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Kundali Bhagya 14th October 2022 worker brings the thali for the Arti which she takes placing it in the Mandir when the Maa Sahab asks about Shekar, Rishab and Preeta are both welcomed to the palace,

Maa Sahab goes to welcome them instructing the workers to bags inside, Preeta calls her as Rani Sahab but she mentions everyone calls her as Maa Sahab, Shekar also from the balcony welcomes Rishab and Preeta, he inquires if they faced any difficulty coming here, he introduces his mother when Rishab mentions they have already met her,

Shekar explains they have come here regarding the deal of their Mumbai palace, Maa Sahab explains she thought they were a new couple and one of the guests as she tends to forget some of them. Preeta is intrigued with the dance when she is taken there, Preeta also starts dancing when she has a strange feeling and so she sees Arjun standing at the entrance, Shekar also goes to welcome him,

inquiring if he did not face any difficulty, Rishab is furious seeing him so goes straight to stand in front of him, Shekar is confused. Arjun questions how Rishab is but he replies he doesnot seem it is important to tell him, but what is Arjun doing here, he says Rishab can ask Shekar who informs he has come here for the same deal, Arjun says that Rishab might ask Shekar, Rishab goes with him to the corner.

Rishab asks what is going on since they have already finalized the deal and the King really liked his proposal so what is going on, Shekar explains there is some problem since his father has gotten old and is now hospitalized so he is taking care of the business, Rishab is still not able to understand anything going so inquires if the deal is still finalized or there are any if and buts,

Shekar mentions that deal is now null and void since the papers were not the official one, so Rishab also knows without them the documents have no legal importance, he explains Arjun gave them a proposal yesterday which is also really nice, they all would sit at the dinner table and decide whose deal is more suitable which they would in the end select.

Preeta is constantly staring at Arjun who is standing by the entrance, he also looks at her which the girl notices, she asks if Preeta knows Arjun, so she replies that she indeed knows him very well, Preeta is about to walk away when she sees Maa Sahaba greeting Arjun, he takes her blessings.

Maa Sahab calls Preeta to her introducing Arjun to her, Maa Sahab explains even Arjun is from her city Mumbai, Preeta replies she knows him, but Arjun exclaims that she just thinks she knows him. Preeta replies that he doesnot know that girls have a power to judge the person in their first sight so does he want her to inform everyone about his truth, Arjun exclaims that he doesnot have that free time to talk with her, Preeta in anger also exclaims she doesnot want to talk with him so leaves in anger.

Rishab asks Shekar what they are going to do now, he mentions that he is also going to share the proposal with Arjun, he exclaims someone called his name. arjun questions if he got mad when Rishab explains he doesnot bring emotions into the business. Rishab mentions arjun would be feeling nice since he got a chance to be in this deal, but Arjun must know this deal always belonged to him, Arjun exclaims he also did not come here to have tea, Rishab replies they even give tea to their enemies before sending them away.

Arjun replies even he believed in it but not anymore since some people wanted to get rid of him from this world, it is his belief that he should make an impression. Rishab says Arjun watches a lot of movies, Shekar explains they both must calm down since this is just a deal and whoever has the highest bid would get it, Rishab mentions even this time he would have the highest bid, Arjun replies he was not present the last time but whenever he is present, he always wins, Rishab leaves in anger exclaiming he should keep watching Hindi films.

Preeta is standing thinking about her meetings with Arjun, she gets really tensed thinking when he said that Rishab and Preeta are not worthy to be the parents of kavya before taking her away, Maa Sahab comes asking Preeta what has happened but she refuses saying there is nothing of the sort,

Maa Sahab calls her daughter asking her to see the face of Preeta as they can see she is in some sort of trouble, Maa Sahab explains if her daughter can see it then how can she not realize there is something wrong, Preeta replies how can she tell her about the situation in her life as it is really troublesome,

Preeta mentions she just knows she doesnot want to talk about the problem, Maa Sahab explains she can understand but just wants her to know that situations change with time and everything would be for the better so Preeta must not be so troubled. Maa Sahab leaves when her daughter asks if Arjun is her first love, Preeta replies that she can never love him and he is even the business rival of Rishab Luthra.

Maa Sahab asks Shekar if they were able to reach a solution, he replies there is still a problem so Maa Sahab calls her daughter in law and Preeta mentioning she already asked him to not keep a meeting as it is an auspicious event so there should not be any problem, she asks the worker to show them their rooms advising Preeta to get ready for the pooja.

Shristhi along with Rakhi are sitting in the pooja, Shristhi after a while opens her eyes since she is really hungry, Karina gets a little mad but Sameer signals her to not lose hope. Shristhi and Rakhi finally complete the ritual before praying.

The worker asks Preeta and Rishab to enter the room, Arjun insists on not taking the room in front of them but the worker explains these are the only two rooms left, Rishab sees Preeta putting the suitcase so asks her to take some rest since they have travelled, Preeta asks Rishab what is the need for this all when he had gotten the deal,

Rishab explains he said the same to Shekar who replied that since they have not signed any legal papers then the deal would be considered null and void, he said it is just for the sake of business, Rishab mentions he was shocked since they can not turn back from their words. Preeta is worried as Rishab jee got the deal, he assures nothing is wrong till now, but he feels Shekar is just interested in finance. Preeta is worried thinking what is the problem with Arjun.

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