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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 3rd August 2022 Baji looks at the dead bodies and says I know who is behind this. If a lioness is threatened by another lioness then she would attack for sure. Baji looks at the faces and finds a stamp with them.

Baji says I know who planned this attack on Mastani. He takes the sword, Kashi tries to stop him but Baji grabs Chimaji and says you planned the attack on Mastani? Chimaji says if you want to hear that then yes, I attacked her.

Baji and Chimaji get into a sword fight. Baji is about to kill him but Radha stops him and says he is your brother. Baji shouts that he was wrong. Kashi says he is like my brother too. Chimaji says I won’t let Baji give Kashi’s place to a cheap woman. Baji shouts at him and is about to attack him but stops.

He asks Kashi to punish him, he attacked a woman so what would your justice say? Kashi says he attacked a woman so he will be punished. Ragma says no… Kashi gets Chimaji arrested and taken from there. She says I will announce my decision in court. All leave. Mastani tells Kashi that if this is happening because of me then I will forgive Chimaji.

Kashi says you are responsible for all of this. My family is breaking because you are asking a lot from Baji. Brothers are fighting like enemies because of you only but the truth is that you were attacked and you should get justice. I am thankful that you forgave Chimaji. She leaves from there. Mastani looks on.

Sooriya tells his soldiers that the attackers were not my men, who attacked Mastani?

Kashi is playing with her son. Radha comes there and says I used to play with Chima like this only. She takes Nana Saheb from her and asks what would be Chimaji’s punishment? Kashi says I told you people to not do this, I will have to punish Chimaji now.

Radha says Chimaji did all that because he is loyal to you. Kashi says he is like my son but I can’t be biased when it comes to justice. Radha says if Nana Saheb had done something like this then would you have taken the same decision? Just think before taking any decision. She leaves. Kashi says I have to think about my son first.

Scene 2
Mastani comes to Baji and asks him to calm down. Baji says you are not safe here, I have to prepare a place where you would be protected. Mastani says I want to live with your family. Baji says these people are not nice to you. I will take you away from here, you shouldn’t have any hopes from these people anymore. Mastani says I will accept any decision of yours.

The court session starts and Chimaji is brought there like a criminal. All are waiting for Kashi.

Kashi meets Sooriya, he tells her that I was part of the attack, I can’t allow anyone else to take your place. I just want to tell you something.

Kashi comes to the courtroom and says let’s start the session. She asks Chimaji if he planned the attack on Mastani? He says yes but Kashi went to save Mastani. Kashi says what if I tell you that your soldiers didn’t attack Mastani?

Baji says you are taking his side. Kashi says I am doing justice because I got to know that the attackers were not from Chimaji’s team. Someone else sent their team to attack Mastani. Baji asks who told her?

Kashi says I have a witness. Sooriya comes there and says I planned the attack with Sooriya but our men didn’t attack, some other soldiers attacked Mastani. Baji says what is going on here? Kashi asks Baji how did he know Chimaji was behind the attack? Baji says I found Chimaji’s stamp with one of the men. Kashi says if Chimaji is saving himself then why would he give his stamp to a man?

He is not that dumb and you know that. Baji says then who took the stamp from Chima? Kashi says we will find that but it’s proven that Chimaji is innocent. Baji says Mastani is not safe here. So I will shift to another palace with her from tomorrow. I will handle the government matters from there. He leaves with Mastani. Kashi is hurt and says I tried a lot to keep my son with his father but Baji left.

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Telecast Date:3rd August 2022
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