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Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 1st August 2022 Matank leaves Mastani’s letter in Baji’s room. Baji comes to his room and recalls Kashi’s words that he can’t sleep without seeing her. He recalls his promises to her.

In the morning, Baji wakes up and finds Mastani’s letter that she is thankful for him and will wait for him. Baji finds some mud on the letter and thinks Kashi had arranged a good room for her so why this mud and ash on the letter?

Matank asks Mastani what is she waiting for? Mastani says you will see.

Kashi tells Ganga that I will go and bring Mastani to her room now.

Baji is looking around for Mastani and goes to her room but she is not there. He asks Kaviri but she leaves from there. Baji is looking around and goes to the servant quaters. He finds Mastani cooking there like servants and gets angry. Mastani says you here?

Baji shouts who asked you to stay here? Kashi comes there. Baji says how did Mastani reach here? Kashi says listen to me but Baji says we will talk in the court now.

Baji calls everyone to the court and says how could you let a princess stay in servant’s room. Radha says you should be thankful we are at least allowing her here, who is she? What right does she have?

Baji says are you forgetting that I own this palace. I have fought many wars to get to this place and my words don’t hold any value here? Kashi says you are telling your Ayi that this is your palace? Baji says don’t take her side,

why didn’t you stop Radha from sending her to that room? Kashi says because Mastani agreed to it herself. Mastani says Radha kept me there and I couldn’t go against her because I wanted to win her heart,

I didn’t want Baji to find out. Baji says these people can’t see your goodness. He asks Kashi why did you let her live there? Why are you not accepting her? Kashi says no one will accept her because she has changed you completely. You have no shame and respect for your elders. You are confronting your mother and forgetting that you are everything because of your mother, you can’t hurt her like this.

Mastani says Kashi is right, I am happy anywhere with you. Baji says I am not here to fight anyone. Kashi says you talk about your love but you have lost respect for everyone else. Baji says I don’t care, Mastani is a princess so she will be equal to Kashi, she will have all rights as Kashi. Radha says how dare you?

We will never accept this girl. Baji says people accept me, my rule so they have to accept my Mastani also. He takes Mastani from there. Kashi is hurt and looks on. Kashi says he is giving my honor to Mastani but I am worried about him losing his honor.

Chimaji tells Radha that we should kill that girl, Baji has lost his mind. Ragma says even I think that girl should be killed. Radha says Baji has lost his mind. Kashi comes there and says please calm down,

Baji is angry but that doesn’t mean we can kill Mastani. Radha says we have to find a solution before Baji gives everything to that girl. If Mastani gives a birth to a son then he will snatch everything from your son. Kashi says he is not like that, trust your son. She asks Chimaji to promise to not hurt Mastani but he leaves. Kashi tries to pacify Radha but she leaves too.

Baji brings Mastani to her new room. Mastani says I don’t want you to fight with your family. Baji says sometimes you have to fight for your rights. Mastani says will I have to fight for everything? Am I even safe here? Baji says I will protect you. Mastani hugs him and says I have you so I don’t need anything else. Baji looks around the room and thinks only Kashi can decorate a room like this.

Baji comes to Kashi and lights diya in front of his father’s statue. Kashi says I am happy to see you here even after whatever happened earlier. Baji holds her hand and says it’s good to see that you are true to yourself, I know you decorated Mastani’s room. Kashi says I knew you would get angry if you find out so I did it yesterday only.

Baji says first you let her stay in a servant’s room and then you prepare a room for because of my anger? wow. Kashi is about to leave but asks how did he find out Mastani was staying in the servant’s room? Baji says Mastani sent a letter and it had ashes on it. Kashi says how? why would there be ashes on it? Baji says don’t allege her. Kashi says people have to earn respect, not force it. Baji says she will earn respect. He leaves from there.

Radha meets Sooriya and says he has to kill Mastani tonight. Sooriya says I am ready.

Mastani finds Kashi bringing soldiers outside her room. She asks what’s all this? Kashi says you need protection so they will stay outside your room. Mastani says they are not needed here, I can protect myself. Kashi says I am a Peshwan here, you don’t need to argue over everything. Mastani says if I tell Baji then he will ask them to leave so you better ask them to go away. Kashi says if you have decided that you will creat4e problems then I can’t do anything. She takes the soldiers away.

Mastani is sleeping in her room. Some soldiers are outside her room but they get attacked by spies. A soldier announces that the palace has been attacked. All wake up.

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