi instructs one of the men to go and connect the mobile with the loudspeaker of the school.

The inspector instructs the lady officer to go from the back as then the terrorists would think she is an officer. The offer gets a call while everyone is shocked to hear it from the loudspeaker when prithvi replies they need an answer as he would be wondering how they can hear it all, he informs he connected his mobile with the loudspeaker of the school so everyone can hear what they negotiate,

as their position is stronger than that of the police. Prithvi scares the students who start screaming when prithvi explains they want their demands to be fulfilled so need a helicopter ride, Rishab taking a phone asks who he is and what is their demand, Prithvi at once exclaims he feels like a business man which is why he started talking of profit and loss so he demands twenty crores if they wish to see her alive. Arjun in frustration threatens Prithvi to lower his eyes otherwise he would be dead, Rakhi notices that it is Arjun’s voice.

Prithvi asks what his relation to the girl for whom is he has taken such a big threat, Arjun in frustration replies that she is his daughter which stuns everyone when Prithvi explains she is the daughter of Rishab Luthra. Arjun replies that he loves her like his own daughter and so they would get whatever they desire from the government and what is the need to keep them hostage,

Rishab agrees with Arjun but then Sameer replies they were forced to take these people hostage as they were leaving after doing their work but they forced him to come and take the students hostage, the lady officer reaches the classroom when she informs she doesnot have any relation to them and is just a teacher but the terrorists force them to sit with everyone, Arjun asks what is this behavior.

Rishab is furious with the inspector who requests him to come to the corner when Rishab explains that he cannot tolerate it anymore, inspector opening the truck explains the teacher is an undercover agent who has taken a camera inside and would give them a recording of everyone so they can breach it at the right moment. Sherlin is stunned so rushes to the corner and calls Prithvi, he is shocked so hides asking her what is she thinking as he doesnot want to talk with her which is why he is not answering the call,

Sherlin explains he would be in a lot of trouble as the teacher who just came is actually a police officer and is recording everything. Prithvi ends the call after thanking her when he exclaims the Luthra’s, and police have ruined them so he would teach them a lesson. Sherlin sees Raja and Vishnu so goes asking what they are both doing here, he assures he would be able to save Prithvi since they have been hired by the terrorist. Sherlin thinks the Luthra’s have made her cry so now she is surely going to take her revenge.

The police inspector in disguise throws a blade to Arjun who secretly tries cutting his rope, Prithvi rushes into the room when the terrorist asks where was he all this time, he after looking at everyone goes to sit behind the undercover officer, asking if she has a camera which the inspector tries her best to over power Prithvi but she is forced to stand down.

Prithvi asks her to come in the front inquiring if she has a camera when she refuses saying she doesnot have it but Prithvi assures she can do it properly, he informs the students have to say cheese when she takes a picture. Prithvi reveals she is not a teacher but an under cover agent sent by the police to help them so they are caught,

Prithvi demands the camera, the agent stares at Arjun who is still cutting the rope with all his speed so she points towards her bag which the terrorist turns over on the floor, prithvi mentions he has lost his temper so she must hand over the camera, the constable kneels picking up a pen which Prithvi picks up in his hands.
Arjun turns to Preeta signaling that he is going to cut their ropes, she is stunned. Prithvi explains they must tell her he is no a child as she is giving him a toy but the teacher informs it is a camera.

Arjun manages to give Preeta the blade which she starts using to cut the ropes while Prithvi is busy with the toy.

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