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Kundali Bhagya 14th September 2021 The entire family is also waiting when Preeta asks the nurse how is Sonakshi doing, she replies that the blood has been arranged by the name of karan Luthra so she is going to get it, Karan comes to inform that he has arranged the blood and thinks they should go back, Karina also says that she feels they have done enough for her as they even brought her from the accident scene and fulfilled all the necessary requirements, she turns saying they can send someone to fulfil any other requirements, Preeta questions who would they send when Karina says they are not entitled to help her as it is the responsibility of her father, she questions if Preeta is thinking they are responsible for what happened,

Karina realizes that she is right, Preeta replies that Sonakshi got in the accident because of what happened in the house, Dadi and Sarla also try to say that she must not think they are at fault because it was just an accident, Preeta mentions that she knows Sonakshi got in the accident because of what she was thinking about and so they are guilty when Sarla once again clarifies they are not at fault, karan suggests they need to go back to their house when the doctor comes out, Preeta questions what is her condition.

The doctor says that she is better but has injured her feet so would not be able to walk for some time, she just needs a lot of rest, the doctor says that she is asking to talk with just Preeta, Karina tries to stop Preeta saying that she should not go and meet her as then she would get emotional but Preeta leaves assuring she would not feel any sort of pressure, Shristhi questions why is she so nice as it is not right and she must not be worried about Sonakshi because if she stays here then would not leave Pihu, she feels Sonakshi would come to the Luthra house and stay with them, Karina is also really tensed when Sarla thinks why does Preeta not understand that she is not at fault, Sarla leaves without listening to anything Shristhi is saying, Rakhi also follows her.

Preeta enters the room, Sonakshi exclaims she doesnot understand what sort of mistake she has made in her life that she was forced to suffer such hardships, she cannot understand anything, Preeta seeing her condition says she must not be worried and should be sure she will become healthy, Sonakshi exclaims Preeta is really nice and had she been some other women, she would have been glad to see her condition however Preeta is not like this, Sonakshi requests Preet to not call her father otherwise he would create a lot of scene which she cannot bear, Preeta questions why can they not call her father as then who would take care of her, Sonakshi says that she can get a hotel booking and would no go back to her house, she requests Preeta to give her the phone.

Sarla is walking when Rakhi coming from behind questions what is going on in her heart as she seems tensed however Sarla says that it is nothing of the sort, Karan from behind says that Sarla would tell her however she doesnot speak when Karan mentions she would tell him what is going on in her heart, Sarla says she doesnot know what she is thinking is actually something to be worried about, Sarla then says that she feels if Preeta sees the condition of Sonakshi then might get tensed, and she doesnot seem nice after seeing her in such a state of tension, Karan says that she must not be worried because he will always be there for her, he hugs Sarla and mentions she is his mother, Rakhi then jokes explaining she feels he loves Sarla more and so she is getting jealous, karan even hugs her and they all share a moment as a family.

Karina going to Mahesh asks what does he feel Rakhi is trying to do as they have done a lot for Sonakshi so now should leave, Shristhi also says she for the first time agrees with Karina as they all should go back, he says he would talk with Rakhi, when she comes he suggests they should leave now, karan also agrees but says they all must wait or Preeta, she coming out of the room asks Karan to get her discharged, Karan in a state of confusion questions what is she trying to say,

Sarla is also not able to understand anything, Karan explains he has now understood and feels Preeta has lost her mind, Preeta then explains she feels they need to take Sonakshi with them to their home, he replies he would not be part of this so leaves them all, Rakhi replies they will never stop her from bringing anyone with her but not Sonakshi, Bani Dadi also says she is with Karan, Preeta tries to explain they should take care of her when even her father is not with her, Shristhi questions if Sonakshi has said this when Preeta replies that she desires to go and check in a hotel however Preeta wants to take her, Karina replies that if they take Sonakshi then it would ruin everything causing a lot of problems.

Sarla asks Preeta to listen to what all the elders are saying and must not be so stubborn, Preeta says Sarla herself taught them to always be ready to help anyone and had she been a stranger then what would have they done, Rakhi questions if she is sure that she would leave after getting healthy, Preeta mentions she feels so but then Sarla thinks that she fears what would happen if her thoughts came true.

In the night Preeta helps Sonakshi on the bed then hands her the mobile, Sonakshi is shocked to see her mobile when Preeta replies it got broken at the accident site and she had it repaired, Sonakshi says that she only just considered Preeta as her sister, but she has really taken care of her like a sister, Preeta leaves saying that if she needs to get healthy then must stop crying.

Sherlin sees Sonakshi sitting so think she need to find out the actual reason she has come to their house, she going to Sonakshi offers to always be there for her but Sonakshi says she does not need her help and she can leave, Sonakshi also asks the nurse to go as she will be fine, the nurse says she will go ask the doctor, Sherlin asks why is Sonakshi looking at her like this,

Sonakshi threatens to always be there to protect Preeta as she is just like her elder sister, Sherlin questions what is she saying when she is talking of her relation with Pihu, Sonakshi replies she knows Sherlin is angry with her because she tried to reveal her true face even after what everyone said but Sherlin must not think she will get scared of her, Sonakshi asks Sherlin to leave so she walks out of the room while Sonakshi is on the bed.


Kundali Bhagya 15th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Preeta is with Pihu and Karan, she tries teaching her the name of Rishab Luthra, Karan questions what is she teaching her so informs her that Rishab is his elder brother, Pihu questions then why does she not have any elder brother, Prithvi in shock asks if Rishab is actually coming back, he says that he would have to hurry and forge the business papers to his own name. The nurse asks Sonakshi why she does have so much love for Pihu asking what relation she has, Sonakshi reveals she is her daughter.

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Telecast Date:14th September 2021
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