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Kundali Bhagya 24th August 2022 Arjun enters his office where Prithvi is hiding behind the desk, he rushes over to the other side as Arjun enters but the guard manages to notice him in the corner when Arjun instructs them to throw him out so they are about to take him when Prithvi explains he knows about the connection with Raja, Arjun looks shocked at him and then instructs the workers to leave them both alone.

Preeta is walking in the hall when she notices that she has the napkin, Ganesh comes running mentioning the tiffin of Rishab sir is ready, Preeta takes the tiffin explaining today she would go and give him it, Ganesh asks her to wait and then comes running asking her to give this napkin as it belongs to Arjun sir,

Preeta getting tensed questions what is this doing here, and how is she going to give it to him, Ganesh explains that their driver knows about his office which is near to their own office. Preeta thinks she doesnot even want to see his face and then would not like to have anything which belongs to him in their house, she takes it in anger assuring of giving it to him.

Arjun sitting with Prithvi questions what does he know about Raja, Prithvi replies he must ask what does he know about him, he is aware that Arjun build the relation with lie and it should end, he explains he knows about Raja and the truck accident. Arjun recalls when he gave Vishnu the money to harm Rishab,

Arjun standing questions what does he want, Prithvi immediately replies everyone desires to have money but for now he just needs information about why is Arjun against Rishab and is trying to stab him in the back,

he must not think Prithvi is his well-wisher as he is the biggest enemy but he must know why is Arjun against them because he also has some pervious quarrels to settle with the Luthra’s so they can work together.

Arjun in anger questions why should he tell him anything so he must leave, otherwise would get a beating. Prithvi explains there was also someone in his past with the name of Karan Luthra who wanted to kill him but, in the end, himself died, he deceived Prithvi but marrying Preeta as he sat in the Mandap in his wedding.

Prithvi vows to also teach Preeta a lesson when Arjun is not able to bear it so slaps Prithvi in anger, he standing explains that this is the first time he did not feel any pain as he can see the hatered which Arjun has for Preeta in his eyes, Prithvi offers to ruin the Luthra’s together as they both are against them so why should they not join hands,

Arjun doesnot shake hands so Prithvi explains he is a really evil person but if someone shakes his hand then he is the best friend one can think off but if they are against him then he is an evil person, Arjun replies he has seen a lot of people like him. The manager enters the cabin explaining Rishab Luthra has come to meet him, Arjun gets tensed and asks Prithvi to hide.

Rishab explains he has come here to speak with Arjun professionally, he asks Rishab they can talk in the conference room. Prithvi getting out he thinks this would not let him hear their conversation but he doesnot know Prithvi Malhotra.
Preeta is walking when the napkin of Arjun falls on her face,

she suddenly starts thinking about karan and her time spent with him, how they would quarrel in the first causing her dupatta to tear, she once informed him she has made a long list, she is constantly thinking about him when Preeta suddenly gets nervous and rushes back inside.

Arjun opens the door inviting Rishab to come inside, Rishab says there is no need to be so innocent and he calls himself his friend but then put a knife in his back, Rishab explains that he knew their company was the one to develop the airport but even then, Arjun got his company to pitch the same project even when knows that it was a big dream of Rishab.

Arjun is relieved that he doesnot know about the truth and explains their company has worked on a lot of airports around the world and they are quite experienced in it so this is why Anjali might have pitched it without informing him, he assures of calling her to take back the contract.

Arjun sees prithvi peeking through the door trying to listen to their conversation, he gets worried wondering what might happen if he reveals the deal to Rishab. He looks at Arjun asking if he needs anything when arjun replies that he is still trying to reach her. Rishab mentions that Arjun said they are professionals in renovating the airports while his company is experienced in airport construction so why can they both not work together on this project as it would further strengthen their friendship,

Arjun with a smile shakes his hand assuring Rishab of their partnership. Rishab mentions he has put his faith in him which Arjun should not break, he suddenly starts coughing which worries Arjun who calls someone to bring water, Prithvi enters the conference room disguised as a peon,

arjun gets tensed so signals him to leave to which Prithvi agrees and after looking at him with a smile turns to leave however Rishab stops him mentioning he is a really nice guy because he is leaving without taking the glass, Arjun gets worried thinking if Rishab finds out the truth about him then their truth would be revealed.

Rishab explains even his staff is like him, Arjun thinks that this is a golden opportunity as he has gotten a chance to get close with him after which he would easily take the revenge just as Rishab did to him in the past, Arjun thanks Rishab for this offer so they hug each other.

Prithvi is in the office wondering why does he feel that Arjun has two sides and so what is the reason he is so close to Arjun, he coming questions why does Prithvi care what relation they have and how did he dare enter the conference room without his permission. Prithvi explains there is a problem because Rishab offered him partnership in the business,

does he think anyone else would not have offered him the partnership but even then Rishab chose him as a partner, Arjun replies he doesnot want to listen to anything so Prithvi explains he has done everything he could to snatch their business but was not able to get anything however Arjun without doing anything became his partner,

Prithvi explains he should pressurize Rishab to the extent that his entire family is forced to beg on the streets, and he is sure if Preeta walks out with the pot the entire city of Mumbai would come to give her alms, Arjun gets furious so slaps Prithvi explaining he warned him before and is saying it again that he must never take the name of Preeta, Prithvi turns to look at Arjun with frustration while he has held Prithvi by his collar.

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