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Kundali Bhagya 18th October 2022 Preeta enters the room with the thali in her hand, she places it on the bed recalling how the lady mentioned she has been married and would always remain like that, Rishab also reaches the door noticing that Preeta is worried, he comes to sit beside her asking if she is fine,

she assures that everything is fine and the flowers just fell on her. Rishab informs he knows they both have been married and are a couple but she must rest assured that they both are just friends, he knows that she has a lot of memories with Karan on this KarvaChawth so she must not try to stop them, Rishab explains he never wants to take the place of karan since he was his brother so just wants to clarify that Preeta can trust him and she should remember karan with all her heart and without any shame,

he explains he can sit here and listen to her for hours on end. Preeta explains she had just spent a few KarvaChawth with karan which were unusual as she would have kept the varth in secrecy, she once again starts crying. Rishab kneels assuring how they both were meant for each other, and he knows their love story was the most romantic, Preeta keeps on crying explaining he has understood her so she thanks him, Rishab replies it becomes a little awkward so she can tell him anything as her right,

he stands exclaiming he would come back after ending the meeting since they would have a dinner. Rishab gives her a handkerchief explaining they will return from tonight’s flight, Preeta explains he must not be worried about Arjun since she has no tension of him as they cannot be scared because of him, Rishab leaves mentioning this is the true Preeta ji.

Arjun is waiting when Rishab walks in with the file, Arjun exclaims he is late but Rishab replies he was on time however Arjun came before time, Rishab asks if he has to answer this question. Arjun questions if he is prepared questioning why Rishab is ignoring him, Rishab in anger asks him to shut up when Arjun mentions this word doesnot suit from his mouth. Rishab asks if it suites that hired criminals to kill him, Arjun questions is Rishab going to believe what Prithvi and those criminals are telling him,

Arjun informs he took Rishab to the hospital and even gave his blood so Rishab must not make him like a criminal when Rishab asks if he is feeling bad since this is how he also felt, Shekar comes requesting them both to end this quarrel before sitting on the table he exclaims they both fight like brothers. Rishab apologizes explaining Arjun can never be his brother, Arjun replies but he had a brother as he considered Rishab as a brother but then he did something wrong.

Shristhi is walking in the room as her stomach is hurting, Sameer starts staring at her so she questions why is he looking at her, he tries to explain it is nothing like that when Shristhi informs she kept this varth for him and his long life so what is the problem. Sameer tries to explain himself when Shristhi says he would also keep this varth from next year, Sameer explains she was walking in the room quietly but then what happens that she starts fighting with him,

Sameer brings the water saying she can break the fast if she wants to behave like this, Shristhi exclaims he wants to break her heart, she starts crying explaining he doesnot have a heart, Karina comes questioning why is she yelling when she starts scolding Shristhi asking if she knows she has to take the blessings from her husband, Sameer tries to request her to not scold Shristhi since she has kept a varth when Karina blames that whatever happened with him is not at all wrong since this is what he deserves, Shristhi thanks Sameer before hugging him.

Shekar is sitting when his manager shows the quotations of both Rishab jee and Arjun, they are about to make a decision when the wife of Shekar jee comes informing the moon has risen so they all must come to break the fast, Arjun requests for a moment so he can show his proposal however Rishab replies he cannot wait for even a moment as his wife has kept this varth for him, Rishab along with Shekar and everyone else leave.

Sherlin opens the door when the goons enter the house, she tries to threaten them when he asks if she forgot them already as he had given Prithvi ten days to return his money which he was not able to, Sherlin tries to call the police however the goon notices it so slaps her.

Karina is walking when she bumps into Kritika, who assures she has called Rakhi but informs she is fed up as Rakhi aunt used to love her a lot but she seems to only care about Preeta Bhabhi and Shristhi, she doesnot even get ten percent of the love which she used to get. Karina questions why she is talking like this since Bhabhi still loves her a lot and considers her as her own daughter but as for Preeta and Shristhi, they both have kept the varth, so she is giving them attention, Kritika explains this has been happening for a lot of time.

Maa Sahab instructs all of the guests to go up to the roof and even asks Radhika where is Shekar along with Rishab, Maa Sahab threatens to take them by their ears if they do not come when Preeta assures Rishab will come by himself, Radhika explains that this is what happened as Rishab was the first to come from the meeting, Rishab explains he feels he has not done anything especial since the wives keep varth for an entire day and if the husbands cannot even come on time then it is a little too much, they all walk to perform the pooja when she even asks Arjun to come with them.

Sameer is on the call when Shristhi is sitting on the bed, she goes to hug him when he feels stunned asking what has happened as her mood changes really quickly, she doesnot let him turn her and exclaim she is feeling really loved, she stands when he kisses her hand but just then Rakhi comes informing that the moon has risen, she in excitement tries to run away but Sameer is tensed, she pulls him.

Prithvi reaches the house knocking on the door but no one opens it, he entering wonders what was the need to break the belongings of this house since they all are already poor, he notices her sitting so goes to sit beside her, prithvi is shocked seeing the blood so questions who is behind it, she blames Arjun and Rishab.

Prithvi stands up when she explains the gangsters from whom he took one million came by the house, she wants him to take their revenge from both Arjun and Rishab as had he partnered with them then all of their problems would have been sorted, she threatens to harm herself if he is not able to do it, Prithvi assures he would take her revenge from all those who caused her to cry, Prithvi is really furious.

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