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Kundali Bhagya 1st September 2022 Preeta hurriedly brings the stool explaining how he must help her as a guest to fix it, she however stumbles from it and is about to fall but Arjun manages to catch her, they both start staring each other in the eyes when Preeta thinks about how Karan would also catch her like this when she would fall,

she keeps thinking about him after looking Arjun in the eyes she is not able to think of anything else. Preeta keeps recalling all of the moments spent with karan in joy, she suddenly wakes up but then questions how did he dare hold her, Arjun explains that it is because of his manners so she was about to fall and he saved her,

he warns her to not fall I front of him again because he would save any girl, Preeta says then he must go and save them but leave her, so Arjun granting her wish drops her on the floor, Preeta starts screaming with pain and looking at arjun recalls how karan also used to throw her on the floor, Arjun starts walking away from her when he stops Ganesh mentioning he should help Preeta since she cannot do anything by herself. He seeing Shristhi asks if he was true so she agrees.

Prithvi coming out wonders why did he marry Sherlin since she always keeps fighting and even fought with him before coming here, he recalls that Sherlin forced him to stop the car on the road and refused to go to the Luthra mansion,

she warned him how bad things happen to them whenever they go to the Luthra Mansion, Prithvi says that he is only scared of Shambu because if he doesnot return his money then he would surely kill him.

Sherlin explains they can take money from Arjun tomorrow or day after tomorrow but Prithvi asks his friend to come and sit with him on the front seat since if they sit at the back he feels like a driver, he exclaims it is because of Sherlin that he cannot think of anything else to disguise himself,

he hides seeing Rakhi coming while talking with the Pandit jee how he should tell her about the auspicious time when they can hold the pooja. Prithvi hearing her thinks of a plan so calls his friend asking for his help. Kritika coming from behind calls him asking what is he doing in the section of the family, Prithvi doesnot turn back and runs away so Kritika is also following trying to stop him.

Shristhi helps Preeta stand while laughing, Preeta questions why is she laughing but Shristhi refuses saying that she was not smiling at all, Preeta replies she saw how Shristhi was not agreeing with Arjun and did not even smile,

Preeta says she did not saw the way Arjun was behaving with her so she asks Ganesh to explain it, he informs he saw Arjun helped her when she was about to fall, Preeta sends him away mentioning he did not see what he was supposed to, Preeta seeing Anjali calls her asking why does Arjun have so much attitude in him,

Anjali questions Preeta what problem does she have with Arjun. Shristhi explains she is just angry but Preeta says she is perfectly calm and even then doesnot like him, Preeta once again questions why is Arjun like this but then she leaves,

Shristhi apologizes to Anjali explaining it is because Preeta doesnot understand people so easily and so she would take some time to understand, Shristhi thinking about Karan says he used to behave with her the same way like Arjun hearing this Anjali is stunned and feels tensed. Shristhi assures Preeta has a very nice heart so asks if Anjali needs anything else, she leaves.

Kritika following the person reaches the guest house but is not able to find him, she sees the washroom door is locked so tries to open it but then Prithvi comes out in disguise of the Pandit, Kritika is stunned seeing him when Prithvi hugs her exclaiming that she would be loved by her husband a lot,

he demands that she should take his blessing so Kritika kneels down after which he leaves, Prithvi starts smiling thinking she was not able to recognize him. Kritika stops the friend from leaving questioning what is he doing in the guest room, he replies he came to look for the bathroom but Kritika keeps staring at him,

he gets really worried but is relieved when she leaves. He breathes a sigh of relief thinking they were saved by just a moment, he thinks how he jumped into the guest room from the window and then decided to put the costume in the bathroom, he saw Prithvi standing outside when he came out.

Prithvi is walking in the disguise when he sees Sherlin walking towards him, prithvi thinks she came even after fighting with him but doesnot want to pay any attention, he stops when Arjun walks in the middle of them both. Prithvi thinks of taking Arjun to the other side of the house after using the medicine so he gets unconscious.

Sherlin feels Prithvi would have surely planned something but Rakhi calls Arjun mentioning how she wants to talk with him. She greets seeing the Pandit jee, Sherlin while trying to cover herself causes the vase to stumble, Rakhi doesnot understand it and explains she just asked on Pandit jee to come but he even brought his assistant, she leaves with Arjun.

Sherlin then removes the cover when prithvi blesses Sherlin that all of the desires of her husband should be fulfilled, Sherlin forces prithvi into the room when prithvi threatens to curse him, Sherlin hits him on the foot when Prithvi doesnot understand it, Sherlin explains she is not Kritika but knows he is Prithvi Malhotra.

He questions how does she know it, she replies she has known him since the collage days and knows what he is trying to do, she warns how he should not have come here for Preeta but Prithvi explains she really thinks he is here for them because he only loves her, he has sacrificed a lot for her so got her married to Rishab,

Sherlin explains she sacrificed a lot for him when Prithvi explains they both love each other a lot which is why they are still here, Sherlin replies they both fight like animals, the respect and love has ended in their relationship, prithvi asks if she really thinks like this so she replies there is still love,

Prithvi hugs her thinking he still only loves Preeta in his heart but has surely come here to take money from Arjun, he questions if Sherlin would help him take the money. Prithvi with a smile thinks he would do anything possible to take the money from Arjun.

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