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Kundali Bhagya 26th October 2022 Arjun is searching in the hall but hides after hearing someone approaching, he gets scared seeing Preeta who questions why did he come here when he is so easily scared, Preeta explains he should only stay here if he has come here for someone who he really loves otherwise he can leave,

Arjun informs Preeta he is going in the other direction, Preeta asks why is he telling her so Arjun replies because she can inform him if she finds kavya, Preeta gets worried thinking if he has come here for Kavya.

Rishab is walking when Sherlin stops him explaining she knows he is shocked to see her here but she always thinks about him, Rishab asks if this is the time to talk like this so tries to walk away but Rishab replies she should not touch him and must respect he is talking peacefully, Sherlin agrees that she knows he doesnot want to talk about the past but if today why is he going inside as it is really dangerous,

Rishab explains she is his daughter so he wants to save her as there is no one else, Rishab holds his hand requesting Sherlin to let him leave and not cause any more problem, Sherlin apologizes accepting it is happening because of her as she cursed that the one he loves the most is taken away from her, Rishab replies she should pray for his daughter if she means it and he is sorry if he got rude with her, Sherlin keeps requesting him to once again accept her.

Raja wonders where all the children went and it seems as if today is 15th of August, they hear the voices of children so Raja asks Vishnu to take out the gun, he replies he doesnot have it when Raja replies he can take out anything, Vishnu scares Sameer who hits Vishnu asking Raja what sort of a person he is,

Raja mentions he is a nice worker. Vishnu explains he has seen he children who belong to the chawl by his own house, Sameer once again starts hitting him and then asks Raja if he saw the students, Raja replies they have heard the voice of the children, Sameer explains they must keep searching.

Kavya is with the students and teachers in the classroom when kavya explains they have learned the police and terrorists should not come to the school, the teacher requests her to not speak loudly, Preeta knocks on the door calling Kavya who with immense excitement opens the door, Preeta hugging her asks if she is fine, kavya questions why did she come here as there are a lot of bad man who also have guns.

Sameer enters the classroom with his men while Preeta covers the mouth of Kavya, he informs Sameer the voice was coming from this room but there is no one here, Sameer explains it all happened because of Kavya and if he finds her then would surely kill her, kavya questions what would happen now when Preeta assures everything would be fine wondering where did Arjun go, kavya informs everyone that her tiger uncle has come who would surely save them, Preeta suggests they should talk in a low voice.

Prithvi is walking with the disguise of a banner wondering why does eh always get in trouble, Prithvi thinks the elders were right to say whatever happens is for the good and they keep scolding their own fate, he came to kidnap Kavya, but she was already kidnapped by the terrorists and now he must hide.

Prithvi is running when Arjun slips because of a pot, Prithvi hides behind the banner, Arjun suspects there is someone here so tries to search for him, Prithvi once again hides. Arjun keeps searching for Kavya, Prithvi thinks he is glad Arjun came here as he is already present here, Prithvi thinks he would join hands with the terrorists and take his revenge as he was not able to do it alone, he vows to ruin the life of Arjun.

Shristhi is quarreling with the inspector asking why he is not letting them go inside, Karina stops her questioning what is she doing here as there is no need for the stunt, Shristhi replies she is still arguing when kavya is trapped inside, Mahesh stops them both asking what are they doing which stops both Karina and Shristhi.

Sherlin rushes to the inspector asks if he is not able to complete his job then she can complain to the higher authorities, she informs Rishab Luthra went inside the school from the back gate. The inspector explains they go and find the guy when Sherlin exclaims he is a respectable person, she turns to see the entire Luthra family staring at her, she mentions they might not love her but she still cares a lot for this family.

Sameer(terrorist) enters the teacher’s room when they exclaim that no one was in the school and even the teacher’s room is empty, Sameer exclaims that neither the students or teachers can fly, he sees prithvi hiding under the desk so immediately point his gun at him, prithvi replies he doesnot like violence when Sameer replies but he really likes it.

Prithvi after standing mentions he is not their enemy but friend, one of the terrorists asks if he is a teacher. Prithvi replies he really respects the teachers but his personality if not that of a teacher, it is not their mistake as they lack GK, they asks Prithvi what does it mean so he informs it is General knowledge but they do not have it and he has it so knew they are terrorists but they asked if he was a teacher, he exclaims the personality reveals the truth about a man as today his wife keeps the varth for him.

Sameer along with the terrorists start laughing asking where he was till now, prithvi mentions not even the police of seven countries was able to catch him, they reply their life caused them to smile. Prithvi mentions they should think before speaking,

Sameer raises his gun when prithvi mentions he was just saying they must think but he knows what is the layout of the school and it is VVIP school so the children here are of the elite class and he is even aware of all the entry and exits, so has planned the entire situation but is no longer interested in helping so tries to leave but they call him as a worker, Prithvi mentions he doesnot hear such words.

They take his name politely when they also apologize to him, Sameer offers to make him a partner in his criminal organization. Prithvi thinks he is not against his country and would only use them till he kidnaps Kavya after which he would kill them.

Rishab is running in the school when the inspector stops Rishab explaining this doesnot suit him as he is a businessman and they do not know what might have happened if the terrorists saw him since they also do not know what sort of weapons they have, Rishab asks if he a father mentioning that if his own children were trapped inside he would have surely gone inside, the inspector assures they have prepare their own plan according to which their police officers would go inside disguised as the teachers and get the footage after which they would be able to save everyone, Rishab is taken back out.

Arjun immediately hides behind the door, he sees a terrorist searching but when e is not able to fin anyone he leaves, Arjun once again slams the door so the terrorist comes demanding he needs to come out, Arjun requests to be released explaining he came by mistake, but the terrorist makes him walk, Arjun thinks now the terrorist would take him to Kavya.

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