Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 11th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 11th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on writtenepisode.com

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 11th October 2021 Sonakshi comes to Sanjana, she goes to Dev asking what happened that he forgot everything and allowed Sanjana to work, Dev asks her to let him explain but she mentions there is nothing left to explain, he takes her outside the cabin to talk with her, Sanjana is left alone in the office, she stands in front of the desk, picking up the glass of water, she recalls how Dev was drinking from it, she takes a sip from it which immediately puts a smile on her face.

Sonakshi exclaims Sanjana is trying to manipulate her, Dev explains he believes she learned her lesson, he was about to transfer her, Sonakshi exclaims he did not do it because she made him confuse, Dev says she might have made him confuse but he also got the text of her friend Rena who was worried she might go into depression,

Sonakshi asks him to push her away as soon as possible, Dev replies he is worried if they get rigid with her she might tell Soha everything, Sonakshi asks who can say she will not do it when Dev explains she herself promised she would not come in between their lives as then she will be sure that Soha is save with them.

Sanjana puts down the glass, she says that it was all a plan to come near him who is not with her, she opens his laptop placing a USB and then starts transferring the files, she thinks how she would make sure she gets what she wants.

Sonakshi exclaims she doesnot know if this decision is the right one but has he thought how would Maa feel when she comes to know that Sanjana is still working in the office, Dev explains it is better for them as then they would be able to keep an eye on Sanjana, he exclaims what is the worry when MR Obodro is with Sonakshi as till they can have the pillow fights, they can win anything, Sonakshi mentions that his name is MR Obodro but actually he is a really nice person, she leaves after getting a call from her office, so asks him to take care of the person who is waiting for the second chance.

Sanjana is in the office, she is transferring the files from the laptop when Dev is walking towards the cabin, she very hurriedly covers the USB with the paper, he enters explaining that he has talked with Sonakshi and they have agreed to give her a second chance, Sanjana smiles thanking him when he warns this is the last chance which she will get so she must never forget the decorum which she has to maintain between an employer and employee, Sanjana gets worried about the USB, she purposefully drops the file, which Dev leans to pick up, she very quickly takes out the USB, Sanjana thanks Dev for giving her the second chance, she turns to leave.

Sonakshi is in the car, Sanjana very secretly enters in the car, Sonakshi gets scared so questions what is she doing in her car, Sanjana explains she feels Sonakshi got in a lot of trouble because of her so she also wanted to apologize her personally, Sonakshi asks her to leave but Sanjana replies she had to talk about Soha,

Sonakshi asks her to stay then starts driving, she questions what does Sanjana want to say about Soha, Sanjana replies that she has come to realize Soha is really happy with them so she will never come in her life, Sanjana takes out a knife, Sonakshi hears the sound, she questions what was it but Sanjana replies it was nothing, Sonakshi questions where should she drop her, Sanjana replies the Ishwari house,

Sonakshi gets tensed when Sanjana exclaims she can drop her near her house, Sonakshi stops the car at which Sanjana takes out the doll house, explaining it is a memory from her childhood with her elder sister, she desires that Sonakshi give it to Soha so she can finally play with it. Sanjana walks out of the car smiling while Sonakshi is worried about her.

Sanjana reaches her house, she starts dancing on a song imaging that Dev is with her, she finally opens her laptop in which she can see Dev working, because of the camera which she hacked on his laptop, she in her madness picks it up asking Dev to see the portrait which she has made, Sanjana shuts down the laptop thinking that she should be beside him as she loves him the most and not Sonakshi.

Radha is sitting with the family, she says she did not like Sanjana the first time when she saw her because how can someone like a dish made by someone unknown so much that she was not able to stop praising it, she knew it was fake and she was just trying to make her position in this family, Radha questions Sonakshi asking why was she not able to judge Sanjana, Alena is about to reveal the truth when Sonakshi stops her, Sonakshi is really worried thinking about when Sanjana proposed to Dev.

Radha sees Dev coming in so asks what he has thought about Sanjana, Dev hesitantly replies he along with Sonakshi has decided to not transfer Sanjana out of Mumbai, Ishwari along with Radha are shocked, Ishwari explains it is their decision but she would be relieved when Sanjana is miles away from this house, Radha says that Baldev is out of the city but if he were present then his reaction would be the same, Dev explains that they cannot let Sanjana go away from Soha because she is her aunt and might demand her custody, Neha also points out saying it is not that easy because just like they had the right on Aayush, Sanjana also has a right on Soha, they should be glad that she has not demanded any custodial rights.

The lawyer greets Dev, he welcomes the lawyer explaining to the family that he is their company’s lawyer, Ishwari asks Neha to bring water, Dev asks him what he found, the lawyer replies after carefully studying the case, he came to the conclusion that under such circumstance the blood relations are the ones who get the custodial rights, everyone gets shocked.


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi 12th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Dev enters the house with Sanjana, Shuv exclaims his new friend has come back, Sanjana greeting Soha explains she is not just her friend, she however stops before revealing her true relation.

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Telecast Date:11th October 2021
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