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Kundali Bhagya 18th July 2022 Karan exclaims that every drop of blood in his body is saying the same, that until he takes the revenge from Preeta until that time he cannot rest, she has taken everything from him so that he is left alone,

he also vows to snatch each and every thing from her including the family and relation’s as she would then get to know what it feels like to lose everything, Karan exclaims that the slap is nothing compared to what she did to him and whatever he is going to do with her is nothing compared to it,

Karan reveals he has only heard about the tears of blood until now but now they both would also suffer the same thing, he is going to give them so pain which will force her to think why she did not die but Preeta should not die so easily as he would make sure she lives her entire life in suffering.

Rishab knocks on the door while Preeta is taking off her jewelry, he hesitantly exclaims he is sorry for what happened, Rishab mentions he knows she did not want to go but he forced her to come with him, Preeta questions why is he apologizing since she is not the party type but they were unaware if he would behave so awkwardly.

Kavya rushes to hug Preeta when Rishab also replies he got a smile on his face after a long time when he saw her, Kavya makes him promise on her mother so he starts laughing. Kavya mentions everyone misses her because she is like that, Kavya informs she is feeling sleepy so Preeta sends her to the bed.

Karan in the bedroom is drinking and looking at the dance performance, he stops it at the slap thinking how he understood that she did not like him around her, he questions what is in Rishab that forced her to ruin his life,

he exclaims he has understood it all so would surely make her suffer for what she has done, she will get punished for her crimes as it is not possible. Karan exclaims it is not her fault but he was at mistake to accept her in his life even when she gave him a lot of pain so he is also going to give the same in return.

Karan sitting once again turns on the video, thinking after a long time he is going to sleep in peace since the one who caused this restlessness in his life is also going to suffer the same tension in life, he feels relieved.

Rishab is walking in the balcony, he starts thinking about what Preeta said to him that she felt a little tensed, Sameer comes to him asking if Bhabhi is fine and even inquires if anything is wrong,

Rishab assures it is fine so then asks if Sameer would do one thing for him, Sameer agrees when he asks him to find out everything about Arjun, where he came from and his each and every detail. Sameer leaves assuring of finding it.

Karan in the room is looking at the kit when he picks his bat and so feels relieved meanwhile Preeta is also constantly thinking about what Arjun said to her during the dance which worries her so she sits on the bed.

Karan in the room accidentally drops the bat, he picking it up recalls the moment when he once before dropped it and Preeta was the one to pick it up, they both start playing in the bedroom so he said he also desired her with the bat. Preeta is also worried in her room. Karan suddenly wakes up from the dream realizing it is not the truth,

Preeta closing the window thinks she would never meet him after today. Karan exclaims he really liked her but the cricket bat was his most favorite but then she took its place but she tried to kill him, he in anger breaks the glasses. Preeta suddenly sits up on her bed exclaiming she hates him as because of Arjun she is really disturbed, Preeta vows to never see his face again.

Karan also sits in the room crying while recalling the past, Preeta is also no able to sleep so she sits up to drink some water, they both are really tensed in their own rooms because of the beautiful past which they shared together.

Rakhi also sitting in her room recalls when she said to Arjun that he made a mistake by making the personal life of Preeta a joke and he said that she knows the entire truth but is even then defending him. Mahesh calls her so she tries to rush away but he stopping her questions what happened, she replies she has become a selfish mother-in-law since she was not able to stand beside her daughter in law even when someone mis behaved with her, Rakhi replies she thought slapping him but was not able to do it,

she cannot understand what happened whenever he comes in front of her. Mahesh asks her to stop crying and then making her sit reveals she feels like this because the behavior of Arjun is like Karan, he does everything according to their son, she is a mother which is why she tries to search for her son in every one of them,

Mahesh explains that a mother sees her children in a different way because of the bond which she shares, he explains her only fault is that she tries to find her son in every human being but Arjun is really like their karan, he hugs Rakhi.

Preeta is standing when Arjun coming to her reveals he knows where is karan so if she wants to see him then must come with her, Preeta takes his hand so he pulls her close and starts hugging her forcefully, Arjun then takes out a knife hitting her in the leg after which Preeta wakes up and so rushes down in the hall,

Rishab follows her questioning what happened, she reveals that he knows where is karan and so is going to take her to him, the entire family also comes out asking what happened but she is still panicked. Rishab questions what happened requesting her to look at him, he instructs both Shristhi and Sameer to turn on the lights. Preeta wonders where did he go as he was just here,

Rakhi takes the name of karan but Preeta replies she meant Arjun. The entire family is stunned when she also notices that her leg is fine. She explains he said that he is going to take her to karan but then hit her, Rishab requests her to look at them as only her family is present in this house,

he assured her that no one can harm her and he made this promise. Rishab informs he is answerable to his entire family if anything wrong happened with her so she must trust him as Arjun doesnot know anything about Karan, he lives in their hearts and memories. Preeta kneels down crying while just taking the name of karan.

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