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Kundali Bhagya 10th August 2022 Arjun its up on the bed, Anjali exclaims that he has finally gotten back into his senses, he will not remember anything that he did under the influence so she warns that he would not drink like today in the future ever again,

Arjun gets really worried wondering what might he have done, she says that she is going to tell him that she just exclaimed his love to Preeta, Arjun gets worried wondering what he might have done, she informs that he proposed to Preeta, Arjun gets worried so she replies he is still a child and has just grown up from outside.

Arjun standing asks what was her reaction when he proposed to her, she mentions Preeta accepted his proposal. Anjali then clarifies that she pushed him back hearing which Arjun exclaims that this is how she is like, she says even he is the same as her because it felt as if he was begging her.

Arjun also blames Anjali saying that she would have stopped him from dinking. Anjali asks what does he think of himself because how could she have known that he would do anything of the sort. Arjun asks her to come with him since they need to sort out the matters, Anjali replies that she has already said a lie to save them, she said that he has already proposed to her a lot of times before under the influence.

Arjun getting furious questions what has she done since now what will Preeta think of him as she would feel he proposes to anyone under the influence. Anjali says that it would have been better if he had proposed to her since she would not push him away and might even accept his proposal.

Prithvi turns to walk away when they all stop, he asks why are they standing here so Raja exclaims they have accepted him the boss and will also do whatever he says but now he should reveal his identity and the reason eh came to destroy the party, Vishnu also asks him for the identity. Prithvi once again coming explains he was a business partner with prithvi but he deceived him causing a loss of millions.

They say Prithvi doesnot seem a rich person, he replies yet they all seem like losers. Raja asks them both to stop before asking them to take out their special belongings. Prithvi is really glad mentioning they seem like professionals so he is going to take one of them, they say he already had a gun when prithvi replies they are better off with a knife and he really did not have a gun but now has it and even knows how to use it, he orders them all to come with him.

Prithvi suddenly stops when Sona is about to enter the kitchen, Prithvi asks her about the reason she is here when she in return also asks him a question. Prithvi questions her who is she, Sona informs that she also came from Punjab but now is looking for her cousin Kavya, Prithvi questions who is she so she explains that Kavya is the daughter of Rishab and Preeta.

Sona leaves when Prithvi exclaims she is actually the daughter of Karan and Preeta. Raja exclaims how is it possible since Arjun said that Rishab is his elder brother so is Kavya actually the daughter of Arjun. Raja after a while mentions he has finally understood it, both Rishab and Arjun have different surname so they are not brothers. Vishnu mentions he doesnot want to use his mind any more but knows that they both are brothers.

Rishab comes with Preeta to the corner asking what is the matter with her since she seems really tensed, Preeta replies that it is not the case so he assures he would not leave until she tells her the reason, Preeta sees Arjun coming so gets tensed. Rishab turns back to see him, Anjali questions if Arjun thinks she would have told Rishab, he replies that he doesnot care and would reveal the truth.

Rishab asks where had he gone to in the middle of the party, Arjun reveals he went to be with his future as the party was so good that he got drunk and went into a room under the influence, he doesnot know what he might have said there. Rishab with a smile exclaims it is nothing to be worried about, Karina coming questions what are they all doing here as are they discussing on a major topic.

Karina mentions it is time for the cake cutting, she even invites both Arjun and Anjali to come with them, they all leave together. Prithvi standing mentions they are going to celebrate their event but have no idea that Prithvi has come to ruin their celebration, someone suddenly pushes prithvi inside when Raja along with his men also rush to see what is going on. Prithvi tries to clarify that she is his wife but Raja along with his men do not understand it at all, Prithvi orders Bunty to go back since she is actually his wife.

Prithvi threatens to kill him but Sherlin slaps Raja so Bunty agrees that she is his wife. Prithvi a smile exclaims she is great as she made them all understand what is actually the truth, Sherlin cannot understand what is the truth so asks what is he doing here in the Luthra Mansion. Prithvi reveals he has come to end Rishab and Preeta on their anniversary day.

Rishab asks Preeta to go ahead while he brings the guests, Arjun is following Preeta when he suddenly tips over so she rushes to help him, he after standing back appreciates her but she replies she expected an apology but is going to tell him what he has actually done, he asks if he proposed to her so she is stunned, he asks her to not take it seriously as he tends to propose such girls who are not his type.

He explains he means she is not his kind, he mentions now she would ask what is a difference but it means that she is not his kind. Preeta exclaims what is the difference between type and kind when Arjun exclaims, she is not his kind means that her heart is filled with sin and that she is a criminal. Preeta vows to not invite him in any of their parties ever again.

Sherlin questions Prithvi what is he doing here, bunty explains they have come to ruin their party when she takes his name as Monty. Prithvi replies since he is the boss then whatever she says would happen,

Sherlin doesnot understand so questions how did he become the boss, he explains since today was the day when their lives were ruined so he planned to take their revenge today and is going to harm the Luthras after which they would steal the entire jewelry and cash from their house. A servant opens the doo questioning who are they, he is able to recognize Sherlin,

Vishnu hits him from behind so he falls unconscious on the floor, Sherlin gets worried questioning what did he do as the servant might die, Vishnu assures he is just unconscious. Kavya also comes to the door searching for the worker, she questions who are they when prithvi walks over to her revealing her name, he is stunned and turns back as Sona walks away with Kavya, prithvi reveals she is Kavya Luthra, the daughter of Karan and Preeta hearing this Sherlin is stunned.

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