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Kundali Bhagya 17th August 2022 Vishnu suggests of a plan mentioning they might create differences by announcing that Arjun who is the younger brother of Rishab gave the money to harm her, this would surely create a rift between them both.

Sameer is stunned. Raja sends Vishnu to make the announcement but meanwhile Prithvi jumps in to snatch the mics, and boasts of getting the whole Luthra family on their knees. Sherlin as an imposter brings Bee jee.

Prithvi compliments Sherlin as ‘baby’ then corrects himself as ‘baba’. He makes an announcement on the mic that they have kidnapped Bee ji. He wants Luthra’s to come outside within five minutes else he will kill Bee jee.

SHrishti hears the announcement and goes inside.

Rishab and Arjun take promise from ladies and Kavia not to come outside and stay inside the room. Preeta tells Kavia she will never play with her ‘hide and seek’ again, because she cheats. Kavia promises not to cheat this time. Preeta sends herself to hide somewhere and not come out until called.

Prithvi finishes his countdown till five. Rishab and Arjun come to the hall. Prithvi says he invited all the Luthras. Arjun and Rishab grab a lamp from Prithvi’s feet and take charge of the goons. Raja and Vishnu fight over the jewelry bag but Shrishti gets hold of it. Sameer questions Shrishti why she is fighting with a goon holding a gun.

Shrishti pushes Sameer to go and fight. Sameer grabs gun and holds Prithvi on gunpoint. Sherlin had taken the bag but Bee jee engages her. Raja grabs the bag. They hear police siren. Prithvi shouts that it is siren, who called the police? Shrishti shouts that she did. She recognizes Prithvi and calls him names for not applying any jammers. She called the police and soon police will be here.

Prithvi spots a dagger in his feet. He joins his hands in apology and instead holds Preeta hostage. He demands a sorry from Shrishti. He laughs and says they will exit even before police arrives. Rishab lends Prithvi 10 seconds and attacks him upon being intrigued.

Arjun jumps in and says he is not fond of fighting, but since Preeta is endangered he will care for her right now. He lends them a chance and says he will only count till three. Arjun punches hard on Prithvi’s face. Luthras beat the goons including Prithvi badly. Sherlin grabs a chance to jump out of a window and run. Prithvi also flee behind Sherlin.

Rishab and Arjun come inside and inquires Preeta if she is fine. Rakhi tells Preeta to do their dressing as they are injured. Arjun wanted Anjanli to do his dressing.

Vishnu and Raja were able to leave. The police stops the guests and sends a constable to escort them. Sherlin and Prithvi stop behind the policeman and gets into a car in the parking.

Preeta and Rishab comes to look for Kavia who was hiding in the washroom. Kavia was terrified of all the voices she had heard, of fighting. Rishab calms Kavia down and sends her to play.

Preeta brings the first aid box to do Rishab’s dressing. Rishab keenly watches her. Bee ji comes to the room to get the first aid box for Arjun. Rishab says Arjun is fine, he has made a good place for himself in everyone’s heart. Preeta says its their family’s good will that they have turned a stranger into a family. Rishab remembers the time Preeta had talked to him sweetly.

Anjali was there to bandage Arjun. Arjun fights with Anjali for fighting the goons who held guns. Anjali asks Arjun if he really doesn’t care for Preeta. Arjun replies he doesn’t; he was only protecting his family.

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Telecast Date:17th August 2022
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