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Kundali Bhagya 27th July 2022 Rishab is sleeping when Kavya is trying to apply the lipstick but Rishab suddenly wakes up, he asks what is she doing so she informs she is just teasing him, she asks why did he wake up just now but should sleep for some more time as then her work would be complete but he replies then they all would think that he has lost his mind, she mentions he would look really cute.

Rishab raises his hand when he notices that she has also applied the nail polish, he runs after her to catch but she throws the cushion which hits the favorite vase and it breaks, he says he is going to complain about her to Preeta, she says that she can do anything to make her feel that she is telling the truth as she knows how to make her believe the truth. Rishab turns back asking if she really thinks she can do it all,

he sitting on the bed questions how is she going to do it, Kavya mentions he should take the tips from her as she would first do everything that she wishes. Preeta suddenly enters the room with the tray, Rishab starts fumbling and blames everything on Kavya, she questions why was he sitting like this and why did he stand at once.

Kavya standing explains she insisted on cleaning the room but he did not agree. Rishab smiles thinking she lies just like Karan, he recalls when they both were standing and she was scolding him. Kavya mentions he promised to come back from the office early, he starts picking the things when Preeta questions what has he done to his hands.

Rishab explains he got saved while she was ready to also apply the lipstick, Kavya explains she wanted to see him in the lipstick and Preeta calling her a silly girl mentions that no father applies the lipstick.

Preeta hugs Kavya when she signals Rishab, she asks him to clean the room when he replies that the one who has caused this mess should be the one to clean it, Preeta questions what is going on between them both as she knows that neither of them likes this work but then what is the matter, Kavya runs away asking Rishab to take care of it, Preeta questions when he explains they both would feel relieved by apologizing for the mistake which occurred, Preeta agrees.

Anjali questions what are they doing here so must leave the house, she tries to close the door but then someone prevents her from doing it, he pushes her away and enters the house, she tries her best to throw them out of the house but he starts suffocating her so she hits him on the head with a vase and rushes to lock herself.

Preeta is getting ready in the room when Shristhi knocks on the door, Preeta asks since when does she need to seek permission. Shristhi replies it is a good thing that she learned the manners which Preeta taught, but there is a problem as Preeta is not the old sister who she was as she is now hiding the things,

Preeta replies it is not the case and explains that Rishab jee wishes they should go to apologize from Arjun, Shristhi asks what does she mean by it, Preeta explains she doesnot feel nice whenever she meets Arjun as there is a weird feeling. Preeta mentions a girl can understand what does the boy who is standing in front of her feels about her,

if he touches her then she can understand the way he touches her, Shristhi asks if she is saying the way he touched her at the party was wrong, she in frustration exclaims she would go to his house.

Preeta explains that when he touched her she felt as if she is familiar with this touch but how can it be since they just met Arjun but she feels he is just pretending to be Arjun, she gets worried about this and is not able to understand it at all. Shristhi requests her to explain what does she mean,

Preeta replies she just wants to say she feels a little weird from him, Shristhi however replies she doesnot feel anything like that from him. Preeta leaves mentioning that Rishab jee is waiting for her downstairs.
Shristhi sees the boxing glove, she thinks she also did not get any weird feeling from Karan so if Arjun and Karan might be related.

Arjun is getting ready in the room when Anjali comes to him explaining that Raja has arrived who is the boss of Vishnu and they are really dangerous, she mentions they are the ones banging on the door, he exclaims how did he dare come to their house.

Rishab is driving the car when he notices Preeta is worried so pushes the horn asking how he feels that she is coming by force and is not interested, Preeta replies that she feels he just wants to make her apologize when Rishab replies that this must come from within them and if she doesnot feel like apologizing then he would do it on her behalf, she thanks him when he also agrees to stand by her. Rishab says that he wants to thank her because Kavya is a really clever girl and she managed to help him convince her to come with him.

Arjun is walking down in anger when Anjali tries her best to stop him, he opens the door causing them all to fall on the floor, Raja says he gave the contact details of his men but Arjun refused to pay after the work was complete, Arjun replies because he gave the instruction that Rishab should just get a scratch but he nearly killed Rishab.

It is not about money but rules and principles, he would have given him a lot of money so is he understanding it, Raja replies he just cares for his money so would take it with interest. Arjun questions how did he dare raise his eyebrow when Raja asks if there is anything between them both, he pushes Raja which angers Vishnu and they all point their knives to him,

Arjun explains they all would take at least five seconds to kill him while it would only take him two seconds, he asks them to look down and they see the gun which scares them, Arjun threatens that he would hit them at a place which they would not even think about, Raja signals them to run away when Arjun explains they must just apologize after holding their hands,

Anjali getting angry slaps Vishnu, when he even asks Raja to apologize so they turn to leave, Arjun calling them warns of severe consequences if they ever think of it again, he then orders them all to leave. Arjun looks at Anjali who seems worried but he is just furious.

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