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Kumkum Bhagya 18th January 2022 Pallavi informs Rhea that Prachi has just left this house but not their lives, she will come back, today, tomorrow or after a month, but the fact is that she is going to come back, and if when she comes back and doesnot find her belongings then will create disturbance in their lives,

Rhea exclaims till, the time she comes back, she should get irritated by watching her belongings, Pallavi asks her to calm down because they should let Ranbir take care of this as if this happens then Prachi would feel as Ranbir doesnot want her, which will be a blessing for her, she questions if this room is more important to her then Ranbir, Aaliya questions where is Ranbir because he might have gone to the police station, Pallavi decides to call Ranbir.

Ranbir is waiting when he receives the call from Pallavi, he thinks that he cannot ask for her help because Prachi has made a lot of people her enemies, he answers the call so Pallavi questions where is he,

he replies that he had a meeting so needed to come out of Delhi, Pallavi questions why did he not tell them this, Ranbir apologizes to her assuring he will come back tomorrow, Pallavi replies that she needed to go shopping with him but for now will leave with his father.

Rhea agrees with Pallavi exclaiming that she will send the worker to put the belongings of Prachi in the place, she leaves so Aaliya exclaims even if Ranbir is not here today what are they going to say when he comes back, because if he decides to go and help Prachi, Rhea will not be able to bear him going away from her,

they all know how she reacts when Ranbir goes away from her, Pallavi thinks of the past when she jumped from the balcony and also tried to kill herself, she assures Rhea is her daughter and she has taken the full responsibility of her, she will never let anything happen to her.

Ranbir is anxiously waiting for his flight to be on time since he needs to reach back home as soon as possible, he will make sure Prachi is released, he think nothing like this should have happened but Prachi doesnot want to take the help of anyone even when he offered, he thinks how she refused to take his help, Ranbir exclaims that Prachi has hugged the problems as soon as he left the country,

Ranbir wonders how he had decided to leave the country this Lordhi as the memories which he had are really beautiful but they make him tensed, he thinks how he made a fool of Prachi last year. Ranbir recalls that Prachi was going for the pooja when he stopped her exclaiming that they both would go at the same time since he desires to once again fulfil the ritual which will make their relationship even stronger, he hears that the flight to Delhi is about to leave.

In the morning Pallavi open the door, Jai greets her requesting the files which are needed for the meeting, she offers him to come inside, Vikram also asks him to have tea but he insists that he has already had the breakfast,

Vikram asks him to not refuse since this way he would also get the tea, Jai asks if he doesnot get tea Vikram replies he doesnot get it often, Pallavi mentions she can hear them both, however they make an excuse mentioning they were talking about the files, Vikram leaves to get them after requesting her to bring tea for both of them, Pallavi asks Jai to sit down.

Jai receives a call from Ranbir, he questions where has he reached till now, Ranbir replies he is at the police station and even called the lawyer, Jai questions why did he call him, asking if it is about the meeting,

Ranbir replies that he called to thank him because he sometimes scolds him but he doesnot react, and not because he is his boss but as a friend, Jai replies that he knows how important Prachi is for him but Ranbir exclaims she is not that important, Jai replies he knows because he came after just hearing that Prachi got arrested so came back leaving his meeting.

Ranbir entering the police station requests the inspector to allow his wife so she can come and sit at the bench, inspector questions if he was the one who called last night, Ranbir apologizes saying he was just restless because he was not able to talk with his wife, but he apologized to him, the inspector refuses to allow Prachi to come out as it is not according to the rules, Ranbir exclaims he can understand what he meant but he should understand his point, he only had one way of calling her on the police station so they will use the public phone, inspector asks him to sit on the bench,

Ranbir once again requests him to allow Prachi to come out of the lockup as it doesnot seem nice, inspector replies it is not nice that one pretends to be an income tax officer, Ranbir is tensed to see how she is sitting, Inspector exclaims his head is aching a lot so he is also going to send tea for him, they both get into a heated argument when Ranbir exclaims he will not leave until; Prachi is brought out of the lockup, his lawyer is coming with the bail papers, Sahana sees Prachi crying but she replies that she has tears because of hormone changes which occur during pregnancy.

Ranbir replies to his rules should be thrown away, inspector says that this cannot happen, but Ranbir would be locked in jail, he orders Manoj to put Ranbir in the lockup.

Pallavi walks into the room in anger, Vikram questions if she has seen his red file, she exclaims Ranbir has come back to Delhi, Vikram exclaims it is for good, Pallavi questions if he did not hear her because she said Ranbir has come back but not in this house, he has gone to save Prachi. She exclaims why is he not saying anything,

Vikram questions what can they say to a boy who did not even care to inform them about returning and it would not have any affect, Pallavi asks if he doesnot know what Ranbir did the last time but this time she is the wife of Ranbir so they do not know what she will do now, Vikram exclaims Ranbir has Prachi in her mind so they cannot stop anyone from thinking, he turns to leave when Aaliya is standing at the door, she coming in says to Pallavi that Ranbir should not have done this.

Ranbir is thrown into the cell, he questions what they are doing because he never wanted to come into the cell, the inspector exclaims if he should have talked nicely then would have heard but he started shouting, Ranbir replies he talked nicely revealing that his lawyer was coming but the inspector was not interested in listening, the inspector leaves saying he cannot bear anyone making threats in his police station.

Ranbir asks why is she looking because he came to help her, she questions if he desires to do this by being locked up, Ranbir replies he was talking nicely but got angry so was a little loud which also angered the police station,

Prachi exclaims this is the best quality of Ranbir as he tends to make everyone angry, Ranbir replies he had left for London and was in Mumbai but he came back for her by taking the first flight, but she has a lot of anger, he asks for one reason, as she should not be angered with those who came to help her, she asks if she asked for his help because when those who mean a lot tend to go away then they need to get angry.

Ranbir exclaims she should have at least appreciated that he came to help, Prachi mentions she doesnot want his help because it causes more problems, she questions Sahana why she called him when Prachi ask him not to, Ranbir stops Sahana mentioning that she will also be scolded because this is what Prachi does, Ranbir mentions he has a problem that why she only fights with her family.

Prachi replies he is right as she gets angry with only her husband, sister or mother in law, Ranbir asks why is she bringing Rhea and mom into this because he desires they both should talk without any interruption as it will solve a lot of the problems, Prachi questions what will it do when there is nothing left between them, Ranbir requests the constable to transfer him to another cell,

Prachi exclaims that he has a habit of leaving in a problem, Ranbir replies that he accepts he was at fault but she is intelligent so should have solved ait, Sahana asks them both to stop when the lady also questions why is she scolding her since she is pregnant, Ranbir in shock asks pregnant, the lady replies she heard them both talking because that girl is pregnant.

Pallavi exclaims that she is worried because she herself knows Ranbir is not doing it right but what can they do now as she heard what Vikram said, Aaliya mentions that she can do it herself because she is the owner of the family, they can make this Lordhi memorable for Rhea as it is her first event in this house, Pallavi exclaims they need to go for shopping as Mummi jee has asked her to buy some things for the event. She will surely make the event memorable for Rhea.


Kumkum Bhagya 19th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rhea tells Pallavi, Ranbir still didn’t come. He had said that he’s going to come. Dadi tells Pallavi, Vikram, Aaliya, you guys didn’t tell her? Rhea looks on. Prachi tells Ranbir, I am not that Prachi with whom you fell in love. He says, exactly, Prachi that you are right now.. no one in the world can love you.

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