Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3rd September 2021 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3rd September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on writtenepisode.com

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3rd September 2021 Dev is driving the car thinking that the station is half an hour away and Sonakshi would already be waiting, Sonakshi wonders where has she placed her mobile, Dev rushes to the police station going to the inspector, he says Sanjana is their employee, the inspector mentions that she neither had the papers nor the driving license so they don’t have to inform him that she has broken the law, the inspector explains she needs to be taught some lesson because she made the mistake and even yelled at them, Dev says that he would pay any fine, the inspector asks if he is actually Mr Dev dixit who made the free clinic, they the refuse to accept any fine.

Gollu is sitting when Soha comes asking why is he so angry, Soha says that he would always be her best friend but she leaves, Aayush sees Gollu so brings some popcorns, Gollu secretly tries to take them but leaves when Aayush says he can have some, Aayush explains he would show him all the tricks to make the Rubik’s cube but then he must first become best friends with Soha, Gollu explains that he knows her so she would surely come back, she comes back with rackets asking them to play badminton, Gollu replies that Aayush is teaching him how to solve it, then when Soha also requests him Gollu replies that girls are not that smart enough, Soha however runs after them both in anger.

Dev goes to the Café but then thinks he is very late and Sonakshi might have left after waiting, Dev walks into the house at night, Ishwari asks what has happened because he seems really tensed, Dev leaves saying that he is not hungry, he goes into the room where Sonakshi is waiting, Dev apologizes saying he knows she was waiting for him but he was not able to reach on time, Sonakshi says he would now say that he was not able to come because of the workload so why can he not accept that she is no longer his priority, Dev tries to explain but Sonakshi explains that she needed him but he was not there and god forbid if something wrong happened to his mother, Dev would not have talked with her the rest of his life let alone forgive her, she needed him to take care of her and comfort her but he was not there so how can he trust her now, Dev gets a text which angers her even more saying she is talking with him but he is looking at his texts, Dev putting the mobile down mentions he is listening to her, he gets another text when Sonakshi picks up the mobile and reads the text asking who is she because he went to her instead of them.

Dev coming near her says she should trust her that he had something important because of which he had to go to her, Sonakshi explains some things are not said but felt, she has understood that she was never on his priority list before and might not even come up now, Dev asks how she said it because they have just hired her, she was driving their company’s car, so he had to leave. Dev explains he made a mistake for which he is sorry, he tries to explain he did not know how serious Asha maa was otherwise he would never have gone for that seminar, he was not able to recognize it so then is sorry, Sonakshi leaves him going to lie down on the bed, Dev is not able to console her.

In the morning Sonakshi brings the yoga mat, she is shocked to see Dev talking with someone on the mobile, he is all dressed up apologizing to Sonakshi saying that he is not going to join her, Ishwari comes asking why is leaving as the breakfast is ready, she forcefully takes him with her, Sonakshi is a state of confusion wonders how can Dev be so calm when she shared such a big secret with him, she thinks of removing such bad omens from her heart.

Sanjana is performing the yoga with her friend, she thinks of the moments spent with Dev and how he is a really nice and successful person who is always there for her, her friend says that she needs to perform the exercise and not sleep, Sanjana explains she is dreaming with her eyes open and they are really special as they can be whatever they like, her friend says she knows Sanjana would be thinking of her Dev sir, Sanjana replies that her Dev sir is like a trespasser and has come into her dream, her friend says there is no need for her to be worried of Dev since is already in a relationship.

Bijoy is sitting thinking the women said she wants him to call her whenever he misses her, Saurabh comes saying that the boy would leave after reading the rule book and suddenly there is a someone at the door, Ronita asks him to open it however Saurabh mentions that it would be the PG but he will not open the door since anyone would leave after reading the rules, Ronita opens it and the PG walks in sitting, Bijoy hands him the rules, after reading them the PG is really happy with them, Saurabh says he can come tomorrow but the PG explains he has brought everything.

Dev is with Dr Navya saying that he knows Sonakshi must have felt really hurt after she lost her mother, but he was not there with her, he knows it was wrong but wants to make it up to Sonakshi as he really cares for her, Dr Navya explains that he is the only one who knows how to make it up to Sonakshi since he is her husband.

Sonakshi says she is really glad at least Alena is able to focus on her work which she is not able to, she explains that she revealed the pain which she kept hidden in her heart for so long as she did not want Dev to be in any sort of tension, but the problem is that she even after telling him about it, she feels there is nothing wrong as he doesnot seem concerned. Sonakshi mentions she feels that she has just ruined her own wounds.

Dev is with the Dr who replies she cannot help him find the means with which he can mend his relation with Sonakshi but is glad that she was able to share her biggest secret with him because this proves the strength which still exists in their relation, Dev replies it is weird as sometimes it is easy to make a relation but difficult to fulfil them, and if there is something wrong in the relation, it is really difficult to mend them. He feels everything now is just like a task with this being the most difficult one, he is worried if he fails in this task then their relation and Sonakshi would also fail, he requests the doctor to not tell Sonakshi about anything so stands up to leave.


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 4th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Vicky calls Sonakshi informing that Dev has gotten in an accident so she should immediately come to the location, Sonakshi reaches the location calling out to both Dev and Vicky.

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Telecast Date:3rd September 2021
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