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Kumkum Bhagya 28th July 2022 Episode starts with Ranbir and Aryan coming behind Aaliya. Ranbir says Aaliya buji is crazy and I stay with her, and knows that she is just mad. Aryan says you are making her angry.

Ranbir says she is arrogant and her anger is on her neck. He pretends as if Aryan slapped him for Aaliya. Aaliya turns and looks at him. Ranbir says Aryan raised hand on me as I told something about you. Aaliya asks what did you say? Ranbir says I told that you are mad and he slapped me.

He says I am your brother and you slapped me, asks him to go. He pushes him on the wall. Aaliya says I love Aryan and asks if he is fine. Aryan hugs her. Shahana asks Aaliya to hug her bahu also. Aryan says would be bahu.

Aaliya goes to see her. Aryan asks Shahana, why did you tell and twists her hand. Ranbir says he shall not raise hand on girls. Aryan says she is a naagin. Shahana says you don’t have the courage to accept infront of your mom. She goes. Ranbir tells that they will do something so that Aaliya likes Mili.

Pallavi does Prachi’s aarti and gives her shagun. Dida also gives her shagun and blesses her to have lovely kids. Dida’s friend also gives shagun to Prachi and wishes her to have a healthy baby. She says I have brought something for you. Shahana asks Aaliya to meet Mili.

She then asks Mili to touch her feet. Mili bends down. Aaliya stops her. Ranbir tells Aryan it is good that Shahana made them meet. Aryan gets worried. Dida’s friend gives famous sweets of Punjab to Prachi and asks her to eat alone. Ranbir comes there and says a small gift for Prachi from me. He keeps the envelope.

He says it is not just shagun, but everything. Prachi looks at their pic in the envelope. He says I will keep her happy all life like she is happy in this pic. He says I want to bless you that your baby shall be like me, and shall love you immensely like I do.

Dida says it will be competition then? Ranbir says I will win. Pallavi sees Dadi’s friend Wendy going from there and goes behind her. She thinks what she is doing in my room. She goes inside and finds Wendy drinking wine.

Wendy says she is really Punjabi and has Patiala peg. She asks Pallavi if she will drink. Pallavi asks her to enjoy and says I will enjoy seeing you. Wendy praises her. Pallavi asks her, what did she feel when she held Prachi’s hand. Wendy says she had held Rhea’s hand as she is pregnant.

She asks if Sid knows that his wife is pregnant. Pallavi asks about Prachi and asks what did you feel. Wendy says I am world famous in my pind, and I can tell what kind of baby is going to come. She tells that the heir of the family is coming, and will name Kohli family name famous, and will bring good luck to the family and specially for Dada and Dadi. She says when I held Rhea’s hand, I didn’t feel anything.

She says Daljeet told that she is pregnant then why didn’t I feel. She says Prachi’s baby will bring goodluck and Rhea’s baby will bring badluck. She says Prachi’s baby is auspicious and Rhea’s baby is inauspicious, says I am telling what I felt. Pallavi gets worried.

Shahana also wishes Prachi to have a baby like her. Mili wishes her for a healthy pregnancy. Prachi thanks her. Dida asks Rhea to congratulate her sister. Rhea takes the gift in her hand and walks towards Prachi. She keeps the gift on her lap and whispers in her ears, I wish you have a dead baby.

Prachi gets angry and gets up. She says Rhea, how could you. She pushes her and Rhea falls on the floor. Everyone is shocked. Aaliya asks are you okay? She asks why did you push her. Pallavi asks what is happening. Rhea says I was giving her best wishes, but she pushed me, don’t know what problem she has with me.

Prachi asks really and says you have problem with me, and tells Pallavi that Rhea said that she wishes that I shall give birth to dead baby. Everyone is shocked. Prachi says she wants my bad, and wanted me to leave from here. She asked me to go away from here, as she and her baby will not get Ranbir’s love, and I was foolish to go away from here.

She says I always bear you, but will not bear today. Dida asks if anyone says this for her sister. Rhea shouts and asks if anyone cares for my baby here. She says everyone is ignoring my baby and I will not let this happen. She says my baby will become the heir of the family and not of Prachi. Dida says you are saying this to your sister.

Rhea says I don’t care for Prachi or her baby, both shall die now itself. She pushes Prachi and she falls on the chair. Ranbir tries to stop her. Rhea says I will kill both. Ranbir asks her to behave.

Prachi says I can’t take risk, I can’t stay here and will leave. Ranbir asks her to relax. Prachi says either she will stay here or I will stay. Aaliya asks where Rhea will go. Prachi asks Aaliya not to promote her wrong doings and says if she can’t go, then I will go. She says I am going.

Pallavi stops her and says if anyone goes from this house, then she will be Rhea. Ranbir says mummy is right, Rhea will go, says you are big danger for my baby. He asks her to leave. Rhea shouts and says if Prachi is pregnant then I am also pregnant. Ranbir says you are wishing Prachi’s baby to die and says you don’t deserve to be a woman.

He asks her to leave. Rhea says I will not go, this house is of me and my baby. Pallavi asks Rhea to leave and asks her not to force her. Rhea refuses. Dida asks her to leave. Wendy says such women shall be kicked out from society. Pallavi and Vikram ask her to go. Rhea refuses, picks a knife from the fruit tray and says you will not get that baby. She is about to stab Prachi, when Ranbir holds her hand.

Aaliya shouts Rhea. Ranbir makes Rhea drop the knife. Prachi and others are shocked. Ranbir says I swear if you was not pregnant, then I would have kill you with the same knife. He asks her to leave and not to show her face to him. He asks her to get out and throws her out. Rhea cries and says I love you and can’t stay without you.


Kumkum Bhagya 29th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Wendy tells Dida that when she held Rhea’s hand, she felt that Rhea is not pregnant. Pallavi hears her. She tells Ranbir that she will remember her mistakes and asks him to forget her mistakes and forgive her. Ranbir hugs her. Pallavi smirks. Rhea looks at them

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Telecast Date:28th July 2022
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