Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 6th May 2022 Written Episode Update


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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 6th May 2022 Kashi asks Bhiubai to punish her husband but please become a sister and a daughter again first. Radha makes her wear the jewelry again. Baji hugs her. Kashi says you will decide if you want to wear his mangalsutra again or punish him. Bhiubai tells her husband that I will give you another chance but my condition is that you will be mine only.

Her husband makes her wear the mangalsutra and nods. Bhiubai thanks Kashi for giving her honor back, I pray that you are blessed with Baji and stay together forever. Bhiubai’s husband says I was blinded by my wealth but you have opened my eyes, he asks the women take their jewelry back.

Kashi comes to her room and finds it decorated with flowers. She finds a letter there so get ready for him and he won’t make her wait much anymore. Kashi smiles and says I can wait for him forever.

Baji jumps in the river and finds the stone. He comes to his room and finds Kashi ready there. He pulls her closer and smiles. He says my anger is my biggest problem, will you able to be forgive me? Kashi says dont’ apologize. Baji makes her wear her nose ring and lifts her in his arms.

They sits in the swing. Baji says I am accepting you as my wife fully, you have complete right on me. Kashi says I feel like I am seeing a dream. Baji pulls her closer and caresses her face. They lie in the bed, Baji romances with her. Kashi blushes but Baji pulls her back. They consummate their marriage.

Scene 2
In the morning, Kashi is getting ready, Baji comes there and pulls her closer. She says let me go, your sword would be jealous. Baji says my sword have to compromise with you now. Kashi looks at the nose ring he gifted her. She says this is beautiful, why did you add a third pearl in it?

Baji says I asked the seller to put two pearls in it, one for me and one for you but he added a third one. Kashi says it’s okay, it’s pretty. Baji says it’s pretty like your love. I don’t want to be away from you anymore. A soldier comes there and says there is a message for you.

Ragma asks Chimaji what is he doing this palace? Chimaji says Baji and Kashi are intelligent, I am not needed here. Ragma says we can go to my parents’ house, you will be respected there. Chimaji says are you pitying me too? I am Balaji’s son too, I just want a chance to prove myself. Ragma says you are sheltered here so you need to get out of here. Chimaji says you are right, I have to go to the meeting now.

The soldier tells Baji and Kashi that our enemies have surrounded our armies, we are not able to send food and water to them. Radha says Baji will go on a war there. Baji thinks I don’t want to be away from Kashi anymore. Radha asks Baji what happened? You never backed down from the war. Baji says it’s not like that. Kashi says we will protect our soldiers, she asks Sooriya to prepare for the war. Chimaji looks on.

Baji talks to Kashi and says I am not going on a war for the first time. Kashi says I just don’t want you away from me but I understand it’s your duty. Baji says my heart is at a war too. Kashi says I felt like life was giving us a break for the first time but I think I was wrong. I understand that I am a soldier’s wife. She presents his sword and says your duty is calling you. Baji hugs her and says I will be back soon. Kashi hugs him tightly.

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Telecast Date:6th May 2022
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