Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 8th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 8th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on writtenepisode.com

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 8th October 2021 Sanjana apologizes to Dev saying he can do whatever he can and she will accept any sort of punishment, she just desires a second chance as these two words give a second chance, she is about to touch his finger while he looks away, suddenly Sonakshi questions what is going on and they both get shocked.

Some time earlier, Sanjana is with a card reader who asks her to pick the cards without worrying as she will herself choose those cards which are already written in her fate, Sanjana selects them then the card reader explains she has lost her love as the person she loves doesnot come near her or leaves her, the card reader explains there is always a villain in her love story, Sanjana asks about the person, she replies it is Sanjana herself hearing which she gets shocked, Alena is standing outside the tyro cards readers den, greets her social network followers explaining how she reached the place where she promised them all, so she enters the place.

Alena sits beside Sanjana who asks the reader what is she saying, the card reader replies that cards say so because she always loves such a person who is already married or runs away from commitment, Alena gets suspicious hearing the voice, Sanjana asks the card reader if her love story would never be completed, the card readers replies how she can finally see it all and the cards explain there is a road block between her love and if it is removed then there is no problem, Sanjana thinks there is no other roadblock then Sonakshi, Alena tries to search for her but is not able to find her, she finally sees Sanjana walking away in the mirror.

Ishwari in the house asks all three of the children to put forward their hands, Soha asks what is the friendship band for when it is not even that day, Sonakshi mentions it is not that band but Ishwari says does Sonakshi not know it is the band of friendship with god to make their relation strong, Shuv exclaims he is the most strong, Ishwari first ties it on the hands of Soha, then Aayush and finally Shuv, he asks for a second one for his video game console since it keeps on falling and breaks down,

Ishwari hands another band to him, Soha also asks for a second one, Dev asks who is it for, she ties it on the hand of Ishwari mentioning since Dadi always gets tired and has pain in her feet, she is tying it so Ishwari has a strong connecting with god and her pain is relieved, so she can make her favourite food for them, Shuv exclaims he would also tie it to her hand, Ishwari sends them all to have the breakfast.

Dev and Sonakshi both request Ishwari to not keep the varth since she is diabetic and will not be able to remain healthy after keeping it, Ishwari explains they must not be worried since she has her belief with her, Sonakshi asks Ishwari what should they do to keep someone from the bad omen, Ishwari asks why is she suddenly asking about it, Neha also asks if she is asking this for Dev bhai, Dev jokes saying he would himself attack the bad omen, Ishwari explains she would tell Sonakshi when she returns.

Soha is in her bedroom where she has made an entire web of Dev’s relations, she mentions how Dev was just in her heart but now has become a part of her life so she has the right to also be a part of his life, she knows that everything is fair in love and war so some of those in her life would get and it is right under any circumstance.

Sonakshi steps out of the car, she sees Soha waving someone so asks if she is the mother of any of her friends, Soha says that she just waved because the women also waved, Aayush replies there is nothing to worry about since they have the friendship with god which Dadi tied on their hands, Sonakshi explains she was thinking of making a commando team but now they cannot be a part of it,

Aayush and Soha insist when Sonakshi explains that there are some rules, the first that if they witness anyone is trying to talk with them, they would tell the teacher and inform their parents about anything which happens in the school, they both agree when Sonakshi asks for a kiss, Aayush exclaims they are in the school and it would seem weird, Sonakshi says she can kiss the friend who finds it weird, but then just sends them both away.

Dev is sitting in the office, Sanjana comes to the cabin, Dev immediately stands in anger seeing her, she explains that she is aware the word sorry is really small after what she has done but she is really sorry for it, she knows she crossed her limits that day because she hurt the person whom she respects the most, she with her thinking made him really uncomfortable,

she doesnot know what she was thinking, he has always taken care of her as an employee and she thought of it in the wrong manner, she felt he loved her but is really embarrassed about that incident, he turns away his face, she coming in front of him seeks his apology, Dev turns his face saying there is no need for it, she sees he placed his hand on the table so she tries to touch it but he turns before she is able to,

Sanjana replies she never had the strength to come to the office but need to apologize to him, she even asks him to thank Sonakshi for what she said, Dev replies he knew she was very straight forward so what is the thankyou for, Sanjana mentions she crossed her limits hurting him and Sonakshi both, she was the one who gave her the fact check for which she would be grateful.

Dev explains it would be best if she is transferred to the other branch, Sanjana requests him to not do this because she has made a lot of effort in calling this city as her home and spent all of her savings in searching for her niece, Dev replies he doesnot want her involved in all of this, Sanjana assures she would not come near her but would be relieved to see someone to whom she is related is near her.

Dev once again turns away, she calmly walks near him mentioning she needs a second chance and feels she is worthy of it, Sanjana exclaims she would leave if he doesnot feel the same, Dev calls her from behind mentioning she just deserves a second chance, Sonakshi standing at the entrance asks what is he saying, questioning what is going on here.


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 9th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sanjana in the room picks the Mangal Sutur exclaiming this is the locket because of which Sonakshi has so much arrogance, she vows that one day Dev sir would himself make her wear it after which she will be a part of his life, Sanjana in her anger breaks it, Sonakshi while walking reaches the room, she is shocked to see Sanjana who also gets tensed.

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Telecast Date:8th October 2021
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