Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 18th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 18th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on writtenepisode.com

Kashibai Bajirao Ballal 18th August 2022 Baji comes to Kashi and says I am sorry for hurting you, this is all happening because of me. I can stop the wedding. Kashi says if it’s your wish then you should marry her, I will handle people. Baji asks how? Kashi says I sent a letter to Shahu and he is coming here.

Shahu comes to the palace. Kashi welcomes him, Baji greets him with Mastani. Shahu says people won’t accept her. Radha asks him to talk to Baji and make him understand. Shahu says let’s start a court session.

Sooriya gives food to the attacker and says Kashi is being generous with you,l she saved your life so you can pay back by telling the truth.

Shahu starts the session, Guruji says we will never accept a Mughal girl. Baji will become our betrayer. Shahu says enough, Baji is your warrior and saved you all many times. Mughals can never attack you guys till he is here. Guruji says but we can’t allow this marriage to happen.

Shahu says you have no right to decide that, it’s between Baji and Kashi, if she doesn’t have an issue then he can marry Mastani. Guruji says fine but we can’t embrace it, he leaves with his people.

Shahu tells Baji that these Brahmans don’t listen to anyone, I will get you married so don’t worry. Baji smiles at Mastani and thanks Shahu. Shahu tells Kashi I have done your work, I should leave now. Kashi thanks him for coming.

Scene 2
Mastani is celebrating and tells Matank that I am so happy. She says no one will call me a mistress anymore. Matank says you will be a pretty bride.

Kashi cries alone and says Baji won’t be mine anymore. Baji comes there as a groom and comes to Kashi. He says you have always been with me so come with me today.

Kashi says you are giving my promises to some other woman so you have to be alone from now on. Baji asks if he can do this alone? Kashi says if there is any problem then I will be there.

Sooriya grabs the attacker and asks him to open his mouth before it’s too late. The attacker says I am scared, Mastani will get me killed. Sooriya says I am with you so don’t worry.

Baji comes to Mastani. She says I am ready to become your wife. He holds her hand and starts leaving. Kashi sees them.

Baji and Mastani do their haldi together. Kashi sees that and cries silently. Radha comes there and says you can’t marry like this, you have killed people in the war so you can’t marry on your own, you need a priest to marry you with her but there is no priest agreeing to it. Mastani says that means we can’t marry?

Baji recalls Kashi telling him that she will help him. He calls Kashi. Kashi comes there and says Baji can’t marry himself but I have a way. We have different rituals and one ritual is that they can marry in front of the havan, if God is a witness to their marriage then nobody can deny it. Radha asks Kashi why is she doing this?

Kashi says it’s Baji’s wife and it’s my duty to fulfill his wishes, let this marriage happen. Mastani says let’s do it then. Baji and Mastani are about to exchange garlands, they both accept each other as husband and wife but Sooriya arrives there with the attacker. He says I have a person with me who will expose Mastani’s truth. Kashi says you are late, this marriage is done.

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Telecast Date:18th August 2022
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