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Kundali Bhagya 11th May 2022 The lawyer explains even if Sandesh is a poor person then why is karan taking the money from him, he blames if Mr Malkhani is mixing two cases because they are arguing that karan was involved in match fixing and so they must only focus on the same thing,

Mr Malkhani tries to object but it is over ruled when the judge informs they are going to give the verdict on this case today because karan was seen in his own room taking the money for which they have the evidence becu8ase he was seen with the same bag so according to this court, karan was indeed involved in match fixing and just when the judge is about to announce the verdict,

Preeta rushes into the court room requesting them to stop as karan is innocent and Prithvi is the real culprit, she takes him into the front of the court by his hari explaining it was Prithvi who hired Sandesh and gave him the money to trap Karan,

she reveals she has all the proofs against Prithvi, as she has found the confession of Sandesh and the videos that prove Prithvi is the culprit, the judge asks her to show if she has any proof, Preeta tries to search for them but she is not able to find any in the vase when Kritika explains she is just acting because she does not have any proof.

Mahesh after waking up starts walking to the door when the nurse asks where is he going, he says that he needs to protect his son because he is in danger when the nurse requests him to stay back because his entire family is with his son, she will make sure he talks with his son meanwhile she will give him the medicine, she injects him when he requests her to let him talk with his son, she exclaims that he is really helpless because he build this entire family with a lot of love which is now in ruins.

Preeta is searching for the proof but is not able to find them, she throws the container on the floor in anger, Kritika rushes to stand beside Prithvi expali9ning that her husband is innocent, she blames that the judge doesnot know Prithvi because Preeta is trying to get two birds with one stone as she kno0ws both her husband and brother are innocent and Karan would be released one day but she is using this to take revenge from her husband, she knows Prithvi jee cannot think of it but Preeta is the one responsible as she would benefit it from the most.

Shristhi questions why is Kritika talking like this because after seeing the condition does she think that her sister can take anyone’s life, Kritika also asks her to look at Prithvi jee. the judge requests them all to stop this family drama because the court will now give their verdict, Natasha rushes into the court room mentioning that she has to say something before the court gives their verdict. Judge asks her to come and say it in the witness box, Natasha also pleads for the innocence of Karan when he asks if Natasha has any proof, she mentions the judge has seen all the photos but she wants him to see these videos as well, Sherlin gets worried thinking what new drama is Natasha planning.

Natasha thinks that when she stepped out of the car, she was shocked to see why these both cars got in the accident, she checked Preeta who was unconscious which is when she realized that Preeta is unconscious, she took out all the proofs from the container along with the USB stick, from which she was able to see the proof, she took them all leaving Preeta and Prithvi,

Natasha thinks then she went to Sandesh showing him the video which he tried to snatch, but she threatened she has a lot other proofs because he is about to get trapped but then he must say it all while facing her, she explains she is Natasha in front of the entire world but her real name is Payal, she says he must just give the confession in front of her because she would make sure he leaves Mumbai within half an hour, but after finding out about her he would realize she does what she desires, she asks if he is ready to give the confession when he agrees to give it.

Sandesh is confessing that he trapped Karan when Preeta stands mentioning that she was right because Prithvi is the one behind it all, he trapped karan but Natasha explains she means the person sitting behind Prithvi because he from the back looks exactly like Karan and is the one who gave the money to Sandesh.

The judge asks him to come in the witness box, prithvi thanks Natasha when she replies she has all the proofs against Prithvi which she could have presented to the court, she did not give the judge any of them but instead used only those which were needed to save karan but if he and Sherlin try to come in his way ever again then she will present them in the court so he is well aware of the situations in the jail, she presses his injuries mentioning that she refused to do inflict any pain but some people tried to ruin her dreams because of which she has to once again resort to the previous ways.

The prosecutor stands asking who is the person behind the trapping of karan when Mr Malkhani explains that he is doing the same thing as this case to prove the innocence of karan and right now they need to focus on it, the judge orders the police to file a case against Prince and then he rules that Karan is innocent hearing which everyone is delighted when the judge leaves, Karan leaves to hug his entire family one by one while Preeta is also smiling, he after hugging Dadi hugs Kritika but gets angry seeing Preeta,

he walks over to her but then goes to Natasha thanking her for everything, she replies she is glad that he is coming back to the house while Preeta is tensed, they all walk away from the court room while Preeta is left standing there, Kritika is helping Prithvi who is still hurt, he looks at Preeta and then drops the phone, he says he found out what it means to lose something after getting it, Kritika says they need to go back home so leaves with Prithvi, Preeta is really tensed standing in the empty court room.

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