Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 3rd May 2022 Written Episode Update


Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 3rd May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on writtenepisode.com

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 3rd May 2022 Bhiubai tells Kashi to do justice to her and cries. Kashi sees injuries on her body. Radha says what happened to you? Bhiubai says I don’t need any treatment, I just want justice. Kashi says you will get justice, who dared to do this with you? Bhiubai says my husband abused me.

Kashi says why? Bhiubai says my husband thinks I would bear all the pain silently and I would have but I can’t bear another woman in his life. He has an affair with another woman and he beats me because of her. I love him but he beats me when I try to stop him. Kashi says that’s wrong.

Bhiubai says tell me if my husband should be forgiven? Kashi says never. Bhiubai says then do justice with me, I want my husband to be punished. Kashi says you will get justice. Radha says I want justice for my daughter right now. Kashi says no, Bhiubai will get justice for sure. How dare he beat her like this?

How can anyone do this with a woman? Bhiubai says I want him to be punished. Kashi says I am hurt that we didn’t help you before, I am sorry. Radha says then announce a punishment for him. Kashi says I can’t announce the punishment right now. I have to be neutral with everyone in this courtroom.

I have to listen to his side of the story too. Radha says what proofs do you need? You can see injuries on her body. Kashi says you know I will never do injustice, you have to trust me.

Bhiubai says I came here thinking that I will get justice but you also think that I am at fault? Kashi says never, I just have to be neutral as a Peshwan but trust me. I promise you that I will do justice with you. I will give your husband a chance to explain his side and then I will punish him. Radha says my daughter will get justice right now only. She takes her from there.

Scene 2
Baji talks to Sooriya and says I discuss everything with you. Kashi asked for a right but I didn’t understand what she meant. Sooriya says I am sure she is asking for love. Baji says I have always loved and respected her. Sooriya says but have you loved her as your wife? Baji says I accept her as my wife.

Sooriya says how much do you love your sword? Baji says more than my life, it protects me. Sooriya says your wife can give up life for you. She prays for you. I have seen love in Kashi’s eyes for you. She has small wishes from her husband. You have to look at her as a husband and not as a Peshwa. He leaves.

Baji says he was right, I never looked at Kashi as my wife. He recalls hating her and giving her pain. Baji says she never asked for anything so I have to give her the right as a wife.

Baji comes goldsmith and gives a design to make.

Kashi enters her room and finds Baji there sprinkling rose petals on her. She turns to see it’s her imagination. She finds jewelry there and a letter. She reads that she should get ready and wait for him. Kashi says he did all this for me?

Baji gets the nose ring from the goldsmith for Kashi. He comes back to the palace and is going to Kashi but Radha brings Bhiubai to him. She shows her injuries to him. Baji says how dare he touch my sister? I won’t spare him. Baji sits on his horse and is about to leave the palace.

Kashi is waiting for Baji after getting ready. A servant tells her about Radha and Bhiubai talking to Baji.

Baji is leaving the palace but a soldier closes the door on him. Baji says how dare you? Kashi comes there and asks him to stop, I asked them to close the door. You have to calm down. Baji says I won’t spare him, how dare he beat my sister?

Kashi says you have to understand that we are responsible for both of them. We will punish him but we have to listen to her husband first. This matter was brought to my courtroom so I should have a right to solve it. Baji glares at her and says she is my sister, I will kill him. Kashi says you are our warrior before a brother. Baji looks on.


Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 4th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Bajirao sarcastically says to Kashibai, you like the right to respect. Kashibai says you gave me authority to do anything, if you don’t feel I’m capable enough then you can take back. Bajirao says, I won’t take rights of a queen, but I’ll take your rights of being a wife, your dream will not come true, your pushputsav will be left empty and your decoration will be of no use.

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Telecast Date:3rd May 2022
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