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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 4th January 2022 The maid tells Radha Kashi has fainted. Radha says no DIL can win from DIL. You accepted this challenge. Baji asks his men to look for Kashi. Bhaavni says to Mahadji I saw a very bad dream. I wanna meet Kashi.

He says Kashi won’t meet us. We will only keep it dark in this house until she forgives us. Shuibai says please tell me what to do. He says nothing can happen now. I thought I would make her life the best. We shoved her in punishment swamp. Baji says Kashi promised me she won’t leave saswad without telling me. Krishna says if she made a promise she would never break it. Annu says but she left.

Radha says Kashi what happened.. She says Baji.. Radha says Kashi.. everyone comes there. Baji says call the doctor. He takes Kashi to her room. Balaji says to Radha what is this? Can I know how she fainted? Radha says she’s scared of darkness. Balaji says enough. Baji brings Kashi to her room. He says Kashi open your eyes.

He says Krishna do you know any mantra? He says only Kashi knows all that. The doctor checks Kashi. Balaji says do you know how would Baji behave if he finds out what you are doing to Kashi. Radha says she’s my DIL. Balaji says she’s Baji’s wife first. I will tell Baji everything. radha says you won’t. Balaji says I will.

Scene 2
Kashi opens her eyes. The doctor asks how are you? Baji says what happened to you? Do you feel better? When did you leave your room? Kashi looks at Radha. Kashi says I was not feeling well. I went outside to walk and then I fainted. The doctor says Baji come with me I will make the medicine. Balaji says I will also go with you. I want to talk to you. Radha holds his hand. Kashi says you all stayed up for me?

Go and rest please. She asks Balaji and Radha to stay. Balaji says you should rest. Kashi looks the door. Balaji says I know why you shut the door so Baji doesn’t listen but I’ve to talk to him. Kashi says my dad was weak. He couldn’t speak in front of Shahu and got me married here. But I am not weak. I will face this challenge.

Give us one month. The one who loses will see. Radha says give us a month. Balaji says we told Baji his duties would change. He needs to know everything. My son doesn’t want me to speak between him and his wife. My wife tells me not to speak between her DIL and her. You do whatever you want.

Baji comes in and says why was door closed? Kashi says no a fourth person doesn’t come in. Baji says drink this medicine. She says it’s so bitter. I am fine now. Baji says drink it. I don’t know mantra like you. Kashi says do you work. he says don’t be stubborn? She says will this medicine fix my fate? Everyone can be stubborn and not me? Baji stops her. He says listen please.. He forces her to drink it. Kashi says what was this.. He says I know you can’t change your fate but we can try. Kashi says is this the way? He says I only know this way. Kashi says in heart I accept this challenge too.

Radha comes to Kashi with the timetable. Kashi says will you give it to me again and then lock me? Take me there again, I won’t faint again. Radha says I have many other ways too. Kashi says how many times does he sleep? She says 5 hours. Kashi says 5 soldiers come here. Kashi says to her soliders you all will stay with your Baji. Keep an eye on this table and follow his routine. Radha gives it to them.

Scene 3
The doctor makes another medicine. Baji says can’t it be sweet? He says how can medicine be sweet? The doctor says you never had a problem with bitter sweets. Krishna says he is married now. He must be looking for sweet medicine for Kashi. Neighbours come to meet Radha. She asks Baji is Radha home? He says yes.

Kashi says I’ve to overcome my fear of darkness. She stands inside a sheet tent and says I don’t have to be scared. Ganga says what are you doing. Kashi says nothing. Ganga says are you standing and sleeping? Annu says let’s go and play. You run and I will catch you. Kashi says your brother couldn’t catch me either. They play with her. Baji recalls what Krishna rao said. He looks at Kashi playing with the kids.

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Telecast Date:4th January 2022
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