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Kundali Bhagya 18th August 2022 Arjun is with Anjali when Bi jee calling her mentions she brought the first aid box, Arjun praises that she came since Anjali has been asking him a lot of questions so Anjali asks Bi jee to herself bandage him otherwise he would blame her for hurting him, she warns him to not smile as she is really angry.

Anjali agrees but warns that she doesnot know how to perform the bandage, he forces her to sit down, Bi jee gets tensed seeing the injury but he assures it would be fine. Bi jee looking at him thinks when Karan mentioned that she is his second girlfriend as his Dadi is the first girlfriend. Arjun questions why did she get so sentimental,

she replies that she remembered her boyfriend hearing this Anjali in shock asks if she had a boyfriend so Bi jee mentions when she was sixteen, he was seventeen so Arjun replies she also made him remember his girlfriend, he at once screams exclaiming, she killed him.

Rakhi is walking past the kitchen when she hears someone weeping so rushes to see who is crying, Rakhi sees Shristhi sitting behind the desk crying so asks what happened, Shristhi assures she is fine. Rakhi asks if Dadi said something to her,

Shristhi mentions she got really scared because of Jiju and Rakhi knows she is not scared that easily but if something happened to Rishab today, her Di would have been left alone once again, what if something happened to Sameer. Rakhi hugs her assuring that everything is fine.

Shristhi explains they have already lost Karan and she doesnot have the strength to lose another Jiju so Rakhi assures that everyone is fine and nothing happened when Sameer enters explaining that he doesnot like tears, he wipes off the tears from Rakhi’s eyes and requests Shristhi to stay away from such bad people as if something happened to her then what will he do,

she says he will get the chance to do whatever he wishes but Sameer getting stunned questions how can she talk like this, he leaning mentions people donot know how to laugh properly so starts tickling her, he even kisses her on the cheek. Shristhi warns him to behave when Rakhi leaves mentioning how she is going to go and check on Kavya.

Preeta is with Rishab who asks if there is anything which she doesnot know how to do, she mentions he would be in pain so she will give him the medicine for it, he assures it is fine but she insists when Rishab mentions that Dadi took the first aid box,

Preeta realizing this feels worried so rushes to go and bring the medicine. Rishab sitting praises Bhagwan for always being there to help him as today he helped him protect the entire family.

Arjun standing tries to leave saying he would not let her bandage his hand, Preeta stands in front of him but Bi jee once again asks Anjali to apply the bandage, Anjali explains that she knows Preeta is a doctor so if she does anything wrong then Preeta would surely be there to correct her, even then if something happens then Preeta can herself apply the bandage, Bi jee says she cannot do it since arjun himself doesnot want Preeta to apply the bandage.

Preeta is applying it when Arjun at once screams from the pain, Bi jee instructs Preeta to be careful but she replies she knows what is best for the patient and would do only that, Arjun mentions how he knows she holds a master degree in giving pain, Preeta questions what does he mean by it as she feels it would be better if he remains quiet otherwise she might actually do something wrong,

Preeta starts bandaging him when Arjun keeps on staring at Preeta while she is busy in bandaging his injuries, Arjun starts thinking about how she would do it when they both were together but she was the one who pushed him into the Dam, he doesnot know what to think so keeps on staring.

Preeta after completing the bandaging starts packing the first aid box. Kavya running into the room asks if they all are here. Arjun looking at her recalls when he would come and lie down on the bed which would anger Preeta who would ask him to take a bath, he will always deny it mentioning that he feels to sleep in these clothes since they make him feel more comfortable and strengthened,

Preeta would praise him for being the best in cricket, he said he would also make their children cricket lovers, she however said it would be true only if they have a son but Karan did not care about it and said he would make their children be cricket lovers. Preeta then insisted that if they become parents of a daughter, she would make her dress beautifully. Karan then started teasing her but they enjoyed the moments spent together.

Arjun asks Kavya to come inside but she insisted that he come outside and play cricket with her, Preeta stops Kavya saying she must not irritate Arjun however Kavya replies that they must not talk when two elders are talking, leaving Preeta stunned. Arjun leaves with kavya which worries Preeta as she wonders how did Kavya befriend Arjun in such a short period of time. Anjali thinks because Arjun is not an outsider.

Prithvi removing the fake beard exclaims it really hurts, he looks at all the people standing so mentions they would have to stay here for a while, he questions why did Sherlin stay back when she was not surrounded. She replies because she fell in love with him, he warns her to not fight with him in such a situation.

The constable informs they have advised all the checkpoints and are also searching when Karina says they should even search the house, the constable says this is the problem since all the waiters wear the same clothes but even then, they are going to check what they can find. Prithvi sitting in the car exclaims that he thought of ruining the Luthra’s but got trapped.

Arjun comes out with kavya, they both are stunned to see the hall when kavya asks what has happened, he informs that the hall is in a mess but they would surely play cricket, Kavya replies the entire day has been like this, Arjun asks why is she saying so kavya mentions it was no fun playing hide and seek and even cricket is going to be like this, Arjun however mentions they would clear this and play cricket.

Arjun starts blowing to Kavya and she keeps playing, Arjun finally catches but then purposefully lets go of the ball so Kavya keeps on playing, Dadi throws the ball to Preeta but she hits the vase, Rishab inquires if she is fine so Preeta assures nothing happened after that they once again start playing,

Rishab is shocked when Mahesh and Karina enter with the police, bi jee assures of giving kavya her batting if she is able to catch her.
Rishab asks what happened when the inspector mentions they all managed to run away but he has instructed the checkpoints to keep an eye for them,

he just wants to check the house in case any of them is hiding, Rishab agrees assuring there is nothing to worry about, he asks Preeta to come with him since there is something he wants to talk with her about, Arjun seeing them thinks that Preeta never listened to him and kept on arguing.


Kundali Bhagya 19th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Inspector shows photo of Vishnu to Rishab and says he is not a ordinary goon, he is a serial killer, he works for Raja, he is very dangerous. Arjun says to Inspector, there are chances he is still in the house and came to take revenge. Anjali asks Arjun how do you know everything? Arjun says because I want to kill Rishab.

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