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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 2nd September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on writtenepisode.com

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 2nd September 2021 Dev explains he will show her the details of the project as then she will have a better idea, he turns the laptop however she drops her mobile and after sitting up he has removed the wallpaper to show her the layout of the flats, she explains that why should they not also give a balcony in these low budgets flats as then they would also seem luxurious, Dev really is impressed with the idea but then gets an alarm so then mentions that they would have to wait for tomorrow because he has something important, she however requests him to wait for just five minutes but then Dev explains whatever is about to happen is more important than any project.
Dev and Sonakshi are in the session when Dr Navia explains that she has done her homework really well, and it is impressive, Dev handing her his tasks explains he feels that he might not be able to get that sort of praise, Dr Navia asks who does he not trust, he replies that it is both her attitude and his work, Sonakshi explains that it would not work when he has searched the internet how to make up the wife, he asks how does she know, she replies that she looked how he was looking for old poetry, Dev says he was trying something new and she must look on her efforts, Sonakshi explains that he doesnot even understand the poetry himself, Dev agrees saying she knows him best, Sonakshi asks him to do small things that are from his heart, Dev replies that he does it all for her, he was with her and even fived her car, Sonakshi says that she feels he maintains a memory of it all, Dev asks what does she mean as he always does everythinbg for her, he has always kept his children and her life as a property, Sonakshi replies it si not the case asking where was he when her mother was ill and died, he went for his trip which he could not miss, Dr Navia gets stunned seeing them both fighting, Dev and Sonakshi both feel awkward.

Ishwari asks Baldev to listen as she did not expect this from Sonakshi because she took her son to the mental clinic when Baldev replies this is not the case as it is the clinic which the married couples go to end any differences, Radha turning on Anita asks what to tell Baldev, he then advises her to ask Radha to stop, Baldev mentions that she must not be worried because Dev is not a child and would not agree for anything which he doesnot want, he tries to advise Ishwari to not do anything of the sort as it might harm the relation as sometimes they are not able to reveal what is in their hearts in front of the family members but would be able to reveal it to any outsider, Ishwari asks if she accepts what he is trying to explain, how would Dev say anything in front of a stranger when he did not complain about Sonakshi to his own mother, Baldev leaves after getting a call, Ishwari requests Radha to give her the contact of the doctor.

Dr Naviya explains Sonakshi is not wrong as she has finally revealed what was hidden in her heart for so long, as sometimes such things cause the relations to end, she asks Sonakshi to look towards Dev as he doesnot even know she is hurt because of this incident, Dev apologizes to her asking why did she not complain about it to him or said anything, Sonakshi replies it was not for her to say but he needed to understand now he is worried about his relation with Maa, he expects her to always stay with his mother whenever she needs her but why could she not expect this from him, even when his relation is of a son in law he need to be with her, she then leaves, Dev explains he really did not know anything, Dr Navya says that it is food he now knows what the problem is because this is the only way he can work to solve them.

Bijoy is angry while Saurabh, Ronita and Alena are standing still, he explains that there are now some rules which need to be followed in this house, no one would be served tea after seven or given breakfast after eight, Saurabh replies that he doesnot wake up before ten, Bijoy warns him to correct this attitude, Ronita tries to explain they cannot restrict the Pg. because she even lived as a Pg however Bijoy leaves, Alena explains she would surely get Bijoy to calm down.

Dev is sitting in the car trying to call Sonakshi however she constantly declines his calls, he sends her a voice note explaining she must not think her parents don’t mean anything to her, this video will prove how much Asha Maa meant to him, she starts weeping after playing the video then he sends her another one requesting her to come to their favourite café at 6 pm.

Dev is with Vicky explaining this is the first time after so long that Sonakshi opened up to him and revealed the reason why she remained so angry with him, he would now try to prove how much her parents mean to him.

Radha and Ishwari are sitting when Radha forcefully takes Ishwari into the cabin of Dr Navia, her assistant explains how she tried to stop them, but they don’t listen, Dr Navia asks what do they require, Ishwari explains she is the mother of Dev Dixit, she asks them both to sit down asking if they would like to have something to drink, Ishwari refuses however Radha demands a fresh juice, Ishwari explains that she wants to ask her a question as this place doesnot seem like a clinic or hospital, the doctor replies it is because she deals with the emotions to make them come back on the correct path, Ishwari tries to take the side of her son requesting the doctor to not listen to any blames of Sonakshi against her son as he is not like that, Dr Navya replies she has never complained about him, she explains that just like when Dev was young she would place her hand over his head to show how much she loved her, they both are doing the same here so that all the problems that are present in their relation end, she requests just one thing from her that she must be patient.

Alena says that he was not happy with first pg. she brought someone new, Bijoy asks who is she, then the women says she is the friend of Radhai and her name is Lily, he needs to open his heart as she can be his, she is still single in relation and even in this town, she is ready to mingle in this town and their house, as soon as she found out there was a room empty in his house, she decided to come and live with such an iron man as then she would be safe, she asks if she can stay but Bijoy replies they have already given the room to the boy, he scolds Saurabh asking him to call the pg, he drops her off at the gate, Alena thanks her that she was able to help her as if she had not done them a favour, Bijoy would not have ever accepted to a;;pw the person to live with them.

Sonakshi is waiting for Dev in the café, he is driving when he gets a call from Sanjana who says that she is in trouble le as the police have brought her, the police inspector take the mobile explaining that her car was parked on the road and she did not have her license or the papers, they have found out the car is registered in the name of Ishwari infotech, Dev explains he is the owner of that company but the inspector says that he would have to come down, Dev decides to inform Sonakshi but is not able to reach her as the waiter accidentally takes her mobile.


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 3rd September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Vicky informs Sonakshi that Dev has gotten in an accident, he is sending her the location so she should come immediately, Sonakshi reaches the location shouting for both Vicky and Dev.

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Telecast Date:2nd September 2021
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