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Kundali Bhagya 19th October 2022 Maa Sahab instructs the girl to quickly perform the pooja since the moon is shining, Preeta starts performing the pooja while standing with Rishab on the higher balcony, Arjun is really mad to see them both together, he is constantly staring them thinking it is all just nonsense,

including the marriage and love of seven generations, he also married but it turned to be fake as Preeta used to keep this varth for his long life but then planned for his death, arjun seeing Preeta recalls the KarvaChawth which they both had spent together, Preeta takes out the vase from which she starts pouring the water, Arjun feels really disturbed seeing her perform it,

Preeta closes her eyes after which she picks the Diya in her hands and takes it to first look at the moon, Arjun is still staring at her when Preeta suddenly recalls all of the moments spent with Karan, she starts getting emotional and while everyone else turn to look at their husbands, Preeta feels dizzy as Rishab is standing beside her, she slowly turns but then falls over the balcony, Rishab tries to catch her but she falls however Arjun manages to catch her as she is unconscious, he quickly rushes to make her lie down on the bench, requesting her to open her eyes.

Arjun quickly sprinkles water over her face and then he even asks her to drink it, she is meanwhile just thinking about Karan, Arjun assures he is with her and nothing would ever happen to her, the guests start to talk wondering if he is the husband of Preeta since he broke her fast, but they conclude that Arjun is not her husband.

The Luthra’s are also performing the rituals to break the Varth, Rakhi and Shristhi also take the Diya to first look at Moon before turning to look at their husbands, Mahesh tries his best to make Rakhi smile, he refuses to let her take his blessings meanwhile Sameer tears Shristhi. Mahesh breaks the fast of Rakhi with his own hands while Sameer does the same, he asks if she felt nice when Shristhi replies she was just saved,

Dadi after a while asks them all to come and take her blessings along with the gift, Kritika explains she is feeling weird so wants to go downstairs but Karina stops her explaining that she must not think bad and the reason she is feeling bad is because she no longer has a husband however she must know that some girls are still not happy with their husbands, Kritika leaves explaining she doesnot belong here. Karina thinks her own daughter is without a husband and those sisters who were not worthy to work in this house have now become the owners of this family.

Rakhi asks Mahesh to give her his mobile since she wants to talk with Preeta as they would have also broken their fast but she is not able to reach either of them, Sameer assures there is nothing to be worried about as he had already talked with Rishab bhai who informed that there might not be signals there.

Arjun helps Preeta stand up asking if she is fine, she stares at him trying to get away but once again stumbles, Rishab rushes to her aid inquiring if she is fine, Maa Sahab explains she needs to rest so they must take her to the room, Rishab goes to Arjun trying to thank him for saving the life of Preeta, Arjun replies he should have been the one to save her, Rishab replies Preeta je is ill so he doesnot want to argue and he takes very good care of her, Arjun goes to Shekar who also thanks him.

Preeta sits on the bed when Maa Sahab asks her to rest her feet, Rishab running to the room asks if she is fine and even thanks Maa Sahab but she replies he must take care of her as the doctor is about to arrive, Preeta tries to stop him however he says she actually needs it, Preeta assures she is fine and there is nothing however Rishab says he is not fine when Rishab explains there have been very few times when he was sacred but he today felt that pain, he informs how he thought Kavya is the onlky one of importance in his life,

Rishab is glad she gave him the responsibility of Kavya but today thinks he cannot live without her, he explains she is not just his wife and the member of Luthra family but she is his wife, he was only able to control himself after the death of Karan because of her and the desire to live whenever he sees her in the morning,

Rishab asks her to promise that she would not leave her since she is an important part of the Luthra family. Preeta starts crying explaining she doesnot know what to say because he has given her so much importance for which she is grateful, he pours her a glass of water appreciating that she came to their life as he doesnot know what might have happened to their family. Preeta wipes off the tears recalling how Arjun caught her when she fell from the balcony, she is stunned.

Arjun rushes into his room, he is stunned thinking he broke the varth of Preeta so exclaims his heart should not beat for Preeta since she killed him, Preeta hated karan Luthra and the love which she showed was all an act, so she did not even hesitate before killing him, she is not worthy of his love. Arjun recalls when the women asked if he is her husband, he thinks he is still alive so would not let Rishab take his position as she is doing this varth for him.

Arjun answers the call of Anjali who asks if he is fine but Anjali notices something is wrong so questions him, he explains Preeta fell while performing the ritual, but he saved her. Anjali asks if this means he saved her, Arjun mentions he would be the one to cause any harm to Preeta and Rishab but would not allow any incident.

Arjun sees himself standing in front of him who asks if he is feeling bad that Preeta kept the varth for Rishab, Arjun explains Preeta would perform the rituals but not for Rishab but himself.

Maa Sahab instructs that Shekar would himself break her fast by helping her eat the food, Arjun comes asking Maa Sahab if everyone has gotten the food, Maa Sahab questions why is he asking when he replies that he should inform Rishab he should help Preeta eat with his own hands.

Arjun thinks he has to make Preeta eat but how ca he do it since she would recognize him, he hears the waiters talking so asks one of them to bring the dress for him, he even gives the waiter a lot of money.

Maa Sahab instructs the workers to make sure there are sweets in all of the Thali, Arjun asks for the Thali for Preeta, he turns with the thali but is called again which causes him a lot of tension.

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