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Kumkum Bhagya 4th May 2022 Episode starts with Pallavi coming behind Ranbir and asks what is the need to work. Ranbir says I just need to read some files, if I remain idle then I will be affected with the house affairs. Vikram says let me talk to him. Pallavi says make him understand that I am his Mom.

Vikram says let me talk to him. Aaliya looks at them. Ranbir tells Vikram that if he don’t work then he has to read his life’s book which is not right now, as the title is upside down. He says let me be busy. Vikram says I understand that work stress is better than home stress, and it relaxes us. He says you shall do work, and don’t tell anyone.

Aaliya says until Prachi is here, home stress will be here, and that’s why Rhea has to do this. Ranbir says I am going to study. Vikram turns and looks at Aaliya. He asks what are you hearing? Aaliya says I was going to that side. Rhea asks Prachi not to go behind Ranbir and asks her not to be shocked. Prachi says not shock, and tells that nothing is left to become shock, and says you irritate me.

Rhea says you bore me a lot. She asks her to stick to her promises and says you had said that you will not roam around Ranbir like a housefly and asks why are you doing this then. Prachi says we stay in the same house, it is not my fault. Rhea says your attitude is bad, and asks her to accept her failure with honesty. Prachi says she will not accept, this is not 20-20 match. Rhea says she will win.

Prachi says she hates 20-20. Rhea laughs and says you don’t like it as you are out of team, I love the way they are treating you like a housefly. She says the truth doesn’t change if you turn your face. Prachi says mood spoils talking to you. Rhea says your life is going to be ruined. Prachi says you was upset and told me that if anything happens to Ranbir then you will not leave me. She says you knows well that he saved me, and risked his life to save me. She asks her to decide whom he saved.

She says we will play your favorite 20-20. She feels dizzy and goes. Rhea says I am not yet over. Prachi goes to her room and sits. She calls doctor. Doctor asks how are you feeling now. Prachi says she is feeling dizzy. Doctor asks if she can come to her clinic or shall I come. Prachi says she will call before coming.

Ranbir hears her and asks do you want to tell me something or waiting for me to ask. He says if you have any problem then shall tell me. Prachi asks him to go to Rhea and asks about her problems. Ranbir says ok, and says Rhea has taken care for me, and didn’t take beauty sleep like you.

Prachi says beauty sleep is important for me and asks why you are wasting your time. She asks him to go to Rhea’s room and says she might be waiting with the food plate and will make you sleep after feeding you food. Ranbir says thanks to you, you have shown me the way. Prachi says you are already walking on the way. He says it is waste to talk to you. Prachi says you will justify that you love me even now, but your words and doings are different, there is no coordination.

She says you want to save someone and saves someone else, and has no control on his heart. Ranbir says you want to hurt me. Prachi says you likes to do it. He says I love to hurt it. He says I am done with the explanation and says you never believes my love. Prachi says I understand truth and lie. Ranbir says you doubt my intentions. Prachi says you brought doubt between us and doubted me first.

She says there is a reason for it. She says all your promises were cut and pasted and you filled sindoor in Rhea’s maang. She says I have seen you going with Rhea for honeymoon etc. She says my heart bleeds seeing all those things and the broken pieces pierces my heart. She says I was mad to marry you, but my heart was broken and my life was ruined. Ranbir says you can’t doubt my love and asks did I force you to marry me.

She says I didn’t want to marry you. He says you burnt our relation, and says I will not say anything in anger. He says I will say what I mean, I will go very far from you. He says this relation will be made, when you wanted. Prachi says go to your Rhea, even I don’t want you to stay with me. They go different ways.

Rhea recalls telling Prachi that she will shift with Ranbir. Aaliya comes there and asks Rhea to come. She says I did all the calculations and tells that she made a story that you stand sticking to the window always. Ranbir and Vikram come there. Aaliya and Rhea hide. Aaliya asks her to get ready to fall, it is a small fall.

Rhea says ok. Ranbir and Vikram go from there. Aaliya takes out the tools and starts opening the screw. Rhea says Dida and Mom are there and not others. Aaliya asks her to wear knee pads and will keep mattresses there. She tells that she will not leave any chance to make it look like action drama and asks her to do acting.

She then asks her to do her work and says she is going downstairs now. Rhea asks why are we doing this now. Aaliya says I heard Ranbir and Vikram talking and says we shall make everyone believe that Prachi wants to kill you again, everyone is angry now. She says we shall provoke them, until they throw Prachi out. Rhea says I will wear knee pad.

Doctor tells Prachi that her baby is fine, though her pregnancy is complicated. She asks her to stay at home and take someone along with us when she goes out. She asks her to live normally and be happy. She gives her a ball and says I give this to all my patients. Prachi thanks her.

Aaliya keeps mattress in the hall and tells that new Servants don’t know anything. She asks Dida about her foot. Dida says she is fine. Rhea is standing in the balcony. Ranbir and Vikram come there. Rhea tries to fall down from the balcony and holds the pillar, but she falls down on the mattresses and then rolls over to the floor. Everyone rush to her. Aaliya hugs her and shouts Prachi, showing her fake tears. Ranbir looks on shocked.


Kumkum Bhagya 5th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Aaliya shouts and says Prachi wants to kill Rhea. Rhea asks them to call Police. Police tells that they found tool box in Prachi’s room. Rhea says Prachi had loosen the screws of the balcony railing. Inspector asks Prachi and others to come to the PS.

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Telecast Date:4th May 2022
Distributed By :Zee Tv And Zee5


  1. This written must be bored to the core! If Prachi doesn’t want Rambir anymore kept fighting with him again and again what’s she doing there then? Does she want her child to grow up in such house environment? With pregnancy complications she is still surrounded by stress? This is boring really and annoying. So is the writer telling us that a pregnant woman is OK to be around unnecessary stress or what? It could have better if Rambir or Vikram or Dadi know about the pregnancy. Why is Prachi there then? I thought she wanted her child to grow up with the father, isnt the pregnancy growing anyway and how is going to explain it? Get life writer honestly
    You bore us and literally loosing fans.

    • Exactly my thoughts, I don’t watch I only read written updates, it’s boring super boring evil winning against good All the time


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