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Kumkum Bhagya 30th August 2022 Episode starts with Prachi telling Ranbir that she will never leave him, and she has a condition, that he has to marry her again.

He says again. Prachi says you have married Rhea, so to cancel that marriage, you have to marry me again. Ranbir says it was not proper marriage, it was just like that. She asks if he will marry Rhea in a proper way.

Ranbir says no and says I will marry you every year and will make promises, and then our bond will get stronger and we will never get separated. He says his promise is like her biceps. Prachi says my small baby is sleeping and will wake up. Ranbir says it is my baby too. Prachi says it is inside me, so its me.

Ranbir cries and says it is our baby. Prachi asks him not to cry, and says she was joking, it is our baby. Ranbir gets happy and says baby will be beautiful like her. The kidnapper threatens Shahana.

The girl gives idea to Shahana to ask for water, and then they will try to elope to divert them. The girls try to escape, and the kidnappers go behind him. Shahana frees another’s girl hands and runs.

Sid feels bad and thinks about Prachi and Ranbir. His innerself confronts him and asks him to fight back. He asks him to tell truth to Vikram and always remember that if you don’t tell the truth today, then you can’t forgive yourself. Sid thinks to tell truth to Vikram and thinks he will help me.

Shahana comes out and sees other goons standing. She hides, and thinks how to go from here and ask for help. She then hides in the cartoon. The kidnappers hear the sound and check. They don’t see her. She walks holding the cartoon and stops. . The kidnapper says this cartoon was not here. Other kidnapper says you are drunk. Shahana sits in the car and finds car keys missing. She finds Ranbir’s mobile there.

Sid comes to Vikram’s room and apologizes. He says whatever I did, was in helpless, that Rhea forced and threatened to kill my step sister. He says Prachi is carrying Ranbir’s baby and not mine. They made the fake report and got my sister kidnapped.

He says Aaliya and Rhea are doing this so that you throw Prachi out of the house. He says Prachi is innocent and pure, it is not her mistake, but mine. He asks him to say something and checks on sofa, but Vikram is not there. Sid thinks to talk to Vikram.

Shahana calls Vikram and tells him that they are in trouble and needs his help. Vikram asks where is Ranbir? Shahana says battery is 5 percent, I would have called Police, but can’t follow up with them. She tells everything that she had read Prachi’s letter and came out. She saw Ranbir drunk and then saw Prachi getting kidnapped by some goons.

She tells everything that when they went to rescue Prachi, the goons kidnapped them as well. She came out some how and called him. Vikram asks her to send the location. Just then the phone gets off. They leave. Rhea calls Aaliya and says Ranbir is in trouble. They leave.

Ranbir praises Prachi’s eyes and tells that he gets drown in it. He says your eyes are like lake, and whoever sees your eyes, will fall in love with you. Prachi says whatever you are saying is good, but I have lied to you once. Ranbir asks what? Prachi says you have complimented my eyes before also.

Ranbir says obviously I would have praised everything about you. She says she was feeling proud when he was praising her. Ranbir says I want something from you. Prachi says promise. Ranbir says no, you will slap me. Prachi says no, I will not slap you and asks him to say. Ranbir says I need a kiss.

Prachi feels shy and gets up. Ranbir says you gets shy and asks her to give him a kiss. The girls who ran from there, to divert the kidnappers ask Prachi to kiss, else they will kiss. Prachi says he is my husband, only I will kiss. They ask her to show them the love. Ranbir asks did you hear what they said. Prachi is about to kiss him.

Sid searches for Vikram in the house and gets worried when he don’t find anyone. He calls Vikram and asks where are you, I need to talk to your urgently. Dida says we are going to warehouse, as Ranbir and Prachi are kidnapped. Sid asks who has kidnapped them? Vikram asks him to reach there. Pallavi asks him to leave from home right now.

Prachi tells Ranbir that she can’t kiss him, as she is a girl. She says if a boy kisses then its look good. Ranbir says I didn’t read anywhere, that girl don’t kiss first. The girl asks shall I kiss him? Prachi says no, you can’t kiss him, if you do flying kiss then I will catch and throw it. The girl asks her to kiss him.

Ranbir says ok, I will kiss you. Prachi says your nose has grown big and measures his nose. He says even your nose is equal. Prachi says my nose has become small and will vanish now. She cries and hugs him.

Ranbir says I didn’t see such a beautiful nose and says I will measure your nose with my nose, if your nose is big then you shall kiss me. He tries to measure her nose and falls on her. She says you hit me many times, and says she remembers this as she loves him immensely.

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Telecast Date:30th August 2022
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