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Kumkum Bhagya 19th October 2022 Episode starts with Sid telling Aaliya that he will be upset if she don’t make him meet Mihika, and then everyone will see sadness on his face, then they will know that he is in problem, it will be difficult to hide the truth. Aaliya says you are threatening me? Sid says think like that.

Aaliya says I was joking and asks waiter to give him cool drink. She says he is not liking my jokes, his mind will be calm drinking juice. Sid asks if you will make me meet Mihika or not? Aaliya says let me call my Man, he will take you with him. She calls the goon and asks him to come to Kohli Mansion and take him to meet Mihika. Rhea comes there and hears her. Aaliya tells that she has seen something in his eyes, if he don’t meet Mihika today,

then he will be rebellious. She says I saw desperation in his eyes, and don’t want him to have frustration. She then goes to Sid and asks him to wait, as she called her goon. Rhea asks him to do aarti with Prachi and leave. Sid says ok. Aaliya says the car will stop at the hell, and tells that tonight they will get rid of Sid and Prachi, both. Rhea smiles.

Prachi recalls Rhea’s words. Shahana comes to Prachi and asks what did that witch tell you? Prachi says she told that Ranbir is her husband. Shahana asks her to hold Ranbir’s hand and tell that he is your husband, then Rhea can’t tell anything. Prachi says she is already angry. Sid comes there and says hi girls.

Shahana asks why is he happy? Prachi says smile is stuck on his face. Sid says Aaliya will make him meet Mihika today, and tells that he had threatened her. Prachi says she is very dangerous and can do anything. Sid says she has taken my advantage and threw me out of the car. Shahana says I will go with him. Sid tells about her condition, that they shall do Diwali puja together. Prachi says she is afraid of her conditions, and asks him to be alerted. Sid says for Aaliya, we are going to marry and that’s why she will not to do anything to me.

Pandit ji comes there. Dida asks him to come. Pandit ji asks the married couples or the just two persons shall to do puja. Aaliya and Aryan do the puja. Aaliya gives aarti plate to Sid. Ranbir takes it from his hand and looks at Prachi. He goes to her and brings her to do aarti with him. Prachi and Ranbir do the aarti together, making Rhea upset. Pallavi looks on. After Prachi goes, Rhea comes to Ranbir and holds the aarti plate to do aarti with him. He leaves the aarti plate.

Shahana comes to the front and takes the aarti late. Rhea is forced to do aarti with Shahana. She recalls her words that whoever does aarti with Ranbir, Kumkum bhagya will be in her destiny. Pandit ji asks everyone to say jai and tells that Lakshmi puja is completed and asks them to light up all the diyas. Prachi says she will light the diya. Aaliya thinks Prachi will die. Sid sees Aaliya smiling and tells Rhea that he wants to meet Mihika. Ranbir asks Neha to do a favor on him.

Prachi lights the diyas. Ranbir sees Prachi and says he finds Prachi. He says he is the first husband who wants his wife to scold him, and says their love will be different from others, says I love you Prachi. Rhea is in her room and looks down from her window. She tells Aaliya that she is looking at Prachi, she is holding her life in her hand. She says just as the tailor told that the dupatta will catch fire and she will be burnt into ashes. Aaliya says you are seeing the best show of your life.

Rhea says I am watching last day show of Prachi’s life. She says why to take risk and says she don’t want to be anywhere near her, and don’t want anything to happen to her. Aaliya says she is washing her sin with the fire, and says Prachi and her baby will be burnt in ashes and Sid will die too. She says all our enemies will be killed today. She sees Aryan standing. Aaliya turns and looks at Aryan. Aryan looks on shocked.

Ranbir comes to Prachi and holds the diya. He says you have lit the diyas. Prachi asks where is your Neha? Ranbir says I will call her. Prachi says he wants excuses to call Neha, and says I am chikchiki and will eat his head, then he will ask Neha to save him. Dida asks what is she murmuring alone? Prachi asks what is Neha and Ranbir’s connection? Ranbir hears her and thinks she is jealous?

Ranbir gets happy. Vikram comes there and asks what doing? Ranbir says nothing. Vikram says your Mom called you to burn crackers with you. Ranbir says what is the use of burning crackers and tells that they shall do it without pollution. He says we have lit the Diyas. Pallavi comes there and thanks Ranbir. She tells Ranbir that Vikram called him on her name, and tells that they don’t burn the crackers. Vikram says how the Diwali is celebrated without the crackers.

Aryan asks if I can come inside. Aaliya says yes. Aryan says he came to take his charger. Aaliya asks him to return her other phone which he took to play the games. He says ok and leaves. Aaliya tells Rhea that it is good that she didn’t tell him anything. Rhea looks down from the window and tells Aaliya that Ranbir is closer to Prachi. She says she has to go else Ranbir will be burnt and she hates burnt marks on the body, and if he gets marks on his face. She goes. Aaliya calls Aryan and thinks pick the call.

Ranbir calls Neha and gives her compliments. Prachi thinks don’t know why he is cracking jokes and laughing. Dida thinks she is jealous in love. Rhea thinks what the hell, now Ranbir is happy with this girl too? Prachi thinks she can’t hear what they are talking? Ranbir asks Neha to laugh aloud as Prachi is coming. Neha laughs aloud. Prachi comes to Ranbir and tells that Mom is calling him, and tells Neha that her Dad is calling her. Rhea comes and asks Neha to go as her dad is calling her.

Ranbir asks Pallavi if she is calling him. Pallavi says no. Prachi tells Neha that Ranbir is her husband and she is his wife. She asks her to go. Neha goes. Ranbir also goes. Rhea says you are doing wrong that you are claiming to be Ranbir’s wife. She says Ranbir will not become your husband as you have done aarti with him. Prachi says I haven’t done just aarti with him, but have taken rounds with him, so for the next 7 births, Ranbir is mine and this Kumkum bhagya too. She goes to light the diyas. Rhea gets angry recalling her words, and sees Prachi’s dupatta on the ground.


Kumkum Bhagya 20th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Aaliya tells Rhea infront of driver that just as Sid sits in the car. The driver will ask him to drive the car himself. He says just as the car starts, it will fall in the death valley and his breath will stop. Aryan sits on the driving seat of the car where Sid is also there. Pallavi tells Aaliya that she saw Aryan helping everyone and he was driving the black car. Aaliya gets tensed.

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Telecast Date:19th October 2022
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