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Kumkum Bhagya 12th August 2022 Episode starts with Ranbir asking everyone to give their mobiles and says landlines will be cut until Sid comes here. Shahana gives her phone first. Dida asks others to give their phones. Everyone gives their mobiles.

Ranbir locks the mobiles in the drawer and gives keys to Dida, asking her not to give keys to anyone. Aaliya signs Shaina to be quiet. Shaina says I am her friend and she needs my support. Aaliya asks Shaina not to make noise..

Rhea asks her to be quiet and says your noise is paining my ears. Aaliya says you can’t talk to be like this infront of you, I am elder. Rhea says I can do anything, as I am worried, irritated and frustrated. Aaliya says you are idiot too, as you took Sid’s name. Rhea says she was bluffing and everyone was behind it.

She says Ranbir believed me last time. Aaliya says there is a lot of difference in him. She says I am elder, talks are big and also plans. Shaina says Badi bua, buji is right. Rhea and Aaliya ask her to shut up.

Ranbir comes to Prachi. Prachi says that Rhea told so much and you will not ask any questions. Ranbir keeps his finger on her mouth and says he doesn’t care about what other says, and his heart has testified. He says if I haven’t doubted you then we would have been together and happy.

He says I am the reason of your tears and going through the same pain as you. He says my pain is that how can I trouble the person I love. He wipes her tears and says it can flow only when it is happy tears. He says he is the reason for her tears and gets teary eyes. She wipes his tears and asks what is the reason for your tears? Pallavi comes there and says sorry for disturbing them.

Ranbir asks why are you crying? Vikram says she is crying seeing you crying. She used to make you sit in her lap in your childhood. He says wipe your wife’s tears and I will wipe my Pallavi’s tears. He praises Pallavi. Dida tells that she has prayed in the temple to ward off bad sight from my family. Rhea comes there.

Dida asks her to take prasad. Rhea thinks it is not Prachi’s pregnancy, but avatar of God, for whom everyone is getting mad. She thinks at one time they don’t want to see her face and now. Dida asks Rhea to have prasad. Rhea ignores Dida and goes.

Shaina asks Aaliya if she has problem as she is sharing room with her. Aaliya asks her to help her place the bedsheet. Rhea pulls the bedsheet and asks what are you doing? Aaliya says you can’t talk to me like this. Rhea asks how can you sleep?

Aaliya says sleep is needed for peaceful mind. Rhea asks until when you make your mind rest. Aaliya says you don’t have mind and that’s why you plan without a thought. Rhea says you are insulting me infront of my friend. Aaliya says your friend is insulting you. Rhea says everyone loves Prachi and not me.

Aaliya says we know this from before. Rhea says Mom, your friend Pallavi used to love me, and was on my side. Aaliya says she doesn’t like you now and hates you, it might be your mistake. Rhea says it is not my fault, it all started after Prachi’s party, Mom took 180 degrees U turn and my life took 360 degrees turn.

She says I thought they will believe Priya and that’s why called her. Aaliya says how they will believe, you have taken Sid’s name. Rhea says she will give her life. Aaliya says Prachi will take her life, and not you.

Rhea asks her to do something and says she is feeling alone. She hugs her. Rhea says I will come in sometime. Shaina says don’t know what happened to her, and asks if she has gone crazy. Aaliya says you don’t have right to say anything, I am her Buji and can say.

Pallavi tells Prachi that she is not alone, but all of them are with her. Dida says last time you was alone, but now we are with you. Vikram asks Prachi not to have 1 percent doubt. Shahana tells Prachi that she always wished that her sasural family shall be with her. She says your vanvas is over.

Rhea is going from there. Dida asks her to take prasad. Rhea says I know that I shouldn’t have said all that this way. Shahana asks her to save her energy when Sid comes back. Vikram’s phone rings. He takes keys from Dida and talks to Sid on video call. Sid says he will reach in the evening as the flight is cancelled.

Vikram asks him to switch off his phone till then. Sid asks if everything is fine. Vikram says yes. Sid switches off his phone. Rhea looks on. Shahana returns everyone’s phone to them. Rhea takes her phone and is about to go. Prachi tells Rhea that she proved her wrong always, first you thought bad about me, tried to make me bad and now you are blaming the baby who is not yet born.

Rhea says what about you have done with me? Prachi says you don’t know and that’s why shut your mind. She says I left home, as my family’s trust was broken and Ranbir didn’t trust me. He says now all the family’s love and support is with me, and says I don’t feel bad for all the accusations.

She says she got courage from her family and wants her family. She says I don’t want to keep someone here, who plays dirty games, as you will question about my baby’s father and my character. Rhea says these questions will be there. Shahana says proof is coming, you shall come when Sid comes.

Rhea says until Sid comes, you shall not call your baby as Ranbir’s baby. She says it is not proved, whose baby it is. Prachi asks her to shut up. Rhea says truth will not hide. Prachi says my truth will not wait for anyone, I will get the DNA test done in the morning and will slap the reports on you.

Ranbir says you don’t need to do the test, we all trust you. Prachi says let me do what I want to, if you don’t want me to get stress. She says we will go to get DNA test done in the morning. Rhea says it is absolutely fine. Prachi goes. Rhea asks Ranbir if he is not feeling love for her. Ranbir says I never loved you, love happens only once, but you didn’t understand. He tells Prachi that they will go to get DNA test in the morning. Rhea panics.

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