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Kundali Bhagya 25th October 2022 Sameer opens the door of the school while Raja is requesting the police to let him inside as it is really important, Sameer calls the police instructing them to let Raja inside otherwise he would send someone outside but the difference would be that he will be dead, the inspector hits the drums in anger before allowing Raja to enter in the school, the reporters start questioning him what is going on and why did they let the people enter the school.

Sameer is sitting with Rishab who is driving really fast, Sameer requests him to drive the car calmly otherwise it would be a problem, Rishab instructs him to call the commissioner but he doesnot answer, Sameer explains it might be because he is not calling from the mobile of Rishab, he requests to use his mobile but drops it when the car hits a bump, Sameer explains he has not informed Preeta when Rishab explains they should not tell her since she was already unwell in the morning, he instructs him to first call Kritika mentioning how they should turn off all of the television, Sameer drops the mobile which angers Rishab who says he must first call the commissioner.

Arjun reaches the school asking the inspector what is going on and when will the students come out, he asks what does Arjun think of himself as he is not from the media when Arjun explains that he just wants to know the progress of the students, Preeta also comes to the entrance asking what is going on here, the police inspector questions what can they know as one of his relative might be inside, Preeta requests to go inside since her daughter is trapped here but he instructs the lady officer to take her away, Arjun and Preeta start arguing with the police constable asking how long would it take for the children to come outside, they both are tensed.

The teacher requests the terrorist to open the mouth of Kavya as she is really scared but they all refuse to open it, the other teacher mentions they should at least let her drink water however it is denied, but Sameer( terrorist) instructs them to open her mouth, he mentions they should think of it as a game as there are certain rules, he explains if anyone of them tries to create a scene, he is going to throw in the Godown, all the students agree putting a finger on their lips.

Shristhi asks Dadi to have some water, but she refuses mentioning they all should save Kavya, Rakhi suggests she might be suffering from low blood pressure when Dadi informs she is getting anxiety, the people also start fighting after getting in an accident. Mahesh mentions there is another road from where they could get a taxi, Rakhi questions why he did not tell her about it till now.

Arjun takes Preeta to the side mentioning they all are just making a scene, she says he should not talk about her husband as she would do whatever she can to save her daughter, Arjun explains he knows she tends to make mistakes in such a situation however Preeta runs away, Arjun calls the constable who explains he stopped her when she was trying to stop but now she ran away, Arjun follows her.

Prithvi calls Sherlin, she says he should tell her quickly since the potatoes are heavy and he assured he would take revenge, Prithvi explains he came to the school of Kavya but now is in a big trouble. Sherlin mentions he always delivers big dialogues but then ends up in a problem, Prithvi explains that he tried to kidnap Kavya but she bit her hand and ran away however after that he thanked her since the terrorists have taken control of this school, Kavya was even arguing with them so he is sure the terrorists would surely kill her, he reveals they are going to take the revenge from the Luthra’s. Sherlin mentions he wants her to watch such a big news while she would see the live telecast and is coming to the school.

Preeta reaches to the back door and thinks it is closed, Arjun explains she always had such a mind and so saw the back door, she tries to climb it when he asks what is she doing, she replies her daughter is inside the school and she is going to protect her, Arjun exclaims she always tends to make mistakes as the lock still has the key attached to it, Preeta while running doesnot see the terrorist, Arjun manages to pull her to side so they both are able to hide, the terrorist finally leaves when Arjun questions what is she doing as the terrorist might have killed her. He leaves asking her to wait.

The inspector is standing when the parents come demanding to go inside but he stops them asking for backup.
Rishab also reaches with Sameer, he gets a call from the commissioner when Rishab explains that he would have heard the news so how they are going to get in the school, the commissioner assures they are going to save the children.
Kavya looking at the chalks tries to take them, but the teacher stops her explaining it would cause a lot of problem, the terrorists threaten with severe consequences. Kavya whispers to the students asking if he has marbles as then they might be able to save themselves. The teacher questions what she is planning when Kavya explains she wants to throw the chalk dust on their face as she saw on the movie. They all plan to make the dust which they throw on the terrorists before running away.

Rishab requests the inspector to allow him inside, but he replies he cannot since they are in a lot of danger, he informs he has already talked with the commissioner and is worried about everyone inside, Inspector reveals another lady came here by the name of Preeta who wished to enter in the school. Rishab and Sameer get worried so he explains he is sure Preeta je would have gone inside, he requests Sameer to wait here and not let anyone inside while he goes to check if he can do anything.

Arjun and Preeta both are calling for kavya, Preeta asks Arjun why is he not taking the name of the child for whom he came here, Preeta hears the children coming so the teachers instructs them to run towards the door, Preeta is worried about kavya as she cannot see her, Prithvi also follows them so gets tensed to see Preeta with Arjun, he wonders what sort of enemies are hey as they always are together, Prithvi hides after hearing someone coming. Raja and Vishnu wonder why there is not any noise.

Sameer (Terrorist) comes instructing Raja and Vishnu to make sure no one leaves the school, he explains they must make sure the girl Kavya doesnot leave, Raja agrees to find them.

The entire Luthra family reaches the school asking what is going on and explains they need to go inside but the inspector reveals they cannot enter the school, Mahesh gets angry at the reporters questioning what are they doing as then everyone might get worried. Shristhi tries her best to enter but is pushed back by the constable.
Arjun is searching in the school when he hides after hearing someone coming.

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