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Kundali Bhagya 21st October 2022 Sherlin asks if Prithvi is going to take the revenge, Prithvi asks what sort of question is this since he assured her he would take the revenge it takes some time, she rushes into the kitchen when he says she threw the cup of tea, Sherlin threatens to kill herself if he doesnot listen to her,

Prithvi warns her to remain calm since they must kill their enemies but not harm themselves, Prithvi assures he is going to hit them at the point which hurts them the most, Sherlin questions what is he going to do when Prithvi explains Arjun really loves Kavya so he is going to kidnap her and then demand tens of millions from both the Soorvyanshi and Luthra’s,

Sherlin asks how is he going to dot it, Prithvi reveals he knows the address of Kavya so is going to kidnap her and surely take her revenge, Sherlin exclaims she just wants him to punish the Luthra’s like they tried to do with her. Prithvi leaves saying he would surely take her revenge.

Arjun stops at the signal but is really fed up, Kavya also reaches the signal so is excited to see him, Arjun also rushes to meet him seeing which the crowd also feels really good seeing the love between a father and daughter, Kavya tries to give him her chocolate but he replies this is her so she must take it but Ganesh explains that she doesnot share her chocolate with anyone and if she is giving it to him then he must take it, Arjun however thanks her, agent requests to leave since it is time for her school and the signal has also turned green, they all leave.

Arjun while driving the car hears the police arguing with a person who was driving while being drunk, Arjun exclaims they should cancel their license when he is stunned because of the bomb blast, the police manage to spot the terrorist who are engaging in a gun fire with the police who threaten them to throw their weapons but the terrorist talk amongst themselves how they do not have a car and even very little weapons, they decide to hide in the school since the police care about the citizens but when they would be in control of the children, the police would be unable to do anything.

The terrorist manages to enter the school and even threaten to kill a reporter, they are hiding from the children who are walking with the teachers.

The reporters report how the school is under the threat of the terrorists, she clarifies that Stephen school is at risk, so the adolescents would be at risk. The terrorist threatens the children, their teacher requests them to not scare these children since they are young, the terrorists explains that they do not have a heart. The inspector also explains that terrorists only know how to threat the common citizens meanwhile the terrorist in the school order them all to sit down. The teacher assures they are very nice people, but the terrorists threaten to put them in a dark room with lizards.

Kavya requests another student to return the book however she refuses to accept that it belongs to Kavya’s friend however they both start quarreling when after a while Kavya causes her to fall, she instructs her friend to leave and let the student cry. Prithvi stops Kavya at the door explaining that her father has come to meet her, she gets excited so he offers to take her but she refuses saying she doesnot let any stranger pick her, he assures he is the friend of her father so leaves with Kavya.

Rishab is in the office with Sameer and the employees, questioning why they were not told about this date and problems when they all are professional, he even questions Sameer asking why everything is taken for granted. Sameer gets a notification which angers Rishab who instructs him to put it on silent, Rishab explains if he was in the place of Radha jee then would have surely given this project to Arjun, not because he is better or experience but only that he is not overconfident.

Rishab is scolding them when the phone of Sameer once again rings, he starts scolding him so explains nothing is more important than the meeting, Rishab demands to get this project back which has surely gone to Arjun, he explains it is his dream project and he would not do anything that is going to let it go to Arjun. Sameer explains it has still not been decided but Rishab says if this is their behavior then it would happen. Rishab explains he would tell them what they must change in their proposal to get this project, he instructs them to get a pen and paper.

Kavya starts screaming warning Prithvi to let her go but he tries to cover her face when she runs after biting his hand, he starts following her. Kavya runs to the terrorist asking for his gun and explains that she needs to kill a bad uncle, they try to mention it is not a toy gun but Kavya questions why they are threatening children and should fight an elder like the bad person who brought her here, Prithvi asks why is she trying to get him beaten. The terrorists then threaten to kill the teacher if Kavya doesnot stop talking, she rushes requesting them to not harm her teacher since she is going to check her papers. The terrorist instructs them to enter the room.

The teachers ask the students to hide but Kavya gets in a quarrel with a student, one of the teacher requests them to not make a noise otherwise the terrorists would come, they enter the classroom asking if the students thought they could hide from them. Kavya requests a terrorist to catch the student who was not letting her hide, they reply they would not work with her instructions. Kavya explains she plays cricket and if she hits them then they would not come to hurt the children, kavya explains her mother is even more dangerous then her when one of the terrorists takes out a knife. The teacher gets worried about Kavya.

Preeta and Shristhi are in the room explaining she Bi jee seemed really tensed, Bi jee explains she is going to complain to Preeta about Janki. BI jee explains that Janki has hid everything which she brings and even refused to let her eat the sugar free laddo. Bi jee sits down causing the television to turn on, however she doesnot turn on the volume. Janki exclaims now everything would happen according to her desires but Bi jee refuses saying that it is her family and house so why would she decide it, Preeta asks them both to stop since even Kavya doesnot fight like this.

The terrorist explains he is going to hit her with a knife, and no one would come to help her, the teacher requests them to forgive her including the boy who mentions she is not that bad. Kavya is worried while Arjun is in the car.

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